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[. . . ] Blade Sword & User's Manual www. whiptailinteractive. com Stor y Intr oduction CHAPTER ONE 1-1 1-2 1-3 1-4 1-5 How to Install Start the Game Meeting the First Challenge The First Battle Saving the Game and Loading Saved Games CHAPTER TWO 2-1 2-2 2-3 Characters Guide Battle Skills Guide Monsters Guide CHAPTER THREE 3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4 Equipment Guide Gems Guide Projectile Weapons Guide Storyline Equipment and Important Characters CHAPTER FOUR 4-1 4-2 4-3 Creating and Using Combo-Techniques Using Combo-Techniques Embedding and Crafting Gems CHAPTER FIVE 5-1 5-2 5-3 5-4 Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions Related Websites Keyboard Commands Quick Reference Table Blade Sword & 2 www. whiptailinteractive. com Intr oduction The creation of "Blade and Sword" may be traced to the summer of 2001. At that time, core members of Pixel Studio were nearing the final stage of developing another game; driven by their passion for adventure role playing games (ARPGs), core members decided to leave their jobs, form a new team, and begin developing an ideal Chinese action RPG. In the spring of 2002, Pixel Studio began corresponding with partners of Centent Interactive, and fervently discussed this game's course of design and market trends. Members of Centent Interactive had tremendous passion and interest in developing this RPG. [. . . ] Their powerful body and versatile attacks make them quite capable of killing four or five normal fighters at the same time. The battleaxes in their hands can launch five chi blades instantly, and they are also famous for their deadly goring attacks; those who encounter Bull Fiends can only pray for luck. Blade Sword & 33 www. whiptailinteractive. com Succubus Sue: Succubus Sue is a unique creature sent to earth by the Empyrean Queen. According to rumors, her true form is a nine-tailed fox spirit; however, because she was already skilled in the arcane arts, she was also able to learn many unique spells while she was in the Human Realm. Do not underestimate the Succubus Sue just because she is female; according to legend, the Succubus Sue is a tough character, whose magical prowess may be on a par with Wizard Wen. Aside from Succubus Sue's expertise in illusions, other records pertaining to Succubus Sue only tell of the decadent lifestyle Emperor Jo and she led; no one knows how powerful she really is. Snow Giant: Snow Giants are primitive species that have always secluded themselves in the frozen mountains in the north. Because they have an extremely thick coat, they have no fear of common weapons. Due to the harsh environment of the snowy mountains, most Snow Giants have developed iron-hard bodies, which make their attacks even more formidable. Because of their massive size and weight, they can often smash enemies senseless when charging - be careful and dodge them! Snowy Devil: Snowy Devils appear to be a cross between Frost corpses and other demons. Snowy Devils are not only armed with speed and powerful attacks, but their bizarre amble also baffle and confound people, and before they know it they are slain by the Snowy Devils!Because of the very strange way Snowy Devils move, their methods of attack are also weird beyond description. Frost corpse: Born in the cold northern wastes, Frost corpses are not green, but they behave in ways similar to Corpses, and are just as sensitive to the presence of living beings. With regards to classification, Frost corpses should be considered distant relatives of Corpses; except for their slightly greater speed, their remaining characteristics are very similar to those of Corpses. Though without unusual attack powers, care must be taken to avoid being surrounded by them because Frost corpses generally move in groups. Devil General: Devil Generals are advanced species of the Demon Realm. Generally only those demons whose combat prowess, physical capabilities and spiritual might have attained certain levels can bear the title of "Devil General". These creatures are rare; in truth no one has actually seen how they attack, or perhaps it is because those who have seen them did not survive. Regarding Devil Generals, although there are many speculations, in actuality people know nothing about them. Blade Sword & 34 www. whiptailinteractive. com Wizard Wen: Wizard Wen is Emperor Jo's chief minister. He has extremely powerful mental strengths, and has mastered arcane arts as well as swordsmanship. It is rumored that a while ago someone saw Wizard Wen in the frozen northern lands. As for Wizard Wen's abilities, at present no one knows how strong he really is, because the Wizard Wen has never fought by himself. Straw Hat Bowman: Straw Hat Bowmen are not among the stronger Demon Realm creatures; but because they can attack swiftly in the shadowy environment of the Demon Realm, they often cause considerable damage to their enemies. Although Straw Hat Bowmen belong to the creatures of the Demon Realm, their appearances are not foreboding; this does not mean they are not dangerous. The only recourse upon encountering Straw hat Bowmen is to get close to them and destroy them as fast as possible; it means serious trouble if they manage to surround you. Emperor Jo: Emperor Jo is the thirtieth emperor of the Country Shan, and is also its last emperor. Records pertaining to Emperor Jo are mostly limited to historical accounts; as for the origin of Emperor Jo's demonic nature, very few people know anything about it. [. . . ] We believe they will provide you with an exceptionally enjoyable battle experience. 4-2 USING COMBO ATTACKS In this section we will introduce some basic techniques for combo attacks. In order to perform continuous combo attacks, you must first understand how combo attacks work. The basic rule about Combo Attacks is as follows: If you manage to stun or halt your enemies by hitting them, and they are still in the same state when you continue to attack them repeatedly, you are performing a combo attack. With this rule in mind, the way your combo attacks are composed becomes very important. [. . . ]


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