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Manual abstract: user guide EPSON LABELWORKS LW-Z700

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Included Items 1 2 3 User’s Guide Ver. 01 4 5 6 7 The included items differ depending on the type of printer package you purchased. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Included item name LW-Z700 AC adapter Li-ion battery (C52CE97010) USB cable LK tape cartridge Magnetic attachment Documents Package name LW-Z700 FK MEMO You can download “Label Editor” (PC application for editing labels), printer drivers, "Label Editor User's Guide" and LW-Z700 User’s Guide (PDF version) from your local Epson website. Read this document carefully to use this product safely and correctly. If your product is faulty, please read the included warranty card and contact the store you purchased it from. If you require further assistance, contact your local Epson customer support center. [. . . ] • There is likely to be a charging error or battery error in the following cases. --New Li-ion battery takes significantly longer to charge than the estimated charging time (less than 3 hours). 6. Press + . Label Editor is an application software for editing label. When this software is installed on your computer, you can transfer the created cable label data to the printer. For how to install and operate the software, see "Label Editor User's Guide". 2. Connect the other connector of the USB cable to the computer. "#" is entered. 7. Press keys: , , Save the created label: Change the font: Change the font size: "Changing the Font"  Using alkaline batteries You can use alkaline batteries instead of Li-ion battery. When using alkaline batteries, install them in the correct orientation. 5. Setting the label auto cut to Off "Auto cut" of "Changing the Printer Settings" Printing with special print functions "Utilizing Print Functions" • Do not insert your fingers into the tape eject slot. • Do not pull the tape until the printing is completed. CAUTION Attention • "Insert tape" will appear on the display if the tape cartridge is not loaded or not correctly set. • Length of the label shown on the display is a guide and may not match the length of the printed label exactly. • Label over 16m in length cannot be printed. When you have printed continuously for 30 minutes using alkaline batteries, leave the printer for at least one hour to allow the batteries to cool down. CAUTION MEMO For how to transfer cable label data, see LW-Z700 User's Guide (PDF version) which can be downloaded from your local Epson website.  Checking the print image 1. Press . When the preview ends, the editing screen reappears. MEMO • To cancel the printing, press . • Depending on your margin setting or the label type, tape may be fed and cut before printing. 2. Installing a tape cartridge • Make sure that the power is turned off. • If you opened the top cover while a tape cartridge is installed, check that the tape end is put into the tape eject slot before beginning operation. • Take care to keep the label for detecting the tape cartridge and the sensor of the printer clean. • Do not touch the sensor directly with your fingers. Label for detection 1. Rewind the ink ribbon. Use a pen or a pencil. 3. Install a tape cartridge. CAUTION 6. Attaching label Put the tape end into the tape eject slot. 1. Peel off the backing paper. 2. Attach the label and rub it firmly. Depending on the environment where you use labels and the nature of the adhered surface, the labels may be peeled or discoloured, and the adhesive may remain on or damage the adhered surface. Be sure to check the environment and the nature of the adhered surface before use. Epson takes no responsibility for any damage or loss due to the above mentioned causes. CAUTION 7. Turning the Power Off 2. Open the top cover. Top cover Sensor 4. Close the top cover. 1. Press . The characters you have entered in the current session are stored even after the printer is turned off. If the AC adapter is connected, disconnect the AC adapter from the printer. • "Powering off. " is displayed while turning off this printer. [. . . ] 4. Select "B + I" with / Setting the Margins Sets the left and right margins. MEMO You may not be able to set the margins depending on the label type you create. Changing the Text Orientation MEMO + Changes the text orientation to vertical or horizontal. / and press . You may not be able to change the text orientation depending on the label type you create. 2. Select the type of margins with and press 1. Press + . 5. Select an area to which you want to apply the function with / and press . When "Character" is selected, the function is applied to all characters on the right of the cursor. Each time you press + , the setting switches between " Horizontal" and "Vertical". Horizontal Vertical Adding Block By dividing text into blocks, you can change the style and the number of lines block-by-block. [. . . ]


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