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EPSON EB-1420WI INSTALLATION GUIDE: Download the complete user guide (56377 Ko)

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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON EB-1420WIINSTALLATION GUIDE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Installation Guide Guide d’installation Guía de instalación Español Français English Using the Product Safely Safety Instructions For your safety, read all the instructions in this guide before using this product. Incorrect handling that ignores instructions in this guide could damage this product or could result in personal injury or property damage. Read the User's Guide and Safety Instructions for your projector and follow the instructions in these documents. Safety indications The documentation and this product use graphical symbols to show how to use this product safely. [. . . ] C • Route the cables connected to the Control Pad through the setting plate. € Route the cables connected to the Touch Unit through the setting plate (EB-1430Wi only). Route the cable so that the end that connects to the Touch Unit appears from the lower part of the setting plate. 35 Installation Guide Attaching the setting plate to the wall plate a Insert the hexagonal axis into the setting plate b Mount the setting plate to the wall plate Insert the top of the hexagonal axis into the wall plate, and then insert the M8 bolt into the slot at the bottom. Caution • Do not wire the Touch Unit connection cable into the wall (EB-1430Wi only). If it is wired into the wall, it cannot be connected to the Touch Unit. € Take care not to trap the cables between the setting plate and wall plate. 36 Installation Guide c Secure the setting plate and the wall plate Secure the supplied M6 screws (x3) with a commercially available No. 3 cross-head screwdriver, and then lightly tighten the supplied M6 bolt (x1) with the spanner. D Adjust the vertical slide with the open-ended spanner, and align it with the standard ) position ( • Tightening the hexagonal axis at the top ( • Tightening the M8 bolt at the bottom ( ) raises the setting plate, and loosening the axis lowers it. 37 Installation Guide e Tighten the M6 bolt (x1) to fix the setting plate in position Securing the projector to the setting plate a Loosen the screws (x2) and remove the cable cover from the projector b Insert the slide plate into the setting plate from the interface side of the projector 38 Installation Guide c Align the 3-axis adjustment unit with the slide plate's standard position ( ( ) indicates the screw holes for the bolts. ) d Tighten the supplied M4 bolts (x2) 39 Installation Guide e Connect the cables to the projector Attach the Wireless LAN unit supplied to the wireless LAN unit's installation section. € When connecting to the Audio1, Audio Out, and Computer ports, we recommend connecting cables to the ports in the following order: Audio1, Audio Out, and then Computer. Adjusting the Projected Image Follow the procedures below to adjust the projected image. 47) Adjusting the Projection Position • Do not make adjustments using the projector's Keystone function. € When setting up multiple projectors using the batch setup function, perform this procedure before adjusting the projected image. 75 40 Installation Guide a Press the [t] button on the remote control or the control panel to turn on the projector Using the Remote Control Using the Control Panel Caution While projecting, do not put your face or hands near the air exhaust vent, and do not place objects that may become warped or damaged by heat near the vent. Hot air from the air exhaust vent could cause burns, warping, or accidents to occur. B Change the aspect ratio of the projected image (only when necessary) Project images from a connected device, and then press the [Aspect] button on the remote control. Each time you press the button, the aspect name is displayed on the screen and the aspect ratio changes. Using the Remote Control c • For details on connecting to devices and projecting images, see the Quick Start Guide. € The aspect ratio does not change when no images are being projected from the connected device. [. . . ] € Do not disconnect the USB flash drive from the projector while the settings are being written. If the USB flash drive is disconnected, the projector may not start correctly. When writing completes normally, the projector turns off, and only the power indicator is lit blue. When Setup Fails Check Are the lamp indicator and the tempera‐ ture indicator flashing orange quickly? [. . . ]


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