User manual EPSON L486 STARTUP GUIDE (1.0)

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EPSON L486 STARTUP GUIDE (1.0): Download the complete user guide (738 Ko)

Manual abstract: user guide EPSON L486STARTUP GUIDE (1.0)

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] OO Epson cannot guarantee the quality or reliability of non-genuine ink. The use of non-genuine ink may cause damage that is not covered by Epson’s warranties. Basic Operations / Opérations courantes / Funcionamiento básico / Operações básicas Guide to Control Panel / Guide du panneau de commande / Guía del panel de control / Guia do painel de controlo A Copying / Copie / Copia / Copiar A M Flip the feeder guard, and then slide out the paper support and the output tray. [. . . ] Error Indicators / Voyants d’erreur / Indicadores de error / Indicadores de erro Code Code Código Código Solutions Solutions Soluciones Soluções Open the scanner unit and remove any paper or protective material inside the printer. Remove the paper from the printer and press the button displayed on the bottom of the LCD screen to clear the error. Contact Epson support to replace ink pads before the end of their service life. QQ If you see missing segments or broken lines in your printouts, try the following solutions. E E-01 A Print a nozzle check pattern to check if the print head nozzles are clogged. If you notice any missing segments or broken lines as shown in (b), go to step B. Refer to steps B to I in section 3 of the front page to refill the ink to the upper line. In filling the ink tank QQ If any ink remains thethe ink bottle afterstore the ink bottle up to the upper line, install cap securely and upright for later use. W-01 cc QQ Cleaning uses some ink from all tanks, so only run cleaning if print quality declines. Clearing Paper Jam / Suppression d’un bourrage papier / Cómo solucionar un atasco de papel / Desobstruir o papel encravado To confirm the actual ink remaining, visually check the ink levels in all of the product’s tanks. Continued use of the product when the ink level is below the lower line on the tank could damage the product. Check the upper line, and then select F the color that you refilled toscreen to reset the ink levels. It and follow the instructions on the LCD Vérifiez la couleur que vous avez remplie jusqu’à la ligne supérieure puis sélectionnez-la et suivez les instructions de l’écran LCD pour réinitialiser les niveaux d’encre. Levels even you did not fill QQ You can reset the ink this productifcannot generatethe ink to the upper line. Information on what to do when an other error Consultez le Guide d’utilisation en ligne pour obtenir plus d’informations sur la manière de procéder lorsqu’une erreur s’affiche. Indd A3 size 2016/06/08 Transporting / Transport / Transporte / Transporte A Secure print head with a tape. Safety Instructions / Instructions de sécurité / Instrucciones de seguridad / Instruções de segurança Use only the power cord that comes with the printer. Radio waves from this product may adversely affect the operation of cardiac pacemakers. [. . . ] Com/ Using your mobile device, you can print from any location worldwide to your Epson Connect compatible printer. Move you cc After youdeclineit, remove the tape securing the printorhead. Ifthe notice a in print quality, run a cleaning cycle align Do not place or store the product outdoors, near excessive dirt or dust, water, heat sources, or in locations subject to shocks, vibrations, high temperature or humidity. [. . . ]


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