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[. . . ] Qxp 02/03/2006 10:17 Page 5 Accessories EN REAR Anti-tipping safety grid The grid can be used to hold all dishes and moulds containing foodstuffs to be cooked or browned. fRONT Multi-purpose dish (cake dish or drip tray) It serves as a cake dish and has a sloped edge. It is used for cooking pastries such as cream puffs, meringues, madeleines, puff pastry, etc. It can also be used half-full of water for double-boiler cooking methods. [. . . ] € The supply cable (H05 RR-F, H05 RN-F or H05 W-F) must be long enough to allow the oven to rest on the floor in front of its housing. With the oven sitting on the floor and disconnected: • Open the trapdoor at the bottom right hand side at the back of the oven by removing the 2 screws and swinging the door away. € Unscrew the terminal screws and remove the wires that need changing. € Pass the new cable through the wire clamp to the right of the terminals. € Connect the wires up in accordance with the markings on the terminals. € Tighten the screws and check, by tugging on each wire, that they are firmly connected. We cannot accept any liability in the event of an accident resulting from non-existent or faulty earthing. Useful dimensions for installing your oven EN 577 600 585 577 The oven can be installed under a work top or in a column of cabinetry (open* or closed) having the appropriate dimensions for built-in installation (see adjacent diagram). Your oven has optimised air circulation that allows it to achieve remarkable cooking and cleaning results if the following guidelines are respected: • Centre the oven in the cabinet so as to guarantee a minimum distance of 5 mm between the appliance and the neighbouring cabinet. € The material of the built-in cabinetry must be heat resistant (or be covered with such a material). € For greater stability, attach the oven in the cabinet with two screws through the holes provided for this purpose on either side of the front inner panel (see diagram). To do this: 1) Remove the rubber screw covers to access the mounting holes. 2) Drill a Ø 3 mm hole in the cabinet panel to avoid splitting the wood. 4) Replace the rubber screw covers (they also serve to absorb the shock caused by closing the oven door). To be certain that you have properly installed your appliance, do not hesitate to call on a household appliance specialist. The oven programmer 1 7 6 2 3 5 4 8 1 2 3 4 5 10 9 6 7 8 10 ECO (economical) cooking indicator Clock and cooking time display Temperature display Door locked indicator Cooking time symbol Button for setting timed programmes End of cooking time symbol Timer symbol 9 10 Buttons for adjusting the time 99638951_A_FR GB. How to set the clock EN a) When the oven is first switched on at the mains • The display blinks to 12h00. € Press on the and buttons until the correct time is shown (Keeping a finger on the button, rather than tapping it, is quicker) The example shows 12. -> the display no longer flashes b) Altering the clock • Press on both and buttons together for a few seconds until the display blinks. Press on both and buttons together to obtain the correct time (back or forwards). 1 1 3 2 Setting the hour is not possible if the cooking method selector is in the "Pyro" or "Pyro Eco" position. If you forget to confirm the time by pressing button , the oven will do it automatically after a few seconds. [. . . ] € During pyrolysis the door lock light (a padlock) glows to show the door is locked. € When the padlock disappears from the display panel, you can open the door. E) When the oven is completely cold use a damp cloth to remove the white ash and the oven will once more be ready for you to cook in. Qxp 02/03/2006 10:18 Page 20 Troubleshooting If you're not sure that your oven is working properly, it doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem. [. . . ]


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