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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON EXPRESSION PREMIUM XP-610

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] II32 and EPSON TWAIN32 (for 32-bit scanning with Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT) t EPSON Scan!II and EPSON TWAIN (for 16-bit scanning with Windows 3. 1) Introduction 1 t Adobe® PhotoshopTM or Adobe Photoshop LE, a powerful image-editing program that lets you merge and edit color images, retouch photographs, or create new artwork TM t Kai's Power Tools, a Photoshop plug-in for editing images and creating special effects TM t Xerox® Imaging Systems TextBridge, an optical character recognition (OCR) program that converts hard copy into formatted text t NewSoft Presto!PageManagerTM LE, an OCR and document management program TM t ClarisTM Home Page, for creating your own pages on the World Wide Web using your scanned images and any other text or graphics you want to add. Note: Some software is available for Windows 95 only. This booklet tells you how to set up your scanner and install the software. [. . . ] You can then connect the scanner to your other SCSI device, following the instructions in your Expression 636 User's Guide. Follow the instructions in this section to connect the scanner directly to the SCSI port on your computer using the SCSI interface and cable included with the scanner. The SCSI ID is already set to 2 and the SCSI terminator is on. Connecting the Scanner to Your Computer 5 c Caution: Make sure that the scanner, the computer, and any other SCSI devices are turned off and unplugged from the power source. 1. Connect the 50-pin end of the cable to either the top or bottom SCSI connector of the scanner; then squeeze the wire clips together until they lock in place on both sides. Plug in the power cables of your computer, scanner, and other external SCSI devices. (Always turn the scanner on before the computer. ) Note: If you are using Windows 3. 1, you need to install the SCSI software included with your SCSI adapter. See your SCSI adapter documentation for instructions. Installing the Scanner Software Now that you have connected the scanner to your computer, the next thing to do is install your scanner software. Instructions for installing all of the software included with your scanner are in this section. You do not need to install all the software, but you do need to install the EPSON Scanning Utilities. 6 Installing the Scanner Software Note: t Different combinations of software are packaged with the EPSON Expression 636. Some of the software listed may not have been included with your scanner. For the software that comes on diskettes, it is a good idea to make backup copies before you install it. If you are low on disk space, you may want to do a Compact or Custom installation to specify that only certain software components be installed. Note: The first time you run Photoshop after installing it, you must enter the serial number of the Photoshop program. You can find it on the Photoshop registration card, inside the Photoshop manual. Installing Kai's Power Tools You can use the special effects in Kai's Power Tools (KPT) to modify the images you've scanned into Adobe Photoshop. Note: The version of KPT included with your scanner is for Windows 95. In the dialog box that appears, type D:\INSTALL\SETUP, where D is your CD-ROM drive letter, and click OK. The KPT filters are accessible from the Photoshop submenus. Installing Kai's Power Tools 11 Installing NewSoft Presto!PageManager PageManager is a scanning utility that helps you store and organize your scanned documents. From the Windows 3. 1 Program Manager, open the File menu and select Run. Type A:\SETUP (or B:\SETUP if you used drive B) in the Command Line box and click OK. For example, an image printed on an electronic color printer looks dramatically different when printed on a printing press. If the colors don't look right, you may need to calibrate your system. [. . . ] Turn on your computer and make sure that the scanner's READY light is on. Raise the document cover on the scanner and place the image face down on the glass surface. Carefully close the document cover so that you do not disturb the position of the photograph on the glass. Choose Acquire in the File menu; then choose TWAIN (for Windows 3. 1) or TWAIN32 (for Windows 95) You see the EPSON TWAIN dialog box. [. . . ]


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