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[. . . ] ) GB Before installing and using the appliance read this user's instruction book carefully. If the refrigerator is used in compliance with the instructions written, it will operate properly and provide you with greatest satisfaction. The symbols below help you to find things more easily: Safety precautions Warnings and information at this symbol serve safety for you and your appliance. Hints, useful information Environmental information Symbol for ideas At this symbol ideas can be found according to food and its storing. [. . . ] The refrigerator is designed to operate when it is totally pushed to the wall. When placing the refrigerator keep minimal distances recommended in figure. A: placing it under a wall-cupboard B: placing it freely Switch and indicator unit See chapters „Putting it into use”, „Controlling the temperature” and „Freezing” how to use the switch gear and indicator. Red lamp This lamp switches on depending on the temperature inside the appliance. It gives light for a short time when starting the appliance, placing fresh food into it and when the thermostatic control knob has been turned in direction of lower temperature. It gives light permanently when the temperature inside the appliance is too high (overloaded with warm food, door stayed open or the gasket does not close properly) or possibly the appliance has gone wrong. Yellow lamp It gives light when the continuous-duty operation switch is on. Continuous operation (fast freezer) switch When the switch is in right-hand position the compressor operates continuously and provides the available coldest inside temperature that is necessary for freezing this way. Thermostat knob This is for setting and changing the temperature inside the appliance. This time the red lamp starts giving light, the compressor starts and cooling begins shortly. When the red light goes out the temperature is sufficient and the appliance is suitable for storing frozen and deep-frozen foods. Controlling the temperature The thermostatic controller interrupts the operation of the appliance automatically for more or less time depending on the setting then restarts it assuring the required temperature. Turning the control knob clockwise cooling becomes more and more intensive. In the appliance -18 °C or lower temperature can be reached if the thermostat knob is set according to the figure. The thermostat can be switched off („0” position), which means breaking the circuit of the compressor i. The temperature coming about in the freezer is effected by not only the position of the thermostatic control and the ambient temperature, but frequency of door openings and the quantity of food put into it, etc. Freezing Freezing different products should always be done in the freezing compartment after proper preparing. Move the fast freezer switch to the right (yellow lamp gives light) 4 hours before freezing food in small quantity and about 24 hours before in case of products in bigger quantity. This time the compressor operates continually to reach the temperature necessary for freezing. Place the foods to be frozen in and operate the appliance as written for about 24 hours. After these move the fast freezer switch to the left (yellow light will go out). The freezing tray is suitable for freezing smaller fruits (raspberry, strawberry, currant, etc. [. . . ] We draw it to your attention again that the appliance operates discontinuously, so the stopping of compressor does not mean being nocurrent. That is why you must not touch the electrical parts of the appliance before removing it from the mains socket. Problem The appliance does not cool sufficiently Possible cause Thermostatic control is set too low. Check if the appliance stands stable (all the four feet should be on the floor). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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