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[. . . ] Epilepsy warning Some people may experience epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain light patterns or flashing lights. Some types of graphics and computer game effects may induce an epileptic seizure or loss of consciousness in these individuals. Certain conditions may induce previously undetected epileptic symptoms even in persons who have no history of prior seizures or epilepsy. If you, or anyone in your family, has an epileptic condition, consult your doctor before playing this game. [. . . ] Character values shown in blue are artificially raised by items such as rings, potions or spells. Values in red, however, have been lowered by some external influence. 34 35 Book of Magic Keyboard shortcut "F2" It won't take long for you to find your first magic runes (more on runes and the secrets of magic on page 56). As soon as you find runes, they are automatically entered into your Book of Magic, and all the runes you have collected are shown on the right hand side of the screen. To find out how to draw a certain rune, click on its symbol and watch the demonstration. Note that on the left-hand side of the screen is a register with numbers 1 through 10. This helps keep the book less cluttered by sorting the spells according to their level. The higher the level, the more complex and more powerful the spell ­ more on this later. On the left side you can see the symbols for combinations of runes you have already learned ­ click a symbol to see a description of the resulting spell and to show which runes are required to cast it. The Map Keyboard shortcut "F3" The catacombs, corridors and caverns of the subterranean world of Arx are complex, confusing and, well, huge. To help you find your way and to stop you from getting lost, the game automatically generates a map showing places you have visited. As with the other chapters of your quest log, the map is nearly empty at the beginning of the game. The more you explore, the more complete the map becomes. Just like the Book of Magic, the map is divided into levels by the register on the left-hand side of the map, one tab for every level in the game. On the right, you can see a close-up view of the area you are currently in. The red arrow represents your current position and direction, and the left side of the screen shows an overview of the selected level. Areas you have not yet visited are completely invisible, with areas you have already visited are shown as outlines. Anything of particular importance ­ such as a shop ­ is automatically highlighted on the map. Passing over the highlight will show further information about what you have selected. Please note that you cannot make any manual additions to the map. 36 37 Diary Keyboard shortcut "F4" Having only just woken up, and having no recollection of your past, your diary is empty at the beginning of your adventure. As you progress, however, events of particular importance are entered into your diary. Friends and Foes On your travels through the underworld, you will encounter many different creatures: Humans, Goblins, Trolls, Rat-men and other types of cavern dwellers. The caves and caverns are full of danger, and many creatures will consider you an enemy or dinner. You might find allies where you least expect them ­ and enemies where you would expect to find friends. The following pages will provide you with some basic information on most of the inhabitants of Arx. Please note that the records are rather incomplete ­ some of the information was collected under extremely dangerous conditions, and many creatures have not been seen by anyone who lived long enough to tell the tale ­ many legends tell of dragons in the deepest caverns, for instance, but no living soul has ever seen one. Goblins During the course of the game, more and more entries will be added; they will not only contain hints and tips about the game controls, but will often be a source of vital information about people you meet and quests you receive. [. . . ] You destiny awaits, hero. . . 