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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] English User’s Manual/Manuel de l’utilisateur/ Manual do utilizador/Manual del usuario/ Manuale dell’utente/ English Illustrations A B C D E F 1 4 23 78 0 12 34 56 78 90 90 3 12 47 80 12 34 56 78 English G H 1 4 23 78 0 12 34 56 78 90 I J K L English Specifications One-pocket model Operating CPU environment Memory Two-pocket model Minimum Specification: At least a Pentium4 2. 0 GHz or the equivalent Recommended Specification: At least IntelCore2Duo 1. 8GHz or the equivalent At least 512 MB or above the minimum operating system requirement Recommended Specification: At least 1 GB or above the minimum operating system requirement Free space of more than 30 MB (Before installing the driver) USB2. 200 dpm Line ink jet with ink jet head (360 nozzles in 2 lines) Size: 60 to 120 mm (H) × 120 to 235 mm (L) {2. [. . . ] Installing the ink cartridge (See “Installing and Replacing the Ink Cartridge” on page 13.  TM-S2000MJ ❑ Dedicated ink cartridge [SJIC18(K)] x 2 ❏ USB cable ❑ AC adapter [PS-180 (Model: M159B)] ❑ Cut sheet paper for test printing ❏ AC cable*1 ❏ User’s manual (this manual) ❑ Setup guide *1: May not be included depending on the product model. Installing the Product When installing the product, make sure of the following: ❏ Leave enough space around the product to open the covers, the ASF tray, and the pocket guide.  Do not place the product near any magnetic fields to avoid decreasing the MICR recognition rate. Especially, when you install the product near a display device, check the recognition rate of the MICR reader.  Remove the shock-absorbing materials in the product and fixing tape before use. Connecting the USB Cable Note: Do not turn on the product before installing the necessary drivers. A used cartridge may have some ink on the convex part of the bottom of the cartridge. Dispose of the used ink cartridges according to the laws or regulations in your country and region. TM-S2000MJ User’s Manual 13 English ❏ ❏ To transport or store this product for a long period after once using this product, make sure the ink cartridge is installed in the product. This printer may automatically run maintenance operations at night or when the power is turned on to maintain print quality. As a result of these maintenance operations, you may need to replace the ink cartridge. Installing and Replacing the Ink Cartridge When ink is low in the ink cartridge, the Ink LED flashes. When the Ink LED as well as the Error LED come on, printing stops and it is time to change the ink cartridge. Follow the steps below to install the ink cartridge into the product for the first time or replace it with a new one. Put your finger under the left side of the ink cartridge cover and pull it up to open it. If there is a used ink cartridge, remove the ink cartridge by pulling up the tab on the top of the cartridge while holding the product. Install the ink cartridge in the correct direction, and push it until it clicks in place. Note: When you first use the product, installing an ink cartridge begins charging the ink supply. Ink charging takes approximately four minutes and (Power) LED flashes during that time. Be sure not to turn off the product or open the covers while (Power) LED is flashing. Test Printing After the product setup or when the product is not operating correctly, you can check the product operation with test printing. [. . . ] Lightly wipe 2 parts of glass areas (see illustration K) with a soft, dry cloth. CAUTION: Do not use synthetic detergent, benzine, water, or other liquid for cleaning. When the glass of the scanner is smeared with oil, grease or other unremovable substance, wipe it with a cloth lightly dipped in alcohol. Troubleshooting Error LED is on or flashing ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ ❏ Make sure that all the covers are properly closed. [. . . ]


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