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[. . . ] It was the beginning of a campaign by the Luftwaffe to destroy the defensive capabilities of British Fighter Command. The ultimate aim was a sea-based invasion of southern England in an operation codenamed Sealion. But it was recognised that air supremacy was vital if that operation was to succeed. Although there were expectations in Germany for a quick victory, the air campaign lasted for well over two months. [. . . ] This map shows the result of collating intelligence about enemy movements from various sources including the RDF and ROC. You can either design a mission from scratch personally or just set the overall parameters and let your staff complete the details using 'directives'. (In the following section we will generally call all missions patrols, for brevity. ) · You are cleared to fly missions in Spitfire and Hurricane fighters. OVERVIEW AND RAF ORGANISATION Your role as an RAF Commander is quite different from that of a Luftwaffe Commander. You must react to incoming raids by scrambling fighters, yet always holding enough in reserve so that you have cover when you most need it. Unlike the Luftwaffe, the RAF plans few missions at the start of each time period throughout the day, other than standing patrols over convoys or other vulnerable assets. You'll scramble squadrons as and when you feel it necessary throughout the day. It is expected that during the course of summer 1940 the Luftwaffe will be able to allocate up to 2000 aircraft to prepare for the invasion of England. They have 60 Rowan's Battle of Britain codenamed the operation 'Sea Lion'. Initially you can expect to be confronted by Junkers 87D Stuka dive-bombers and the formidable twin-engine Me110 fighter. Later in the campaign you will encounter heavier bombers like the Dornier 17, Heinkel 111 and Junkers 88. At the start of the morning time period on August 12th 1940 you are presented with a directives dialogue box. You'll notice that it is substantially different from the Luftwaffe directives dialog. It is more concerned with defining how missions will be launched later if the situation and need arises, rather than specifying missions to launch immediately. The Luftwaffe will be leaning towards raids into mainland England at the start of this 'Eagle Attack' phase. Radar installations, coastal airfields and docks will be their preferred targets. SETTING UP PATROLS In the 11 Group Squadron section there is a `Holes in Radar' setting. This setting allows you to set aside a number of squadrons to patrol those areas in the coastal radar net that are not covered. If all of the Radar sites are working correctly then there are no holes in the coverage. The `Proposed Patrols' dialogue is displayed, showing the patrols that are planned. You will see your patrols represented on the map as one token for each squadron. These are representations of the tokens used by the RAF during the war. [. . . ] Having lit fires in Woolwich, Barking, Stepney, Stratford Gasworks, West Ham, Penge, and at a petrol depot in West Ham, the Luftwaffe withdrew, constantly harried by the defenders. Next, 27 He 111s attacked Portland and were intercepted by just six Spitfires, and six RAF fighter squadrons coupled with accurate anti-aircraft fire frustrated an attack on the Supermarine factory near Southampton. This thwarted raid marked an end to the fighting on what has since become annually celebrated in Britain as `Battle of Britain Day'. Although Fighter Command's pilots claimed a total number of 185 enemy aircraft destroyed, more recent research confirms the actual figure as 58. [. . . ]


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