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[. . . ] c Do not press the "Cut Button" before printing is complete. 8. Indicators show whether or not settings are enabled. 1 2 3 4 5 11 10 9 8 7 6 1. Text number mark: Indicates the number of the current text counted from the beginning. Safety Instructions For your safety, read the attached documents carefully to use this product correctly. After you have read all instructions, keep this manual handy for future reference and to make your concerns clear. [. . . ] When disposing of used batteries, make sure to follow the regulations. 1. When a confirmation message appears, press Text will be deleted.  Confirming text . 1. Select from "Tab:Medium", "Tab:Small" or "Tab: Large" with , and press . Enter text.  Creating a label for cables Fil e_ 01 DANGER Troubleshooting  Messages Insert Tape No tape cartridge is installed. Check tape A tape cartridge which cannot be used in cartridge this product has been set. Check battery Possible causes for this message are: • No power remaining or inserted in the wrong way • Mixed with other types or old ones If so, set the batteries correctly or replace them with new ones. Fill every digit When creating a label with a special form, current text will be deleted. Press to delete the text and show the special form. Display Settings ("Display" menu) The following are the settings to make operation easier. 1. But the print image cannot be confirmed.  Adding characters with an accent mark  Applying a font style When handling batteries If liquid leaking from an alkaline battery gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes but immediately wash them well with clean water and contact a doctor. Otherwise, it may cause blindness. Backlight Contrast Turns the backlight of the display on or off. Value: -5 to +5 WARNING When using the AC adapter and power cable Do not use any AC adapter or power cable other than the dedicated AC adapter and power cable. Take the following precautions when handling the AC adapter and power cable. • Make sure the plug is not dusty before inserting it into an outlet. • Do not apply strong shocks to or put a heavy object on the AC adapter or power cable. Otherwise, damage, overheating or smoking may occur, which may result in fire or electric shock. Do not touch the plug during thunderstorms. Entered values for barcodes are wrong. Txt is too long Entered text is too long for the specified tape Continue?Doing so may cause overheating of the printhead, which may result in damage or malfunction. Selects the unit to indicate the length. When the options of the selected item appear, select your choice with , and press . 1. Available frames sSymbol List  Specifying the label length B US 01 A0 Cleaning Characters are not printed properly. Is the tape cartridge correctly set?Replace them with new ones, or use the dedicated AC adapter (APT0615Z). Does not operate normally. Initialise this product if it does not operate normally such as the power cannot be turned on or off, or the display is interrupted. When the exterior is dirty Wipe the dirt off with a soft cloth. c Never use chemicals or solvents such as benzine, thinner, or alcohol, or use a chemical duster.  Adding a symbol to the label No image comes out even though pressed. has been When handling batteries Keep batteries out of reach of children. [. . . ] Select "On" with , and press , and press . . Operating temperature Storage temperature  Nothing is printed even though pressed. has been Creating another piece of text 1. Do the same for the next pieces. Power supply  Using mirror writing for the label The product may stop functioning due to static electricity or other causes. Initialise the product if it does not operate normally such as the display is interrupted. To abort: Press any button other than . About the printed labels • Depending on the environment labels are used in and the nature of the object labels are attached to, the following issues may occur: Label: Discolouration, faded characters, peeling Adhesive side: Adhesive residue, staining, damage • Carefully check the suitability of the label for the intended purpose before use. [. . . ]


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