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[. . . ] Contents Chapter One--Starting Asheron's Call 1 The Story of Asheron's Call 1 Installation Overview 2 Shoushi Yanshi Yaraq 28 30 32 Death, Resurrection, and Lifestones 48 Improving Your Character by Applying Experience Points 50 The Way of Steel 51 Chapter Four--Finding Your Way Around 34 Entering the World of Dereth 34 Getting From Place to Place 34 Characters You'll Meet 36 Talking with Other Players 37 Finding and Using Items 39 Inventory Management41 Doing Business 42 Chapter Two--Your Player Character 7 The Heritage Groups of Dereth 7 Your Character's Profession 8 Your Attributes and Skills 10 Chapter Six-- A Dereth Bestiary 57 Chapter Seven-- Magic in Asheron's Call 67 Getting Started as a Spellcaster Practicing Magic On Thaumaturgy 67 70 76 Chapter Three-- Nine Dereth Towns Al-Arqas Holtburg Lytelthorpe Nanto Rithwic Samsur 16 16 18 20 22 24 26 Chapter Five--Combat and Experience 44 Wielding Weapons Wearing Armor Finding Opponents 44 45 46 Chapter Eight-- Social Systems Allegiance Fellowships 81 81 85 Glossary Index 88 90 Information in this document, including URL and other Internet web site references, is subject to change without notice. The example companies, organizations, products, people and events depicted herein are fictitious. No association with any real company, organization, product, person or event is intended or should be inferred. Complying with all applicable copyright laws is the responsibility of the user. [. . . ] It was only right, then, that the staff he wielded would evoke flames as well. The Blazing Staff, an Empyrean artifact shaped of sunstone, became famous among wizards across Dereth. Though not the mightiest such item, the eminence of its wielder would make it a grand addition to any mage's arsenal. Branith has since given up adventuring to live a life of quiet seclusion in the mountains, but he no longer owns the staff: it, and several other items of power, were stolen from his home by mites. Perhaps one day, some intrepid soul will find it again. raise attrib ibute trained To raise an attr ibute or trained skill 1 Click the Skills and Attributes button on the Player panel, and then click the Attributes tab or the Skills tab. If you have enough unassigned experience points, you will see an upward-pointing green triangle at the bottom right of the panel. 3 Click the triangle to raise the attribute or skill. 50 The Way of Steel fro The Eagle Road oad, e x cerpted fro m The Eagle's Road , by Ummaz ibn Baqani path warrior The path of the warrior is, by nature, fraught with peril. Yet the rewards for the skilled fighter can be great: power, glory, wealth, and the respect of friend and foe alike. Still, the novice warrior should learn something about his blade before he draws it for the first time. WEAPONS here much Ther e's much to think about when it comes to selecting the right weapon. Which one is better depends on your own abilities, your foe, and the weapon itself. Before you go to the blacksmith 's--before you even choose which kinds of weapons to train with--learn what they can do. Axes Hammers Axes and Hammers are heavy and slow, but they do grievous damage when they cleave a foe's flesh or smash his skull. They are suited for warriors who are strong and have plenty of stamina. Daggers and Knives are light and quick, but don't do much damage compared with other arms. If your specialty lies somewhere other than combat, such as magic or lockpicking, the dagger is a fine choice when you must wade into battle. Clubs, Morning Stars Maces, Clubs, and Morning Stars are perfect for the warrior who cares little for subtlety, and wants to start breaking bones. Heavy bludgeons are especially handy against certain monsters, such as Skeletons and Olthoi. 51 S p ears are simple and have a long reach. If a creature is particularly vulnerable to piercing damage, they're the best choice. Because their heads are smaller than most other weapons' blades, however, the wounds they inflict are sometimes less severe. Staffs affs, Staffs like daggers, are simple weapons, best suited to sorcerers and vagabonds--although some staff-fighters, especially among the Sho, are among the most skilled warriors alive. They are light and quick, with a longer reach than a mace, but they also do less damage. word S words are, according to many fighters, the finest of all weapons. They are quicker and lighter than axes, do more damage than daggers, and can both slash and stab. [. . . ] Missile Defense A skill that enables your character to evade opponents' missile attacks. Nonplayer Character (NPC) Characters that are controlled by the game and that do not represent players. Nonplayer Killer (NPK) Player characters who do not have the ability to harm or kill other player characters. Osteth The eastern land mass of Dereth. Player Killer (PK) Player characters who have the ability to harm or kill other player characters. Portal A swirling energy vortex that magically transports characters from one place to another. Portal Storm A disturbance of portal magic caused by too many people in the same area. In a portal storm, some people will be teleported to random locations outside the area. Pyreal The basic unit of currency in Dereth. [. . . ]


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