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[. . . ] Carnby works for an agency that was founded in 1982 by Charles Fiske, a former member of the top secret FBI investigative department Bureau 713. Fiske and Carnby 's specialization is strange phenomena; the supernatural and paranormal are central to their activities. Carnby 's interest is not to convince non-believers nor raise consciousness. He knows that dark forces operate everywhere and that he has a personal mission to fight them. He does not have the parapsychological powers that would make him a supernatural being. [. . . ] `RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON': With your weapon in your hand and using the left mouse button to aim, it will fire your currently selected weapon. If you are using a pad, make sure it is compatible with your PC configuration. Check the instruction manual of the pad you wish to use. ADDITIONAL ACTIONS · USE FLASHLIGHT Press the `S' Key to turn your flashlight on and off. When your flashlight is on, use `L-SHIFT' and the `Cursor Keys' to switch to `Freelook Mode' and point your flashlight in any direction. For more accurate torch control, try using the mouse or analogue joystick/joypad, as described in the "controller configuration" paragraph. . Note: `Freelook Mode' only functions when the player has stopped moving. · USE WEAPON With the weapon in your hand, hold down the `CTRL' Key to switch to `Target Mode' and press the `Spacebar' to fire. When you are in `Target Mode', your life bar appears on the screen, as well as the ammunition count. In this mode your weapon points automatically at the nearest target. Note: In `Target Mode' you can still move, but you cannot run. OPTIONS To display the Options menu, select OPTIONS in the Main Menu. Confirm your choice using the `Spacebar'. EFFECTS VOLUME MUSIC VOLUME DIALOGUE VOLUME STEREO L/R CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION PAUSE MENU Adjust the SFX volume. To access this menu during the game press the `Escape' key, except during cinematic sequences. Select an option with the `Cursor Keys' and validate with the `Spacebar'. To call up the options menu (sound, tuning, controllers, etc. ). By holding down `CTRL' and `L-SHIFT' simultaneously, you switch to `Aiming Mode': use the `Cursor Keys' to point your weapon in any direction and press the `Spacebar' to fire. The numbers displayed next to weapon and ammunition icons indicate the amount of ammunition remaining. · EXAMINE OBJECT Select the object you wish to examine and press the ACTION Button. Use the `Cursor Keys' to rotate the object and `CTRL' and `L-SHIFT' to control the zoom. While you are examining an object, a dialogue box also appears on the screen. EQUIPMENT · MAP To view the map, press the `M' Key. Use the `CURSOR KEYS' to scroll through the map and the `A' and `i' Keys to zoom in and out. · RADIO The game's two heroes each possess a radio which enables them to remain in permanent contact. If your partner is in receiving range, they will reply and give you advice or information. 10 11 · COMBINE OBJECTS Select the first object you wish to combine, press the action button, and choose `COMBINE'. · SPLIT OBJECTS Select the objects you wish to split, press the action button and choose `SPLIT'. · HEALTH The life bar indicates the character's state of health. When the life bar displays a "DANGER" and you are hit, the character dies and the game is over. You can improve a character's health and recharge the life bar by using the first aid kits you will come across in the course of the game. [. . . ] BACKGROUNDS Bruno Gentile, DESIGNERS CREDITS DARKWORKS Hae Jun Jhee, DESIGN STUDIO : Benjamin Carré, Lead Programmer: SECRETARY Emmnanuelle Tahmazian, Erwan LeGoffic Marc Leprêtre, Benoît De Ravelle, Nathalie Erard. Patrick Chouzenoux, DreamCast Programmer: Cyril Perrin, Laurent Makowski, Michel Mégoz, RoseOlivier Martin Patrick Pion. Manuel Pires, May Mathon, Sylvie CREDITS SPIRAL Trainees: Combet, Olivier Lachard, Salomé Strappazzon, HOUSE LTD Alexis Arragon, Jérome Gouvenot CHARACTERS Laurent Vicherd. Lead Programmer DESIGNED BY LEAD REAL-TIME Mike Ferenduros LOCALISATION : Sylviane Matthieu Lauffray. [. . . ]


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