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[. . . ] Minimum: Windows 95/98/ME/2000 Pentium II 300 128MB RAM 2x CD-ROM drive Direct3D compatible video card DirectX compatible sound device 700MB free hard drive space Internet connection using a 28. 8 K modem Recommended: Pentium III 450 256MB RAM Direct3D compatible video card with 32MB RAM 8x CD-ROM drive 1GB free hard drive space Internet connection using a 56K modem 1 . Installation Installation procedure: Insert the Anarchy Online CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. If your computer has AutoPlay enabled, the installation will start automatically. If it does not, double-click on the My Computer icon on the desktop and locate your CD-ROM drive (it will most likely be labelled "Anarchy Online"). [. . . ] The program will now be accessible from your programs window (see The Programs Window section). Nano-programs use nano-energy (see The Stats View), and you can only execute a program if you have enough nano-energy. To run a program on a player or monster, target that player or monster (see Targeting) before right-clicking the program in the programs window. You can attack a monster using nano-programs: to do so, target the monster, and run an attack-program (if available). Combat will initiate as described in the Combat section (see section about combat). However, your character will not automatically run further programs; you will need to do so yourself. To run a program, your character needs to stand still, and not be interrupted, for as long as it takes to run the program. If you move your character, or your character is attacked, the execution of the program will be interrupted, and you will need to start again. 33 Your Guide to Rubi-Ka Death and insurance Your character is likely to die occasionally in the harsh environment of Rubi-Ka. However, cloning technology prevent death from being as final as it used to be. Whenever your body is destroyed, a new body is instantly created beside the cell scanner you last saved at. Waste collectors will get all the equipment and remains from your body, and those can be picked up in any Reclaim booth a short time after recreation. All the goods that could get you arrested anywhere else on Rubi-Ka, can be found here. Even so, the majority of the inhabitants are serious people and the city is peaceful. Newland Located in the centre of the clan-controlled north, Newland is now considered a neutral city, although the area itself still harbours tensions that are only being kept in check with the proverbial rubber bands. The peace between the human population and the Omni-Med created Rhinomen - the dominant non-human breed - is quite fragile, though the Rhinomen will not attack unless someone in their tribe is threatened or provoked. The former trade outpost Meetmedere is home to an Omni-Tek Whompa, and a clan-run trading station near the city acts as a bridgehead for clan expansion, but in general the area offers habitats that are open to all, regardless of breed and affiliation. The Newland terrain is mostly arid desert and oases with corresponding wildlife, including the aforementioned Rhinomen. 4 . Omni-1 The Omni-Tek capital is a huge metropolis, divided into several dif- 36 Your Guide to Rubi-Ka ferent zones: the trade district features a variety of shops and vending machines selling everything from packed lunches to flamethrowers, and the entertainment district houses popular cafés and celebrated restaurants, a rich, exciting - and sometimes bizarre nightlife, and even a city Arena, a modern Colosseum, where fierce warriors battle to the death like the ancient gladiators. Closed to all clan-affiliated citizens, Omni-1 is nevertheless a cosmopolitan place with a rich and varied human (and robotic) population, and despite the urbanity, the wilderness of the south is right outside the door - Omni-Tek terraforming created some of RubiKa's first forests in this area, and one doesn't have to travel far to see beautiful waterfalls, a scenic coastline, and deep, green valleys. The varied terrain offers great potential for monster hunting. . . and for being hunted by monsters - for some reason, the area has a high concentration of mutants and renegade robots. 4 . Startup Locations Depending on who you decide to align with, you will appear in one out of six possible cities: Tir or Athen if you side with clan, Newland or Borealis if you decide to go neutral, or Omni-1 or Rome if you side with Omni-Tek Starting Areas The Training Grounds The planetary forums and the ICC expect all newcomers to be able to support themselves, have some wilderness experience and some training in using weapons. Thus all new arrivals will start up in training grounds supported by whatever affiliation you have chosen. [. . . ] Strong fields Trade skills Nano formula skills Weak fields All combat Key skills Nano Energy Pool Shotgun Nano Execution Initiative Navigation All trade skills All nano skills Nanos The nano lines for the Trader are hard to categorize. She can drain a target of health, nano points, skills or protection, getting some of the drained points for herself. Likewise, she can drain herself of the same, lending out some amount of it to her target, or even her whole team. The Trader, by manipulating nano bots, may also take over the body of a monster or alien, and control the body for a period of time. [. . . ]


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