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[. . . ] For example, to move the Knight you would type Bl <enter> C3 <enter>. Using Mouse - To move your chess pieces, use the mouse to position the flashing square under the piece you want to move, then press the left button to select it. Select the desired destination point by using the mouse, then press the left button. (You will notice that legal moves are solid green squares and illegal ones are solid red. ) Battle Chess II requires at least 640K to play. [. . . ] Here are the rules of Chinese Chess in a nutshell: Two opponents play against each other. One player is usually red, and the other, blue. l l Each player has one Ring, two Rooks, two Cannons, two Knights, two Ministers (blue Ministers are sometimes replaced by Elephants), two Counsellors (or guards), and five Pawns. l The object of the game is to put the opponent's Ring in "checkmate" or "stalemate". l The red player moves first and then the two players alternate moves. You must move when it is your turn. is when a piece moves from one intersection to another intersection. Each kind of piece moves in its own individual way, described in the section of the manual titled, "The Individual Pieces. " l No piece (except the Cannon) may jump over or pass through any other piece on the board when it moves. Only one piece can be on an intersection at a time. of chess can be traced back to seventh century India, where the game was called `Chaturanga'. By the eleventh century, the game had migrated throughout Europe by way of Spanish and Italian traders. During this time, it underwent many modifications until it became the international version of chess that is seen today. While all this was happening in Europe, chess was undergoing different changes in China. The Chinese version of chess differs from its western counterpart in that it more so - Any piece may capture any of the opponent's pieces by landing on the same point with it. If the Pawn has crossed the river, however, it should be considered about 2 points. Because of the King's importance in winning the game, his value cannot be assigned a point value. Keeping this in mind, you can see that you would come out well ahead in power if you were able to trade a Knight for a Rook However, there will be times when you may want to sacrifice a high value piece for one of much lower value - if, for instance, by trading a Rook for a Counsellor you can set up for checkmate in the next move, then it doesn't really matter how many points you have lost. What ultimately matters in the game of Chinese Chess is whether or not you win the game. Everything else, including points, is second. Winning the Game Winning the Game Because of the limitations on many of the pieces' movements, Chinese Chess games are generally shorter than conventional chess games. A checkmate occurs when a King is in check and he has no way to escape the check A stalemate occurs when a player has no legal moves to make. A player is considered to be in check when his Ring can be captured by an enemy piece on his opponent's next move. Capture the enemy piece putting the Ring in check A player who cannot escape check in one of these three ways is said to be in checkmate and the game is over. If a player is not in check, but any move the player makes will put him in check (which is illegal), the player has been stalemated and loses the game. Drawn Games Drawn Games As in conventional chess, if neither side is able to capture the opposing Ring, the game ends in a draw. This often happens if neither side has any pieces remaining which can cross the river. There are two other rules, unique to Chinese Chess, which help prevent draws: 1. [. . . ] Tai Tsung as usual moves his Pawns out early, but Su Hsun reacts well to this movement. It is Su Hsun's Rooks, however, that move in for the kill to give Tai Tsung his only recorded defeat. N3F5 Blue N8F7 C2H5 C5F4 N2F3 R5Hl RlF2 RlH2 C2Fl N3Bl R2H4 C2F6 K5Bl C2H6 G4F5 Marco Polo's fast and furious attack on the Khan's territory is at first successful, but he sacrifices too many pieces. The end result has Marco Polo with only one offensive piece remaining and a certain victory for the Khan. [. . . ]


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