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[. . . ] Caution: c Cautions must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment. Note: Q Notes contain important information and hints for using the printer. R & Indicates a page number where additional information can be found. The information contained herein is designed only for use with this product. [. . . ] Select Speed Dial Setup or Group Dial Setup if you need to create/edit/delete the entries. R & 92 74 E QQ To scan and fax both sides of your original, load the original in the ADF. After step D, press and then select On, or press x and select Fax Send Settings - 2-Sided Scanning - On. R & 12 Broadcast fax sending Diffusion générale d’une télécopie Fax-Rundsenden an mehrere Empfänger Groepsfax verzenden Broadcast allows you to easily send the same fax to multiple numbers (up to 30) using speed dial/group dial, or by entering a fax number. 76 QQ If you do not need to add recipients from the speed dial/group dial lists, press OK and go to I. 79 Fax from a connected phone Envoi d’une télécopie à partir d’un téléphone connecté Fax ausgehend von einem angeschlossenen Telefon Faxen vanaf een aangesloten telefoon If the recipient has the same number for both phone and fax, you can send a fax after talking over the phone without hanging up. 80 Receiving Faxes Réception de télécopies Faxempfang Fax ontvangen Before receiving a fax, load A4-size plain paper into the cassette. R & 92 Receiving faxes automatically Réception automatique de télécopies Automatischer Faxempfang Faxen automatisch ontvangen A QQ When an answering machine is connected directly to this product, make sure you set Rings to Answer correctly using the following procedure. 82 cc Select more rings than needed for the answering machine to pick up. If it is set to pick up on the fourth ring, set the product to pick up on the fifth ring or later. QQ When you receive a call and the other party is a fax, the product receives the fax automatically even if the answering machine picks up the call. If you pick up the phone, wait until the LCD screen displays a message saying that a connection has been made before you hang up. If the other party is a caller, the phone can be used as normal or a message can be left on the answering machine. 83 Receiving faxes manually Réception manuelle de télécopies Manueller Faxempfang Faxen handmatig ontvangen If your phone is connected to this product, you can receive a fax after a connection is made. 85 Polling to receive a fax Invitation à recevoir une télécopie Faxempfang abrufen Polling om een fax te ontvangen This allows you to receive a fax from the fax information service you have called. 87 Faxing from a PC Envoi de télécopies à partir d’un ordinateur PC Fax ausgehend von einem PC Faxen vanaf een computer The fax software that came with the software disc allows you to send faxes from your computer, create a phone book, and provides you with other useful features. Windows Click the start button (Windows 7 and Vista) or click Start (Windows XP), point to All Programs, select Epson Software, and then click Fax Utility. Mac OS X Click System Preference, click Print & Fax, and then select FAX (your printer) from Printer. 88 Fax Mode Menu List Liste de menus du mode fax Faxmodus-Menüliste Menu’s van de faxmodus EN Menu items and values may differ depending on the region. , Rings to Answer *⁸, Dial Tone Detection *⁹ Fax Header, Your Phone Number Off, On R & 75 R & 86 Fax Log *¹⁰, Last Transmission *¹¹, Speed Dial List, Group Dial List, Reprint Faxes *¹², Protocol Trace *¹³ R & 112 Check Fax Connection Header Send Fax Later Broadcast Fax Pollrecv Fax Report EN FR DE NL R & 89 R & 90 R & 91 R & 92 Maintenance *1 Depending on the model, this function may not be available. R & 12 *2 Indicates whether or not to reduce received faxes larger than A4-size to A4, or prints them at their original size on multiple sheets. *3 Indicates whether or not to print a report for the previous transmitted fax. [. . . ] ABDEGI ABDEFH ABCDG E DG JKLM Problems You see banding (light lines) in your printouts or copies. R & 24 Make sure the printable side (the whiter or glossier side) of the paper is facing in the right direction. R & 26 When you select Standard Quality or Best as the Quality setting, select Off as the Bidirectional setting. R & 57 Perform a nozzle check first and then clean the print head that shows a defect in the nozzle check result. [. . . ]


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