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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON LABELWORKS LW-700

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Part Names and Functions  Keyboard Notation used in this manual See the other side for more information. 1. Display User’s Guide Indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in CAUTION personal injury, physical damage, or damage to equipment due to incorrect handling. Attention MEMO Indicates important information about LW-700. Indicates additional information and points which may be useful to know regarding a topic. Indicates a separate manual where detailed information regarding a topic can be found. [. . . ] Do not use a moistened cloth or solvents such as alcohol, thinner or benzine. Do not block or insert objects into the supplied AC adapter socket or the tape eject slot. When using this product Others When handling batteries Keep batteries out of reach of children. If you use nickel-hydride rechargeable batteries (SANYO eneloop is only available), follow the instructions on the batteries and the charger. When using this product DANGER When handling batteries If liquid leaking from an alkaline battery gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes but immediately wash them well with clean water and contact a doctor. Otherwise, it may cause blindness. Do not apply any strong force or shocks to the product such as standing on, dropping or hitting it. Otherwise, the product may be broken, which may result in fire or electric shock. If it is damaged, turn off the power immediately, unplug the AC adapter and remove the batteries, and then contact the Epson customer support centre. Take care not to spill any beverage such as tea, coffee or juice onto the product, or to spray aerosol insecticide. If any liquid has been spilled on the product, turn off the power, unplug the AC adapter and remove the batteries immediately, and then contact the Epson customer support centre. Do not carry out any operations not described in this manual, or the product may break or cause injury. Do not use or store the product, batteries, AC adapter, power cable, or tape cartridges in the following places. • Where it may become extremely hot such as in a vehicle with the windows closed. • Where it may become extremely hot such as near a heater or the temperature becomes very unstable such as near the exhaust duct of an air conditioner. • Where the product may get wet due to a shower or rain such as in a bathroom or outdoors. • In a dusty place or where the product may be exposed to smoke or steam such as near the kitchen or a humidifier. • On an unstable place such as on a shaky table or on an inclined place. • Near high-voltage power lines or something that generates a magnetic field. Keep the plastic bags used to contain the product or this manual out of reach of children. • Take care not to cut your fingers when cutting the label with scissors. • Do not attach a label on human bodies, living things, public facilities or other people’s belongings. • Powering off message is displayed while turning off the product. If you replace the batteries while the product is powered, files or data stored on it may be deleted. Key functions during operation To redo or exit without changing the setting: To select a setting item: To confirm the setting: Creating a label for cables Creating a label or editing a created label The text you have entered before turning LW-700 off is stored unless deleting it or initializing the settings. So, when LW-700 is turned on, the display shows the text you entered before LW-700 was previously turned off. When no text appears: Enter text there. Wrap:V Wrap:H Flag:V Flag:H To create the next label continuously: Press or and select a label number to use, then enter text. Up to 100 labels can be created at a time. When text appears: Creating an equipment management label Press . [. . . ] Select a character with and press . Adding a punctuation mark Press (or + ) for the next mark. * The location of the punctuation key and symbols printed on it will vary depending on the region of purchase. Changing the font size Press Press . repeatedly until an appropriate font size appears. Preference menu You can adjust LW-700 for more comfortable use by setting the following. Contrast You can adjust the difference between light and dark on the display. MEMO For available accented characters, see "Symbol List" on the separate sheet. Backlight Creating labels with serial numbers Initializing the settings Initialize the settings if LW-700 does not operate normally such as the display is interrupted. Turns the backlight of the display on/off. Enter key Adding a line Press . To break a line, place the cursor where you want to break the line, then press . [. . . ]


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