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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON EXPRESSION PREMIUM XP-625

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Neither SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or (excluding the U. S. ) failure to strictly comply with SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION's operating and maintenance instructions. SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION and its affiliates shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original EPSON Products or EPSON Approved Products by SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. A Note Concerning Responsible Use of Copyrighted Materials Digital cameras and scanners, like photocopiers and conventional cameras, can be misused by improper copying of copyrighted material. While some countries' laws permit limited copying of copyrighted material in certain circumstances, those circumstances may not be as broad as some people assume. EPSON encourages each user to be responsible and respectful of copyright laws when using digital cameras and scanners. Page 2 Trademarks EPSON is a registered trademark of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, and EPSON Expression is a registered trademark of Epson America, Inc. [. . . ] (It doesn't have to be precise. ) Then click the Auto Locate button. The marquee automatically adjusts to the area you defined. Auto Locate button Advanced Scanning Page 38 Using Auto Exposure Click the Auto Exposure button on the Preview window to automatically adjust the image exposure. Auto Exposure sets the Exposure, Highlight, Gamma, and Shadow settings in the Image Controls dialog box and the Gray Balance Intensity setting in the Color Adjustment dialog box. The Auto Exposure feature is automatically enabled after a full preview and zoom preview. If you have a Macintosh and you can't click the Auto Exposure button or adjust Image Controls, click the Configuration button on the EPSON TWAIN Pro Main window to check the Color Sync setting. You can't use these tools if Color Sync is selected. Adjusting Image Controls Use the Image Controls to adjust the following settings: Exposure Gamma Highlight Shadow Threshold* Advanced Scanning Page 39 Click the box: The Auto Exposure feature overrides any Image Controls setting you select. If you have a Macintosh, you can't adjust Image Controls if Color Sync is selected in the Configuration dialog box. Image Controls button to display the Image Controls dialog eyedropper buttons setting fields and sliders To change the Image Controls, move the slider for the setting or click the left or right arrows. See Using the Eyedropper Buttons for instructions on using the eyedropper buttons. Advanced Scanning Page 40 The Image Controls settings are described in the table below. Image Controls settings Exposure Description Select the intensity of light in the image as determined by a combination of the Highlight and Shadow settings from ­10 (darkest) to 20 (brightest) Select the amount of contrast in your image from 50 (lowest) to 500 (highest) Select the amount of detail visible in the brightest areas of the image from 61 (lightest) to 490 (darkest) Select the amount of detail visible in the darkest areas of your image from 0 (lightest) to 60 (darkest) Select the point at which the gray areas in the image are scanned as either black or white from 0 (darkest) to 255 (lightest) Gamma Highlight Shadow Threshold* * The Threshold setting is available only when the Pixel Depth setting is set to Black & White and the Halftone setting is set to None. When the Threshold setting is active, the rest of the Image Controls are not available. Advanced Scanning Page 41 Using the Eyedropper Buttons The Highlight and Shadow settings include an eyedropper button you can use to select particular colors in the image for use as the highlight and shadow colors. Click an eyedropper button and move the mouse pointer over the preview image; the pointer changes to an eyedropper icon. Then click on a color that you want to use as the highlight (lightest color) or shadow (darkest color) for the entire image. You can also type a value in the field on the right. Advanced Scanning Page 46 Saving Custom Settings You can save a custom set of all the EPSON TWAIN Pro settings for your scan so you can easily select it when you perform a similar scan later. Click the Settings button in the EPSON TWAIN Pro window to display the Settings dialog box: current settings The currently selected EPSON TWAIN Pro settings are listed on the right. To save these settings, click Save (you can type a new name for the group to replace the name User Defined). When you want to use this settings group again, click Settings, select the group, and click OK. To delete a custom setting group, click its name in the list; then click Delete. Advanced Scanning Page 47 Configuring EPSON TWAIN Pro You can configure EPSON TWAIN Pro's preview and color options so they work the way you want whenever you use the program. Click the Configuration button to display the Configuration dialog box: Macintosh Windows To specify the size of the Preview window, select Large, Medium, or Small in the Preview Window Size list. If you want to automatically save the preview image and all the scanning settings when you preview, scan, or close EPSON TWAIN Pro, click the Save Preview Image and Settings checkbox. Click the Fast Preview checkbox to enable high-speed loading of the preview image. Advanced Scanning Page 48 To automatically adjust the exposure each time you preview the image, click the Auto Exposure on Preview button. If you have the Artist or Professional model of the scanner, use Monaco Profiler Lite to achieve better color management. See the electronic manual on your Monaco Profiler Lite CD-ROM for details. [. . . ] See the electronic manual on the Monaco Profiler Lite CD-ROM for details. Your Destination setting may be incorrect. Your system's color matching may be affecting your results. Troubleshooting Page 58 Printed colors are different from those in the original image. Problem You may need to use a color correction mode. Solution Colors in the printed image may not match the colors of the original image exactly because the scanning and printing processes use different color interpreting technologies. Use the ICM (Windows) or ColorSync (Macintosh) features in EPSON TWAIN Pro to more closely match the colors. [. . . ]


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