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[. . . ] ¡¡ Menu items: Ringtone, Alarm melody, Ringer volume, Silent/Sleep mode, Meeting/Theater mode, Maximum/Bus mode, Increasing ring, Vibra for call, Vibra for alarm, Key tones, Message alert, Vibra for messages, Handset volume, Handsfree volume, Confirmation tone, Emergency tone ¡¡ Silent/Sleep mode profile Visual notifications only (torch LED flashes, notifications on the external display), no ringtone, no vibration function ¡¡ Meeting/Theater mode profile Visual notifications (torch LED flashes, notifications on the external display), device vibrates, no ringtone ¡¡ Maximum/Bus mode profile Key tones, SMS tone and vibration function activated, ringtone volume is set on maximum Mailbox number: Enter the number for your mailbox. You will find this number in the documents supplied by your network provider. Security settings: ¡¡ PIN: PIN request on/off, change PIN ¡¡ Phone code: on/off, change (factory preset code: 1234) Master reset: You can restore all the factory settings on your phone (factory preset code: 1234). SYMBOLS ON THE EXTERNAL DISPLAY Symbols are only visible when the phone is closed and disappear when it is opened. [. . . ] ¡¡ If you do not have any emergency numbers saved, have no credit on your prepaid phone card or are connected to a foreign network without permission (e. g. roaming is not activated), 112 will be dialled when you press the emergency button. Note: If you want to add the number of an official institution such as the police or fire brigade as an emergency number, you must check that this is okay with the respective institution beforehand. We do not assume liability for any costs incurred through you calling such an institution by mistake. Adding/editing emergency numbers: In the Settings menu _ Emergency numbers _ Add emergency number _ Select an entry (e. g. 1) by pressing _ Select OK by pressing _ Select Private or Help organisation _ Select a contact Activating the emergency button: In the Settings menu _ Emergency numbers _ Emergency button _ On/Off Pre alarm: The pre alarm is a warning tone that sounds for ten seconds and alerts anyone nearby to the emergency. In the Settings menu _ Emergency numbers _ Pre alarm _ On/Off INSERTING A SIM CARD Fig.  1 Fig.  2 Fig.  1: Remove the battery cover. Fig.  2: Slide the SIM card into the SIM card holder with the gold contacts facing down. INSERTING AND CHARGING THE BATTERY Fig.  3 Fig.  4 Fig.  5 Fig.  3: Insert the battery, making sure that the battery contacts touch the phone's gold contacts. Fig.  4: Slide the battery cover into its position over the battery. You will know it is in the correct position when you hear it click into place. Fig.  5: Plug the charging cable into the USB port on the top of the phone. Attention: Charge the battery for at least four hours before using it the first time. Only use batteries and chargers that are permitted for use with this specific model. Answer/OK key ¡¡ Start or accept a call ¡¡ In the menu: Confirm selection ¡¡ On standby: Access Call info & Handset volume controls ¡¡ Change the handset volume to mute the ringtone (it ¡¡ When the phone is ringing: Press will ring again next time you receive a call) Favourite key Assign the function you use most to this key. Change or assign the function using Menu _Settings _ Favourite key key (mailbox) Press and hold to listen to your mailbox. 1 Hang up / Back / Delete key ¡¡ When in a call: End ¡¡ When in the menu: One step back ¡¡ When entering digits or letters: Delete Arrow keys ¡¡ Flick through Contacts and menu ¡¡ When the phone is on standby, to access Contacts. press Photo key Press this key once to go to your saved photos. menu  Menu key Press this key once to call up the menu. Torch Headset port Attention: This is not a charger port!Port for USB charging cable ¡¡ For charging the battery ¡¡ For establishing a USB connection with a PC Emergency button Press this button for three seconds in an emergency. Torch key When the phone is on: ¡¡ Press for two seconds to turn the torch on.  Camera key ¡¡ Activate the camera ¡¡ Release Port for USB charging cable +   key ¡¡ Press and hold: + (for country code, e. g. ' " ( ) @ \ / : _ ; + - * = % & < > £ $ …) #   key ¡¡ When writing: Switch between upper case, lower case and digits a A1 On/Off key Press and hold this key to turn the phone on or off. SYMBOLS ON THE DISPLAY Network signal strength Roaming (abroad) Battery indicator New message Missed call Call forwarding Profile: Silent/Sleep mode Profile: Maximum Profile: Meeting/Theater mode Bluetooth activated Bluetooth connected Alarm clock on GETTING STARTED ¡¡ Pressing the   key for at least two seconds switches the phone on. ¡¡ To turn the phone off, press the   key for two seconds again. When using a new SIM card for the first time: Enter the four-digit PIN code (personal identification to confirm the code. [. . . ] In the event of an incoming call or you pressing any key, the screen will automatically light up again. CONTACTS Always save names and numbers with the international dialling code, e. g. +44 for the United Kingdom, +1 for the United States and +61 for Australia). _ Go to Contacts by pressing _ Menu items: Search name, Add contact, Edit contact, Delete, Send contact via SMS, Copy contact, My number, Quick dial keys, Emergency numbers, Phone book settings and SMS in PhoneBK. Adding a contact (name and number): Open the menu with menu then to go to Contact _ Press and _ Go to Add contact by pressing _ Enter a name (see the section Writing a message for text _ Insert the number _ input information) _ _Press to save. [. . . ]


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