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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] · EMP Monitor must be installed in the computer to be used for monitoring and control. · The computer and the projectors must be connected to the network. · If using Windows 2000, NT4. 0 or XP, the computer must be started up in Administrator mode. (When using EMP-81/61) · To use EMP Monitor, an adapter and cable for conversion are required. [. . . ] sThe adapter's documentation Refer to the "Appendices" for details about the adapter setting. sp. 12 System configuration example TIP If the projector's "Network Monitoring" or "Standby Mode" configuration menu is set to "ON" or "Network ON", the projector can still be monitored when it is in standby mode (when the (Power) indicator is lit orange). Registering projectors for monitoring This operation is carried out when starting EMP Monitor for the first time after it has been installed and when you would like to add projectors. Once a projector has been registered, the status for the projector will be displayed automatically each time EMP Monitor is started from that point onwards. 4 PROCEDURE 1 Click [Start] - [Programs] (or [All Programs]) - [EPSON Projector] - [EMP Monitor] in that order to start EMP Monitor. Click [Register projector]. 2 Use the "Registration using automatic detection" (sp. 5) or "Registration using IP address (Manual registration)" (sp. 6) procedure to register projectors. Click to add a projector to be monitored The [Register projector] dialogue box will be displayed. Registering projectors for monitoring 5 Registration using automatic detection PROCEDURE TIP 1 2 Click [Auto detect] in the [Register projector] dialogue box. If a projector does not appear in the list, use "Registration using IP address (Manual registration)". sp. 6 · Projectors that have been registered using automatic detection will be re-detected on the basis of projector name and the IP addresses for these projectors will be displayed each time EMP Monitor is started. · If a password entry screen is displayed, enter the password for the projector's Administrator and then click [OK]. If more than one projector was selected, the password entry screens for each projector will be displayed in succession. 3 Click [Close] to return to the main EMP Monitor window. Refer to "Main EMP Monitor window" for details on using the main window. sp. 8 Registering projectors for monitoring 6 Registration using IP address (Manual registration) PROCEDURE When using EMP-81/61 The following "Manually register projector" window will be displayed. Computer, Computer1 or InputA Computer2 or InputB S-Video Video D4 (Digital) DVI or HDMI (Digital) Error information: Uses the following icons to show the status if an error occurs with a projector. s"Replacing the Lamp" End of lamp life warning in the "Replacing Consumables" section of the accessory User's Guide. "Reading the Indicators" Lamp problem sRefer to the High internal temperature "Troubleshooting" section (overheating) of the accessory User's Guide and carry out the Temperature warning suggested remedy. Internal problem Fan problem Temperature sensor problem The projector information that is generated when a problem is detected is stored until EMP Monitor is closed. The EMP Monitor displays will not be updated automatically even if the projector status returns to normal. Click [Refresh] in the main window to update the status. Main EMP Monitor window 10 Displaying detailed information You can check detailed information on the status of individual projectors that are connected. PROCEDURE 1 2 Select the projector to be checked in the main window. Click [View details]. Click to display details. The details that are displayed may vary slightly depending on the projector connected. Detailed status information will be displayed in the [Details] dialogue box. A projector cannot be monitored or controlled using EMP Monitor Cause Remedy Is the projector connected to Connect the network cable correctly. s"Network Cable Connections" in the accessory User's Guide Has the projector been set Check the settings for the "Network" up correctly for connection configuration menu command. sAccessory User's Guide Has EMP Monitor been Uninstall EMP Monitor and then re-install installed to the computer it. Have all projectors that are Register the projector in the projector list. [. . . ] to be monitored and sp. 4 controlled been registered in the projector list?Is the projector's "Network In order to use EMP Monitor to monitor Monitoring" or "Standby and control the projector when it is in Mode" configuration menu standby mode, the projector's "Network set to "ON" or "Network Monitoring" or "Standby Mode" ON"?configuration menu must be set to "ON" or "Network ON". sAccessory User's Guide 11 Appendices When using EMP-81/61, you need to make a setting for the adapter. [. . . ]


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