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[. . . ] Html Menus Technical Notes Troubleshooting Appendix For Your Safety Notes for waterproof products • When not in use, this camera should be stored in a dry location. Safety Notes • If liquid other than fresh water or sea water is spilled onto the camera, please wipe off with a lint free close after rinsing it with • Make sure that you use your camera correctly. € Waterproof/dustproof products are excluded from prohibition • After reading these safety notes, store them in a safe place. Keep this in mind when reading About the Icons following notes and cautions. [. . . ] You can enjoy time-lapse movies as though watching slow-moving subjects, such as plant growth and cloud movement, in fastforward. RR If you press the shutter button before shooting ends, interval shooting stops. RR The LCD monitor turns off and the self-timer lamp flashes during interval shooting. RR Only the first frame is displayed when playing back photos taken by interval shooting (P  50). RR Time-lapse movies cannot be recorded by pressing the t (movie recording) button. More on Photography 47 h Using the Self-Timer QQ Zooming is not available during interval shooting. QQ Time-lapse movies may look like just a sequence of still pictures, depending on the TIME-LAPSE MOVIE MODE setting and the number of captured frames. QQ Depending on the scene and camera settings, the interval time may not meet the specified interval time. QQ Interval shooting may end suddenly if there is not enough free space on the memory card. QQ Depending on shooting settings or status, settings may not be applied or interval shooting may not be possible. QQ You can only use the ON/OFF button, a button, DISP/BACK button, and shutter button during interval shooting. QQ When AF MODE (P  is set to TRACKING, if you select INTERVAL SHOOTING, 77) AF MODE automatically changes to CENTER. RR When a burst mode is selected, the camera displays the icon for the selected mode. P More on Photography 49 More on Playback Playback Options To view the most recent picture in the LCD monitor, press the a button. 100-0001 Press the selector right to view pictures in the order recorded, left to view pictures in reverse order. RR Pictures taken using other cameras are indicated by a m (“gift image”) icon during playback. Continuous Shooting In the case of pictures taken in continuous shooting mode, only the first frame of each series will be displayed. RR Pictures taken in continuous shooting mode have file names that start with “S”. JPG) I Favorites: Rating Pictures To rate the picture currently displayed in full-frame playback, press DISP/BACK and press the selector up and down to select from zero to five stars. 50 Playback Options Playback Zoom Press T to zoom in on pictures displayed in single-frame playback; press W to zoom out. When the picture is zoomed in, the selector can be used to view areas of the image not currently visible in the display. Playback zoom is not available with cropped or resized copies saved at a size of a or smaller. [. . . ] This message merely encourages you to check that the cover is secure before proceeding. 110 Troubleshooting Appendix Memory Card Capacity The following table shows the recording time or number of pictures available at different image sizes. All figures are approximate; file size varies with the scene recorded, producing wide variations in the number of files that can be stored. The number of exposures or length remaining may not diminish at an even rate. [. . . ]


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