62 63 CREDITS ARKANE STUDIOS CREW LEAD DESIGNER/ GAME DIRECTOR Raphael Colantonio LEAD PROGRAMMER Cyril Meynier LEAD ARTIST Olivier Enselme-Trichard LEVEL DESIGN / LEVEL PROGRAMMING Marco Mele Christophe Carrier Raphael Colantonio Julien Roby Pascal Dubois ADDITIONAL GAME DESIGN Olivier Grassini PROGRAMMERS Nicolas Schaller Sebastien Scieux Didier Pedreno 3D-ANIMATOR Alain Maindron ADDITIONAL 3D-ANIMATIONS Christophe Carrier 3D-ARTISTS Etranges Libellules SARL Graphic coordinator Jean-Christophe Blanc Daniel Ballage Olivier Renaudat Francois Beudin Benjamin Fleury Catherine Fusier Yannick Gombart David Cros David Digiacomo Yoann Lori Stephane Mehay Nathalie Michaud Olivier Roos Jean-christian Sauvaget ADDITIONAL ART Frédérique Blanc Thomas Girard 2D-CINEMATICS ILLUSTRATIONS Daniel Ballage BESTIARY SKETCHES AND ADDITIONAL WORLD SKETCHES Humbert Chabuel Pierre Alain Chartier SOUND DIRECTOR Christophe Carrier AMBIENT MUSIC / MUSIC CUES Floodgate Entertainment: Kemal Amarasingham Simon Amarasingham ADDITIONAL ENGLISH WRITING Floodgate Entertainment: Rick Ernst FRENCH VERSION Olivier Grassini Marco Mele ENGLISH VERSION Fishtank Rick Ernst SPEECH RECORDING Recorded at Futura Production, Boston USA Owner / Engineer - John Weston DIRECTORS Steven Russell - Casting Director Kemal Amarasingham - Director ACTORS Steven Russell -Fallan Orbiplanax -the undeads -Goblins -Enoill calpale -sacred dagger Ron Hayden -Iguk, Adepts of Akbaa -Carlo -Goblin generic -Anuk Tom Clark -Iserbius -Kultar -Tafiok -Gary -Noden servant Joe Owens -Am Shaegar Frank Mitchell -The King Lord Lunshire David Wallace -Ortiern -Pog, king of the Trolls Sheryl Rabinovitz -Alia -Snake women generic Kate Lohman -Zalnashh -Shany the little girl Kim Crocker -Tizzy -Maria -Alicia -female Villagers -Chinkashh George LeDoux -Goblin Polsius, Izak, Atok -Troll Greu, Burwaka and generic Trolls -Ghost Gladivir Lisa Tucker -Queen Florence -The Ice Dragon Ray Childs -Fellnor -Sylib Nurath Sam Donato -Mopak -Thief 64 65 -Rinco -Akbaa Will MacDonald -Kacel Bem -Alotar, the King of the Goblins ADMIN: Veronique Chaumont SPECIAL THANKS GEFEN sound libraries TTLG Daniel Todd Saam Tariverdi Florence Henry Samy Boussoukaya Pierre Bracconi Paul Neurath GameSquad Mathilde Remy Maillou John Alexander the great JoWooD Productions Software AG CTO Thomas Kirchenkamp Head of Development Erik Simon Production Supervisor Boris Kunkel Executive Producer Ralf Adam Associate Producer Tami Otto International Production & Purchasing Director Fritz Neuhofer International Marketing Manager Georg Klotzberg International Product PR Petra Mesaric Director Product Management Michael Hengst Product Manager Stefan Berger Development Marketing Manager Reinhard Döpfer International Localisation Manager Nikolaus Gregorcic International Security & Protection Manager Gerhard Neuhofer Art Director Christian Glatz Graphic Artist Anke Marold QA Manager Gregor Wilkenloh Lead Testers Thorsten Röpke Stefan Spill Nicolai Porsche New Manual Michael Hengst English Manual Translation Patrick Dowling James Russell UK Team JoWooD Productions UK Ltd. Box 1025 Bushey Hertfordshire WD23 3ZZ Email: support@jowood. com Marketing Manager Colin Grant PR Manager Becky Lindon Product Assistants James Russell Robin Clarke 66 67 INDEX Aam 56 Activate 33 Active spell display 28 Akbaa 7 Armour 48 Auto description mode 12 Auto ready weapon 12 Bat 43 Book of magic 36 Bottle 52 Bread 52 Brightness 10 Bump mapping 10 Cetrius 56 Character generation 14 Character information 34 Close combat 25 Colour depth 10 Combinations 52 Combine 33 Comunicatum 56 Constitution 20 Constrast 10 Continue 8 Cosum 56 Credits 13, 64 Crosshair 10 Current spell display 28 Customer service 1 Customize controls 12 Damage 16 Defense 26 Demon 43 Dexterity 19 Diary 38 Distant combat 25 Dragon 44 Dwarf 40 EAX 11 Enemies 39 Environment 32 Ethereal link 23 Exit 9 Fighting 31 Folgora 56 Food 51 Game screen 27 Gamma 10 Goblins 39 Golem 43 Hotline 2 Installation 5 Intelligence 18 Intuition 22 Inventory 29 Invert mouse 12 Items 46 Kaom 56 Key ring 52 Keyboard layout 72 Level of detail 10 Level-up 58 Lich 42 Life energy 16 Life energy display 28 Load game 9 Location inventory 30 Look 32 Magic 24 Magic and spells 55 Mana 16 Mana display 28 Map 37 Mega 56 Morte 56 Mouse sensitivity 12 Mouselook 9 Movis 56 Mummy 42 New game 14 Nhi 56 Object description 28 Object knowledge 23 Options screen 9 Pie 53 Projectiles 25 Potion 52 Purse 29 Quest log 34 Quest log icon 29 Quick generate 14 Rat 41 Rat-men 40 Resistance to magic 16 Resistance to poison 16 Resolution 10 Rhaa 56 Runes 56 Save game 9 Saved spells display 28 Scroll 51 Shopping 33 Sisters of Edurneum 41 Spacium 56 Speak 23 Spider 41 Status display 28 Stealth 21 Stealth icon 28 Story 7 Stregnum 56 Strength 17 System requirements 4 Taar 56 Take 32 Team 6 Technical skill 22 Tempus 56 Tera 56 Textures 10 Torch 21 Troll 40 Tutorial 62 Undead 42 Use 33 View distance 10 Vista 56 Vitaé 56 Volume 11 Weapons 46 Wine 53 Worm 44 Yok 56 68 69 END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (EULA) This original software is protected by copyright and trademark law. It may only be sold by authorized dealers and only be used for private purposes. By installing or using this software product you agree to be bound by the provisions of this EULA. [. . . ]


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