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[. . . ] 57-58 Baldur's Gate - Entar's Estate 2 Gnoll Stronghold 1. Gnarl and Hairtooth : Two Ogrillon who want gold to let you pass, another course of action might suggest itself. 3. Dynaheir : NPC Invoker (Lawful Good) She is paired with Minsc from Nashkel, but as I found Magic Users very poor characters if you want to get rid of her and keep Minsc and you've got a full party already just remove an NPC you're on good terms with (Imoen if you have her) arrange a little accident for Dynaheir (sending her unarmed into a group of Gnoll Veterans usually works) talk to Imoen, get her to rejoin and voila. There is a Tome of Leadership and Influence (Charisma +1 permanent) in the crate. X. Xvarts. 3 North of the Gnoll Stronghold 1. Jared : A pansy who's afraid of a Mountain Bear on the other side of the bridge. [. . . ] 2. Laskal : An enemy of the Iron Throne, gives you a potion if you tell the truth otherwise he attacks you. 3. Faldorn : NPC Druid (Neutral) wants you to help her defeat the Iron Throne running the mines to the east. 6. Cave : Peter of the North, a mine employee training two baby wyverns for the mine. M. Wolves, Dire Wolves, Bears or Tasloi. 35 Cloakwood Central This is Ettercap Country - nasty poisonous little blighters that set entanglement traps. Your best strategy is to use a thief to search for traps (indicated with yellow lines) in the areas marked and then disarm them. Another method if you have the free action ability is to send in one character to set off the traps. 1. Tiber : Kid who wants you to find his brother who's lost in the woods. 2. Spider Queens Lair : Centeol and friends (4 Huge Spiders, 2 Sword Spiders and 2 Ettercaps. ) Centeol (Evil) has been cursed by the Archmage Jon Icarus. I Don't know if there is another course of action other than killing her. There is also a Wand of Frost and the sword 'Spider's Bane' a two-handed sword +2 that confers free action on the wielder. S. Phase Spiders 36 Cloakwood North 1. Cave : Two Wyverns and Three Baby Wyverns. There are a few items on a corpse but I couldn't find anything else of interest here. M. Tasloi, Bears, Spiders, Baby Wyverns or Wolves. 37 Cloakwood South 1. Tasloi : The group who stole Gurke's Cloak of Non-Detection. 2. Aldeth Sashenstar : Rich Sport Hunter who wants you to protect him from some druids. If you do you get 2000xp and a potion, plus 4360xp for the druids and a Ring of Animal Friendship. If you side with the druids you get 2000xp plus 650xp for killing Aldeth, a few treasure items and 'Kondar' a Bastard Sword +1, +3 v Shapeshifters. If you kill Aldeth you will later have an encounter with his brother Dabron in Baldur's Gate. 4. Coran : NPC Fighter/Thief (Chaotic Good) wants you to help him hunt a Wyvern. M. Tasloi, Huge Spiders, Dread Wolves, Bears or Worgs. 38 Cloakwood Mines 1. Lakadaar : Iron Throne Henchman. Summons four guards to attack you if you admit to being after the Iron Throne. 2. Drasus, Genthore, Rezdan and Kysus : This is a nasty encounter, Kysus casts invisibility, there are Dire Charms and Summon Monster Spells and Drasus and Genthore are tough cookies. They have Plate Mail +1, Morning Star +1 and Boots of Speed amongst their posessions. M. Guards, Black Talon Elite or Wolves. 39 Friendly Arms Inn 1. Hidden at the bottom of this tree is a Ring of Wizardry (doubles the number of first level spells a magic user can memorise. ) It is very small and difficult to spot, the co-ordinates are 2553, 3761 (CTRL L to get the current mouse co-ords. ) Several people have emailed me about problems finding this ring and from their experiences I think it's been removed in the patched versions. [. . . ] 10. Rinnie : A bard looking for a copy of The History of the Unicorn's Run. They are relatively common, there is one at the top of Razimuth's Tower. The reward is 900xp and a Protection Scroll. 56 Baldur's Gate - Entar's Estate 1. The Helm and Cloak Inn : Gorpel Hind and his band of adventurers. Friendly bunch who will help out against Gretek if you share a tale with them. [. . . ]


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