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[. . . ] Quick Start After creating your character in Asheron's Call 2: Fallen Kings, you start in the Training Hall where you learn basic survival skills. Use the keys below to examine each teaching stone. F1 E W X A D (ACCENT) Help Examine Selected Item run forward stop/Walk Backward Turn Left Turn Right Toggle Attack/Peace mode ` to open/Close Chat window 1, press SHIFT + 1. To talk to someone near you, type your message in the text box of chat window 1 and press ENTER. For a list of commands, type /HELP in Chat window 1. Get the strategy guide from Sybex! 0902 Part No. [. . . ] The kingdom-based playerversus-player (PvP) system in AC2 enables you to do so. All players who enter the world of Dereth are designated as "neutral. " Neutral players cannot harm or be harmed by other players except in factional or free-for-all areas. Specific areas of land in Dereth can have the following designations: Quests Quests are adventures that put you in the middle of the everevolving story of Asheron's Call 2. They could lead you in search of treasure or send you off on a rescue mission. For example, putting on a magic ring or using an odd stone might provide the first clue to a new adventure. The Quest button on the tool bar will light up to indicate that you have new information about a quest. Nonconflict area Players cannot harm each other. Controlled area Neutral players cannot harm any player and cannot help players who belong to kingdoms (kingdom players). Kingdom players can harm players from other kingdoms but cannot harm players in their own kingdom. Kingdom players can harm or help neutral players or players from other kingdoms. Free-for-All area Players can harm or help each other regardless of kingdom. TO SEE A CURRENT LIST OF QUESTS 1. On the Quest panel, click the Underway tab. TO SEE A LIST OF QUESTS YOU HAVE COMPLETED OR FAILED 1. On the Quest panel, click the Finished tab. Story quests Story quests lead you through a series of special dungeons known as "vaults. " By completing a vault, you unlock pieces of lore that help tell the AC2 story and receive valuable experience points (XP). NOTE: For more information on kingdoms, see page 31. TO SEE THE DESIGNATION OF YOUR CURRENT LAND AREA Hold the mouse cursor over the PvP Area Status button on the status bar. TO VIEW THE LORE YOU HAVE UNLOCKED 1. On the Story tab, click the arrows next to the different subject headings to open them. Click any lit button next to a scene. 18 19 Health and Vigor The status bar, located on the top-left side of your screen, contains bars that keep track of your health and vigor. The top red bar represents your health, and the bottom blue bar represents your vigor. NOTE: If VITAE PENALTIES Vitae represents your total well being. After dying, your vitals (health and vigor) are reduced until you've regained your vitae. As you gain experience, you regain vitae (and your vitals rise) until you are at 100% vitae again. When you are at 100% vitae, you are in perfect health. But just like in real life, when you've had a recent trauma, it takes a toll on your capacity to face danger. the status bar is not visible, press F11. Health Health represents the amount of damage your character can take. If your health reaches zero, you die and are sent back to the last lifestone you "attuned" to. If you are injured in battle, you may choose to use a healing skill on yourself, drink a healing potion, or simply wait for your health to regenerate. TO GET INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR VITAE PENALTY On the status bar, click the Vitae button. which exposes more information on vitae. NOTE: You can right-click on the Vitae button to bring up the Examine panel, LIFESTONES Lifestones are special artifacts to which you TO ATTUNE TO A LIFESTONE Vigor Vigor is a measure of your character's energy, both physical and magical. If you find yourself running out of vigor, you may choose to use a skill (in battle) or drink a potion (before battle) that restores vigor, or simply make sure you are at full vigor before fighting. can attune your spirit. Should you die, you will be resurrected at the most recent lifestone you used. Double-click the lifestone. Because of lifestones, characters in AC2 never die permanently; however, there are still consequences to dying. The area you might be exploring could be quite some distance from the nearest lifestone, forcing you, once you resurrect, to travel back to where you were killed. [. . . ] While many players choose to have casual friendships with those they meet in the game, AC2 provides a social system that gives structure and reward to those who seek a more formal arrangement. This social system consists of allegiances, fellowships, and kingdoms. MONARCHS Monarchs are characters who have one or more vassals but no patron. PATRONS Patrons are generally more experienced players The Allegiance system A player may agree to take on the role of patron or vassal to another player. The relationship of patrons and vassals is called an "allegiance. " An allegiance is a semi-permanent agreement between characters. Allegiances can be broken at any time by either player but can remain in effect indefinitely if both players are satisfied with the arrangement. [. . . ]


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