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[. . . ] F Adjustable feets G Light (according to model) CHILDREN’S SAFETY — Do not let children play with the appliance and keep pets away from it. €” Keep the packaging materials out of children’s reach (e. €” This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. [. . . ] D repeatedly, until — Press the “Timer” key you reach the desired drying time. The drying temperature is adjusted according to the laundry type of the program selected. €” Start the dryer by pressing the “Start/Pause” butG. Ton STOPPING THE APPLIANCE At the end of the program, the "STOP" light flash and the display shows "0:00" (Fig. The “Filter” and “Tank Full” lights flash to remind you that you must clean the filter and empty the water collection tank after every drying cycle: — Turn the Time selector A to the “Off” position . €” Clean the filter and empty the condensate container (see the “REGULAR MAINTENANCE” section). SFE-820CE A B C D E F G A Programs dial B Buzzer C Anti-creasing D Timer E Delayed start F Display G Start/Pause COOLING CYCLE All programs finish with a cooling cycle that lasts for a few minutes to allow the washing to cool gradually. TANK FULL WARNING DURING CYCLE If your tank is full during the drying cycle, the appliance stops. The “Tank Full” light and the time remaining flashes (Fig. €” Proceed to empty your condensate container (see the “REGULAR MAINTENANCE” section). G to restart — Press the “Start/Pause” button your program. 2 - PROGRAMMING A DRYING CYCLE Your dryer is equipped with a sensor which automatically detects the moment when your laundry is dry. STARTING THE APPLIANCE — Check that the power cable is plugged in, and if the door is properly closed. €” Select your program (see the table “Your dryer’s programs” on the following pages) by turning the Programs dial A (it turns in both directions). The display F tells you the time remaining and tells you more accurately, as the drying cycle progresses (Fig. Program progress: Drying - Cooling down - End of program G to inter— Press the “Start/Pause” button rupt drying or open the door. g to — Press the “Start/Pause” button resume drying. ADDING OR REMOVING AN ITEM DURING DRYING NOTE: — The “Anti-creasing” and "Buzzer" options remains selected from one program to the next. You can simply press the button to deactivate thes options, even during a program. CLEAN CONDENSER WARNING The “Condenser warning” light will flash fromtime to time to remind you that you should clean the condenser. Do not forget to do this as soon as possible, since the warning will disappear when the next program starts. ALTERING OPERATION PROGRAMMING OR DRYING DURING — Select your program using the Programs dial A . [. . . ] €” (*) This kit is provided with the appliance or is available near your After-sales service (according to model). €” The deflector must necessarily be positioned before the drain hose connection. Regular textiles Regular textiles Dry Slightly damp Other drying programs Schirts Synthetics Delicates Synthetic, easy iron Delicate, synthetic Very delicate: silk, light synthetic lingerie . Dry Dry Dry Refreshing and airing your textiles after prolonged storage Air and refresh Air woollens Other textiles Woollens 15 minutes 6 minutes 4. [. . . ]


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