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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON LABELWORKS LW-900P

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Feeding the tape After setting a tape cartridge, make sure to feed tape. Feed: Feeds the tape about 20mm. 5 If your product is faulty, please read the included warranty card and consult the store you purchased it from. If you require further assistance contact your local EPSON customer support centre. 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1. Insert the plug of the AC adapter firmly into the power socket on the rear of the product. [. . . ] When installing a new tape or the tip of the tape is longer than usual, put the tape through the tape guide. 1. Label Editor User's Guide s The corners of printed labels can be rounded off by inserting them into the trimmer. Rounded labels can look better, and the rounded corners make the labels less likely to peel away after sticking. Align a label to the trimmer guide on the trimmer table, then insert it as far as it will go.  Rounding off the corners 5. Printing labels Others Do not use or store the product, AC adapter, power cable, USB cable or tape cartridges in the following places. • Where it may become extremely hot such as in a vehicle with the windows closed. • Where it may become extremely hot such as near a heater or the temperature becomes very unstable such as near the exhaust duct of an air conditioner. • Where the product may get wet due to a shower or rain such as in a bathroom or outdoors. • In a dusty place or where the product may be exposed to smoke or steam such as near the kitchen or a humidifier. • On an unstable place such as on a shaky table or on an inclined place. • Near high-voltage power lines or something that generates a magnetic field. Keep the plastic bags used to contain the product or this manual out of reach of children. Children may suffocate if they swallow them or put their heads into the bags. CAUTION This symbol indicates information that, if ignored, could possibly result in personal injury or physical damage due to incorrect handling. The following describes the meaning of each symbol used in the precautions. This indicates a mandatory procedure. Turn the computer on in advance. Connect the USB cable to the product. c Do not pull out the tape forcibly by hand. MEMO To turn the power off, just unplug the AC adapter. If you do not use the product for a long time Remove the tape cartridge, and unplug the AC adapter and USB cable from the product if you do not use the product for a long time. Keep the product, AC adapter, USB cable and tape cartridges in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight, high temperature or humidity, magnetised items, vibrations or dust. 4. Press the upper centre of the cover until it closes and snaps into place. MEMO Tape cartridges contain ink ribbons. When disposing of tape cartridges, make sure to follow the local regulations for disposal.  Other cautions c Make sure to use the supplied USB cable. When trimming a “half-cut” label, fold it at the cut line, then insert it into the trimmer inlet slot with the fold first. Cut line WARNING When using the AC adapter and power cable Do not use any AC adapter or power cable other than the dedicated AC adapter and power cable. Take the following precautions when handling the AC adapter and power cable. [. . . ] When no message appears on the computer screen: Check the status of the cover and the tape cartridge of the product. If the error occurs again even though the AC adapter is reconnected, contact the EPSON customer support centre. The half-cut setting is disabled. Replacing the trimmer blade The trimmer blade may eventually become worn and dull. If this happens, contact the EPSON customer support centre.  AC Type AST1527Z1-1 adapter Manufacturer Seiko Epson Corp. [. . . ]


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