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[. . . ] They began recruiting many more experienced game developers, and joined in the design and planning of this game. Therefore, in the course of developing "Blade and Sword", two companies separately employed design and development personnel from China, Taiwan and the U. S. A. Not only is this a bold undertaking for Pixel Studio, considering the game development environment in the greater China region, this is also the channel through which Centent Interactive intends to enter the international market. Through this collaborative effort, we hope "Blade and Sword" will not only present the martial styles and game designs favored by the East, but could also enable Western players to understand the unique design characteristics of Eastern games. [. . . ] All Marine Ghosts seek opportune moments to find a substitute to bear their dreadful fate, so that they may reincarnate. Because Marine Ghosts prowl underwater for long periods of time, their bodies are especially swollen, but their mobility is not affected. Marine Ghosts attack by shooting water tainted with corpse poison; another common mode of attack is exploding the corpse poison contained in their bellies to wound their enemies. Arsonist: All demons have their particular perverted vices; Arsonists are especially fixated on fires. It is rumored that many unsolved cases of village fires were their deeds. Arsonists always carry their torches with them, looking for another opportunity to set something ablaze to satisfy their needs. Arsonists are very proficient at throwing torches; their range and speed approach those of Ghost Face Forks. Be cautious; try not to be noticed by them in conflicts. Orangutan: Orangutans are one of the stronger combat units in Demon Realm's armies. Due to their agility and strength, once trained Orangutans become deadly killers. A single Orangutan is already difficult to handle, but Orangutans tend to move in groups, which spells disasters for fighters. The maces they wield are very destructive; when coupled with Orangutans' agility and their common tactic of dropping down from above and using "skull buster" attacks, one cannot let one's guard down! Leopard King: Leopard Kings are highly competitive demons. Leopard Kings possess all the characteristics of perfect killers: they are cool, fast, and capable of deadly attacks. As for Wizard Wen's abilities, at present no one knows how strong he really is, because the Wizard Wen has never fought by himself. Straw Hat Bowman: Straw Hat Bowmen are not among the stronger Demon Realm creatures; but because they can attack swiftly in the shadowy environment of the Demon Realm, they often cause considerable damage to their enemies. Although Straw Hat Bowmen belong to the creatures of the Demon Realm, their appearances are not foreboding; this does not mean they are not dangerous. The only recourse upon encountering Straw hat Bowmen is to get close to them and destroy them as fast as possible; it means serious trouble if they manage to surround you. Emperor Jo: Emperor Jo is the thirtieth emperor of the Country Shan, and is also its last emperor. Records pertaining to Emperor Jo are mostly limited to historical accounts; as for the origin of Emperor Jo's demonic nature, very few people know anything about it. No one knows how powerful Emperor Jo really is, so information about him is somewhat vague and must be taken with a pinch of salt. Dart Devils: Dart Devils have the unusual habits of devils, and are more troublesome than most. Do not underestimate the darts Dart Devils carry on their backs; many fighters die a meaningless death when confronted with a group of Dart Devils. Please be aware of the fact that Dart Devils' darts have a very long range. When they bend like they're bowing to you, remember to dodge the darts. Leopard: Another feline monster, Leopards are larger and faster than Tiger Cats. When faced with two or more Leopards, you must pay attention to their unpredictable movements, as otherwise you might get confused and meet instant death. "Fast, accurate, ferocious" are common descriptions of Leopards. Extremely fast as well as terribly destructive, these creatures must be fought with determination. Blade Sword & 35 www. whiptailinteractive. com Snow Ettins: Snow Ettins are said to be distant relatives of Snow Giants, but they were exiled from the clan of Snow Giants because of their disfigured appearance. [. . . ] If you want to cancel any one technique during the Combination process, just press the right mouse button. Blade Sword & 49 www. whiptailinteractive. com Try Your First Set of Combo Attacks Click on the "Right Technique" icon, select the icon f or combo attack number one. On the right side of the screen you'll see a row of icons for all the combo attacks you have already composed. It is very easy to use them; while attacking the enemy, just press the right mouse button continuously to activate the preset combo attacks. Please note!If the progress of the combo attack is interrupted, the combo attack will restart with the first technique in the series. [. . . ]


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