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[. . . ] E-mail: Support@montecristogames. com m Epilepsy Warning Some people are liable to have an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness when exposed to flashing lights or certain normal conditions of everyday life. Such persons could risk a seizure while watching televised images or while playing video games, and this can occur even if there have been no previous medical problems or experience of epilepsy. Please take the following general precautions when playing video games: - Do not sit too close to the screen; position yourself with the linking cable at full stretch. - Rest for 10-15 minutes per hour while playing video games. The story, companies and players are entirely fictitious. [. . . ] Small airlines will occasionally give in to the temptation to try and save money in the wrong places. When you play Airline Tycoon you will know the answer to this soon enough!You define how your planes are serviced in the local workshop at the right end of the airport. Refer to the Workshop section in the next chapter for more information. 35 Chapter 10 Aeroplanes Equipping Planes Equipment: New planes that you buy always have the standard equipment. This however is sometimes not enough for your desired image or a particular route, so you can individually equip all planes in Airline Tycoon. Simply click on the plane on the desk in your office to display the correct screen. By clicking once on 1 and 5 you can look at the equipment for all the planes. With 2 you can save the current settings and revoke it again later with 4. This option is very useful if you want to equip several planes in the same way. Simply click 2 for the equipment to be saved, 1 and 5 to browse through the desired planes and 4 to use the original settings for the equipment. You do not need to click 3 each time to save the current settings. 1 2 3 4 5 Equipment: 6 7 8 9 10 36 Aeroplanes Chapter 10 On the right-hand side you will see the various possibilities for equipping your plane. If your backside hurts after a flight, you know you have had the lowest quality!If you slept through the arrival, you were sitting in a 3-star luxury armchair. With the 2-star model, at least your passengers can listen to music or the news (about air disasters)!With the top model, your passengers will be spoiled with television, champagne and all the creature comforts. Your passengers will suffer from an acute loss of orientation combined with steadily growing nausea. Choosing Food: This option lets you change the quality and amount of food. In the lowest level, culinary delights will be served that fill you up with the tiniest amounts and which no one probably wants to eat at this time of the year. The middle level promises something like home cooking, and at the top level the passengers receive a menu from which they can choose their favourite dish. 7 Tip: With good equipment, you can easily try and raise ticket prices. Luxury has to be paid for! 8 9 10 Flight Attendants: This option lets you determine how many additional flight attendants should accompany the flight. The 6 to 8 equipment options will be paid for with a one-off flat fee. The 9 and 10 options, however, constantly incur more and more costs, and are therefore difficult to calculate. [. . . ] Close all programs running in the background before starting Airline Tycoon. This also applies to toolbars, such as the "Office Shortcut Bar". If you still experience periodic errors, you should switch off all sound effects as a test and attempt a test game. For how to turn off the digital sound, see the section the configuration tool below. [. . . ]


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