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[. . . ] Graphics acceleration card 16 MB Video Ram cards minimum Sound Compatible DirectX 8. 1 This game offers you a large choice of modes and options and we strongly recommend you read these instructions. For those who can 't wait to get their hands on the game, RECOMMENDED Operating System Windows 98/ME/XP CPU Pentium II 600 minimum or equivalent contextual help is visible at the bottom of the screen every RAM 128 MB time you select a menu. Some cars and circuits are not available from the beginning of the game. To access these, it is necessary to progress in the game (in 1 player mode). [. . . ] CONTROLLER: This menu allows you to change the controller and the Keyboard configuration and access vibration control. GRAPHICS: This menu allows you to change the graphic detail configuration. - Draw Distance: Slider - Car Shadows: None, Low Detail, Player Car, Close Cars, All Cars - Dust Lifetime: Slider - Texture Quality: Slider - Reflection Mapping: On, Off AUDIO: This menu allows you to change the sound options. - Game Music: Volume Slider - Sound Effects: Volume Slider - Menu Music: Volume Slider - Radio Station: K-Rock, C-Breeze. - 3D Sound: Choose the 3D setting if your sound card handles 3D sound. 2D sound cards (stereo) can use the 2D setting, or emulate 3D sound with the 3D Emulation High or 3D Emulation Low settings. - Sound: Stereo, Mono. PROGRESS: This menu allows you to check your progress in the Quick Race, Championship, Petit Le Mans, Le Mans 2000 and Time Trial modes of the game. As your performance improves, more and more zones will be unlocked, revealing new circuits and cars. RECORDS: This screen displays your best times in each class for the different circuits in Le Mans 2 4 Hours. 12 80 DAYS 13 LeMans PC Manual GB 8/04/02 11:45 Page 14 THE CARS Le Mans 24 Hours includes over 70 cars, plus extra bonus cars, in three categories: THE CIRCUITS Le Mans 24 Hours includes 12 circuits: Le Mans, Petit Le Mans (Road Atlanta), Road Atlanta National, Bugatti, Brno, Donington National, Donington Grand Prix, Catalunya National, Catalunya Grand Prix, Suzuka East, Suzuka West and Suzuka Grand Prix. · L M G T ( L E M A N S GRAND TOURING) : The LMGT class features road cars such as Vipers and Corvettes. Viper GTS-R · LE MANS The longest and most difficult circuit in the game. Country: France Length: 13. 605 kms · DONINGTON NATIONAL Country: United Kingdom Length: 3. 1 kms · LMP (OPEN PROTO): This LM class includes the open-topped prototypes like the BMW V12 LMR and the Audi R8R. Panoz Spyder LMP · DONINGTON GRAND PRIX · BUGATTI · LMGTP (CLOSED PROTO): These LM class cars are closed top prototypes. Country: France Length: 4. 435 kms The grand prix version of the Donington circuit, with two extra hairpin bends. · On Petit Le Mans (Road Atlanta), you can drive : 10', 30', 100' or 10 hours. · On Le Mans, race for : 10', 24', 240' or 24 hours !To play this mode to your best advantage, you will have to unlock the best cars in Championship and Time Trial mode. Each track in the game has a Goal Time, you must beat this time to have a bonus. · MULTIPLAYER MODE This mode allows two players to play together on a split screen. You can play on all tracks and cars unlocked in the other game modes (except the cars from the year 2000 race, which are only available in the Le Mans 2000 mode). If either player wants to use a controller it will need to be configured. Both Players 1 and Player 2 Configurations are entered selecting the following: · Main Menu > Options > Controller Or · Multiplayer > Player1/2 Select Car > Player 1/2 pre race options (controller) > Race Or · Main Menu > Multiplayer > Select Class (P1) > Select Team Car (P1) > Select Difficulty (P1) > Select Class (P2) > Select Team Car (P2) > Select Difficulty (P2) > Select Track (P1) > Controller Menu (P1) > You are then able to configure your keys. · TIME TRIAL MODE This is the ideal training mode. This mode consists of trying out a new car or a new course, without being hindered by other competitors. All the courses that you have unlocked in Quick Race mode are available in this mode. Additionally, all the cars that you have unlocked will also be available. 20 80 DAYS 21 LeMans PC Manual GB 8/04/02 11:45 Page 22 PRE-RACE OPTIONS >CAR SELECT SCREEN >WORKSHOP In all modes but Quick Race you have access to the Workshop. Players can alter some of the car 's parameters or accept the default parameters. To effect any changes, select the required option and scroll through the choices using the select up/down/left/right keys or buttons. [. . . ] This gives access to a certain number of options, depending on the game mode you are in. You can: Resume, Restart Session, Quit Session NUMBER OF LAPS LAP TIME (AS WELL AS YOUR INTERMEDIATE TIMES) BEST LAP TIME RECORD POSITION > CAMERAS During the race you can choose your view by pressing the button mapped to the CAMERA function. Your options are: Front, In Car, Behind and High. > REPLAYS The replay starts automatically at the end of each race. There are a number of different views available: Normal cam(era), TV cam, Orbit cam, Wheel cam and Front cam. [. . . ]


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