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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 3 This manual is supplemented by the README. TXT file on your ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR GOLD EDITION CD. Installation Insert the ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR CD into your primary CD-ROM drive. After a few seconds AutoPlay will begin the installation of ALIENS VERSUS PREDATOR. If, after a few seconds, this doesn't happen, your AutoPlay feature has been disabled. If this is the case you should install the game by clicking on the "START" button on the Windows taskbar, located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. [. . . ] When it is in use [FIRE PRIMARY] uses a significant amount of Field Energy to activate a health-giving compound that the Predator injects himself with. [FIRE SECONDARY] acts as a fire suppression system, useful when there are Marines armed with Flamethrowers around!Grappling Hook Certain BONUS EPISODES require the Predator to use a Grappling Hook with a retractable line. This is only available in those episodes where there is no other means for the Predator to move through the level and is not available in other episodes. When fighting Aliens with the Plasma Pistol, direct hits result in lots of acid, catch them in the blast wave instead. Using the Cloaking Field in conjunction with zooming abilities allows the player to pick off foes from afar. Doors are still triggered by invisible Predators and will give away the player's position. Bright lighting conditions make it easier to spot the cloak's irregularities. If hunting humans, it's easy for an Alien to sneak up on the player undetected. Since the player is on the lookout for humans they can use a vision mode that will alert them to an Alien presence to protect themselves. The MediComp uses a lot of field charge; it's wise to use it before picking up a new Field Energy Unit. To benefit from self-charging, energy-intensive weapons and equipment should be used minimally. 11 ALIEN HEALTH: normal is a full blue bar, powered up it glows white The Alien HUD is by far the simplest of the three species, reflecting the creature's primal nature. The blue glow at the bottom of the screen represents the Alien's health. However the Alien can surpass its normal energy levels for short periods of time and achieve a "feeding frenzy" type state. ABILITIES Aliens are much faster than either the Predator or the Colonial Marine and can jump much further as well. Additionally Aliens have the ability to move on all surfaces as swiftly as they do on the ground. . . floors, walls, ceilings, it's all the same to Aliens. To be able to stick to any surface all the player needs to do is hold down the [CROUCH] key. Aliens can fall from any height and will sustain no damage whatsoever. Pounce Already a powerful jumper, the Alien can jump even more powerfully by squatting prior to a jump. This is achieved by holding the [CROUCH] key and then jumping and is particularly useful for jumping straight up to the ceiling, where an Alien can easily cover three or four stories in a single leap. Navigate/Hunt Vision Alien perceptions are different from those of a Human or a Predator. The way this presents itself to the player is that the world appears as if it were being viewed through a `fish eye' lens. [. . . ] XENOBORG Resulting from a human experiment into controlling captured Aliens, these have cybernetics and weapons grafted onto them. The experiment is generally regarded as a failure, having stripped the Aliens of their essence, but these cyborgs are still deadly and extremely difficult to destroy. PREDATOR This extraterrestrial species of hunter is almost unstoppably deadly. It is known to have hunted the galaxy for hundreds of years or more, searching for the heat of combat perhaps as a blood sport, perhaps as some kind of ritual. [. . . ]


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