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[. . . ] Preface o single volume to date has yet collected all six thousand years of Arcanum's recorded history. Indeed, many would argue that it is impossible to approach such a Gargantuan subject within the covers of a single book!When I was a younger man, it was my burning ambition to write the definitive history of all Arcanum, but I never imagined for a moment that it was possible to do so in a simple or concise manner. Instead I labored for many decades, traveling from place to place in my researches, and produced no fewer than twenty-three detailed volumes which I dared to call "The Compleat Histories". [. . . ] Now we can all sit back, and watch the introduction of our Game, as in Figure 4-7. Should we tire of beholding the wonders of the kineograph, however, we can put an end to any such interlude by hitting any key. Figure 4-6 Figure 4-7 At the Crash Site hen the Introduction is concluded, we will find ourselves automatically engaged in conversation with a human villager by the name of Virgil, as shown by Figure 4-8. Some of the dialogue choices we make will doubtless affect his reaction toward us, as well as our alignment. Later in the game, 92 ­ Arcanum Players Guide we may initiate dialogue with anyone or anything that is capable of speech simply by clicking on it. Figure 4-8 While it may be a good idea to have Virgil in our party, we are wholly free to leave him and go our own way. If he does join us, however, his Portrait will appear in the upper left corner of the isometric view, as seen in Figure 4-9. Figure 4-9 There are various bits of detritus scattered about the crash site­metal plates, steel, large springs, et cetera--which we can click on to pick up, as seen in Figure 4-10. Do note that the Inventory button at the top of the screen has lit Arcanum Players Guide ­ 93 Figure 4-10 up, because the contents of our inventory have changed. Click on the icon or hit the "I" key to bring up the Inventory screen (see Figure 4-11); this screen was explained in great detail in Chapter 3. The usefulness of each item depends on the Skills and Schematics to which our Character has access; we may already have them, or we may learn them in the future. If we open the Character Editor screen, as shown in Figure 4-12, we will see that Merwin is wholly ignorant of Technological Schematics; therefore, he is not presently able to use any of the objects at the site to make new items. However, these items can also be sold in town; it might be wise to the keep them for the moment. Figure 4-11 94 ­ Arcanum Players Guide Figure 4-12 It might also be wise to take some notice of bodies of the fallen. Distasteful as one may find the thought of rifling through the pockets of a corpse, one must be practical about such matters; some of the dead will doubtless carry gold or other useful items, as in Figure 4-13. We can drag the items to our own inventory one by one, or click on the "Take All" button, which is illustrated at the top of Figure 4-14. If a body has nothing of use to us, a message will appear saying, "There is nothing to loot. " Figure 4-13 To use the items we've found, go to the Inventory screen and drag the item onto the "use" icon, as in Figure 4-15. Not all items can be used, naturally, so it might be advisable to experiment; now is as good a time as any to examine the items we've collected. Arcanum Players Guide ­ 95 Combat The crash site is by no means safe and secure; ailing wolves are wandering about, and they will cheerfully kill us on sight. When in combat, the mouse cursor turns into a sword icon; one can also initiate Combat by clicking on the shield icon at the bottom interface menu, or by hitting the "R" key. Should one wish to initiate "Turn-Based" Combat, it is as easy as striking the space bar; one can also turn it on in the "Options" screen. Figure 4-14 If one is engaged in Turn-Based Combat, a bar of Action Points will appear above the hot key bank, as shown in Figure 4-16. Otherwise, Real-Time Combat will occur, with both sides taking action simultaneously. We will gain experience Figure 4-15 96 ­ Arcanum Players Guide Figure 4-16 for dealing damage to monsters, and when our Character or his Followers kill it. For detailed information on both Combat and Experience, see Chapter 3. Figure 4-17 Navigating the Crash Site The Crash Site will be mapped out as Merwin wanders through it, as in Figure 4-17. To see where we currently stand and where we have already been, click on the Map icon or hit the "W" key. The red crosshairs on the map indicate the current location of Merwin and his party members. [. . . ] The terms and conditions of a paper printed licence eventually accompanying the Program prevail on any terms and condition of a license eventually included in the Program and that could appear on screen. You hereby acknowledge that you have read and understand the foregoing License and agree that the action of installing the Program is an acknowledgement of your agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of the License contained herein. You also acknowledge and agree that this License is the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the Licensor and you and that the License supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreement, either oral or written, and any other communications between the Licensor and you including any inconsistent written license agreement or on-line help accompanying the Program. 186 ­ Arcanum Players Guide A-9: technical Support Policy Attention : The technical support will only be available for private use complying with the terms of the End User License Agreement attached to the Product and to which you have agreed. Consequently, the technical support will not, in any case, be available for commercial or professional use of the Product. Exchange Procedure for faulty CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or floppy disks If during the 90 days period following your purchase of the product, you notice that the CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or floppy disk is defective or scratched, the technical support will be able to exchange the Product free of charge, if you: · send the faulty CD-Rom, DVD-Rom or floppy disk back to the address indicated in the manual · send a dated proof of purchase of the defective product (e. g. [. . . ]


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