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[. . . ] Com manuals search engine IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using an electrical appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: - Do not unplug by pulling on cord To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord. Special care is required around the sewing needle - Always use the proper needle plate The wrong plate can cause the needle to break. - Do not use bent needles - Do nor pull or push fabric while stitching. - Switch the sewing machine off when making any adjustment in the needle area, such as threading needle, changing needle, threading bobbin, or changing presser foot, and the like - Always unplug the sewing machine from the electrical outlet when making any user servicing mentioned in the instruction manual - Use only identical replacement parts. [. . . ] B 1he stitch length is automatc and cannot be modified as from the triple seam onward, The straight stitch and the triple seam may be decenered to the left by using the stitch width slide Downloaded from www. 7 __mA Rose the presser foot and place the fabric next to the guide line on the needle plate, Smooth the threads to the left and lower the presser foot Depress the foot control Gently guide the fabric along the guide line To secure the ends of the seams, press the reverse stitch button and sew a few stitches, Raise the presser foot and eemove the fabric pulling the threads to the rear, The needle must be in its highest position when removing the fabric. The thread cutter cuts the threads to the proper length for starting the next seam, SEWING AN ANGLE Slop the machine. , 13003 + 3005) Turn the balance wheele towards you to bring the needle down into the fabric, (3007): Lower the needle into the fabric by pressing the needle up/down key Raise the presser foot. Pivot the fabric around the needle Tochange the sewing direction Lower the presser foot and continue sewing t STRAIGHT STITCHING ON HEAVY FABRICS owertheneedleintothefabricatthestarting, point Press the small black button on foot A with your left hand thus giving extra weight to the presser foot, lower the presser foot with your right hand, maintaining the pressure on the black button , with your left hand. Com manuals search engine ZIGZAG STITCH IV UTILITY STITCHES QUICK OVERCASTING 1 -65 5 1 25 2~ Simple zigzag stitching is used For overcast~ inmg and sew ng on bunions NB. For a decorative satn stitch, use transparent fool F, reduce stitch length between 0. 5 and thread tension beween 2 and 3 3-7 The C fool prevents the fabric from rolling, overcasting. Place the fabric next to the black guide an the right Minimum stitch width 5. A Cwhen ASSEMBLING STRETCH FABRICS (MODEL 3007) 5 OVEREDGE STITCH "3-65 05 15 3-7 7 3 -6 C - ----------- For light jersey the C foot keeps the fabric Pat Place the edge of te fabric next to the black guide on the right 05Use the F foot for sewing inside the fabric A This stitch is useful to prevent raw edges from fraying Place the fabric under the presser fool, so that the right edge runs along the brim of the transparent par. -' 4-5 C Eja ýTls roy Pace the edge of the faricr next to the right a>c ute~Fij 'o; fcbr~cs wihrch tend to _ black guide on the Choose this stitch to attach elastic to garments. I Mark the elastic into quarters and match these to the center front, center back and side seams. Place the middle of the elastic under the center of the presser foot and sltitch into place, making sure the eiastic is eveny distributed. AA A A This reinforced and extensible seam is recom mended for armholes, working garments and sports wear This stitch is sewn with 2 stitches forward and I stitch backward, forming a very solid seam, Garments should be basted and tried before inal sewing Downloaded from www. -__l ------]- --- 3-37 Push the lever to the right to drop the feed dog PLce the button on the fabric and lower the needle into the left hole by turning the ba once wheel Lower the foot. Make sure that the needle stitches well into the right hole If necessary, adIust the width, Sew a few stitches When sewing on buttons with a shank, place a pin over the foot. Draw the thread through one of the holes, wind it round the shank and knot it safely on the wrong side N. Bring the feed dog back to its original position by pushing the lever to the left, The feed dog will raise automatically when turning the balance wheel AUTOMATIC BUTTONHOLE * The size of the buttonhole its automatically set to the size of the button when the latter isplaced into the buttonhole device R 4 -65 U 0 I * The button holder of the device rakes a but'on up to a 2 5 cm (I " size on its rear * Make a test buttonhole on a sample of your fabric lined with interfacing tMark he starting point of the buttonhole Use nerfacing fr stretchable and fine U* abrc 3003 + 3005): Turn balance wheel towards you or (3007) depress the needle up/down key to raise the needle to its highest position Raise the presser foot, th sero "H", Turn stitch selector t B' 1 5 * R If the indicator light is already on "BH" reset the machine according to the instructions on page A-2 I. Attach the automatic buttonhole device R NOTE: There should be no gap between the presser foot and the front of the device, see illustration. Com manuals search engine Pull the button holder to the back and place the button Push the button holder firmly back to secure the button Pull down the buttonhole lever as far as it will go. Turn the balance wheel towards you, until the needle descends exactly at the starting point of the buttonhole. * Models 3003 + 3005: Sew slowly and stop the machine at the starting point when a buttonhole is completed Model 3007: Depress the foot control until the machine stops by itself * When the buttonhole is completed, the 3BHW indicator light will flash The buttonhole starts with the barrack backwards. [. . . ] It will help you to keep on ever, distance between the stitch rows Sew and let the guide follow the previous stitch row L Downloaded from www. 5 -3 15-3 G Fold the fabric left side against left side, Place the fabric under the presser foot Lower the needle into the fabric according to the desired depth of the tucks. Lower the presser foot Adjust the guide turning the thumb nut Hold the fabric against the guide when sewing. 5 cm (1 /2") and press Pin the two edges to paoer or tear-away backing 2 to 3 mm (1 /81 apart Sew slowly, guiding the fobr. [. . . ]


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