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EPSON EH-TW9000W WIRELESSHD TRANSMITTER: Download the complete user guide (984 Ko)

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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON EH-TW9000WWIRELESSHD TRANSMITTER

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] V Medical equipment may be affected by electromagnetic interference which could cause malfunctions to occur. Make sure there is no medical equipment in the immediate surroundings. [. . . ] ; disaster prevention devices; various safety devices etc; or functional/precision devices etc, you should use this product only after giving consideration to including fail-safes and redundancies into your design to maintain safety and total system reliability. Because this product was not intended for use in applications requiring extremely high reliability/safety such as aerospace equipment, main communication equipment, nuclear power control equipment, or medical equipment related to direct medical care etc, please make your own judgment on this product's suitability after a full evaluation. Requesting Service If you notice anything unusual during operation, or notice any damage, stop using the product immediately and contact the nearest address provided in the projector's User's Guide, or contact your local dealer. E Link indicator f Antenna location v You can initialize the internal settings for the WirelessHD Transmitter by pressing the [Setup] button for at least five seconds. V A dedicated Mac address for the WirelessHD Transmitter (product number) can be found on the label on the base of the transmitter. It enters power-saving status when no communication (flashing slowly) occurs for a fixed time; however, communication starts again when a signal is input. (varies depending on the status) When you press the [Setup] button, the indicator flashes once and the projector is searched for again. : Flashing/ : Off (flashes once) (flashing simultaneously) Initializing. This occurs if the [Setup] button is pressed for five seconds or more. When you release the button, (flashing simultaneously) initialization starts. When initialization is complete, the indicators return to starting up status. (flashing alternately) (flashing alternately) 11 Preparing When installing the WirelessHD Transmitter, note the following. [. . . ] 13 Storage and Maintenance Clean the case of the WirelessHD Transmitter by wiping it gently with a soft cloth. If it is particularly dirty, moisten the cloth with water containing a small amount of neutral detergent, and then firmly wring the cloth dry before using it to wipe the surface. [. . . ]


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