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[. . . ] €¢ Locate dishwasher where there is easy access to drain, water, and electrical lines. The best location is on either side of the kitchen sink for access to existing plumbing and ease in loading dishes. €¢ Electrical, water, and drain connections are not the same for all age, brands, or models of dishwashers. €¢ If dishwasher drain hose will be connected to a food disposer for the first time, knock out plug located inside disposer inlet. [. . . ] IMPORTANT: Incoming hot water temperature should be at least 120°F (49°C). Before cutting drain hose access, check both sides of selected area to avoid interference. If the cabinet wall is wood, sand edges of hole until smooth and rounded. If cabinet wall is metal, cover all sharp edges with electrical or duct tape to avoid cutting drain hose. Review Figures 5, 6 and 7 to see the different ways to connect dishwasher to drain system. Figure 5 Entry Must be AboveTrap 4 Drying Vent Hose (if equipped) Care must be given during installation and removal of the dishwasher to avoid disconnection of the vent hose that is attached to the top of the dishwasher. “Y” Branch Tailpiece Drying Vent Hose RightSide 49 1/4” 22 1/2” Sink at Right Sink at Left 2” Drain Hose Hole Door in openposition Floor Line 2. A “Y” branch tailpiece and connector kit, not included, will make this method easier and includes all needed fittings and instructions. Use a UL listed conduit connector, (not included), at box to stabilize wiring. IMPORTANT: Be sure electrical cable is not routed behind dishwasher’s motor. PumpMotor Floor Anchoring This procedure is difficult and should be used only if countertop mounting brackets cannot be used. Screw 1/4” lag screws, (not included), through holes provided in frame rail. Place door where it will not get scratched or damaged while completing installation. When ready to replace door, fit the slots on each side of top door edge over the tabs on the metal liner. Figure 16c Console Before starting the dishwasher, Use /4” Lag Screws (not included) 1 Leg Leveler Adjustment Chart Height of Number of Turns to Cabinet Opening Adjust Levelers 34” (86. 6cm) 1 Remove knockout plug in disposer Figure 10 Through Cabinet Through Wall Metal Liner Door 2 6 9 The drain hose loop must be at least 32” high from the floor to insure proper drainage. Front levelers should allow 1/4” below underside of countertop. Finishing the Water Connection 7 Through Floor JunctionBox (in place) Side View Note: If mounting your dishwasher to the countertop or to the floor is not a desirable option, you can order the side mount kit, 154806601/02, by contacting your dealer or parts supplier. This allows you to install the dishwasher by securing it to the cabinets or partitions on either side of the unit. The kit utilizes the front frame of the dishwasher to secure the unit to the cabinet or partitions. Property Damage Do not solder within 6” of the water inlet valve. Inside junction box, attach ground wire under head of grounding screw and tighten. [. . . ] Do not connect the dishwasher to the power supply until the appliance is permanently grounded. Joining aluminum building wire to stranded copper wire should be done by a qualified electrician using materials recognized by UL and local codes. Such use can result in fire, electrical shock, or other personal injury. Failure to follow these instructions could result in death or serious injury. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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