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[. . . ] Unspeakable forces have again risen from the very ashes of defeat to challenge the Champions of Krynn!This time, the massed forces of evil are ready for you - help is needed. -e r OFITI J1 a COMPUTER PRODUCT DEATH K157GLflS OF KRYNN he peace in Ansalon has RULE BOOK Help is here!The DEAm KNIGHTS OF KRYIYr' CLUE BOON is the edge you need to defeat overwhelming forces!This valuable player's guide provides : Detailed maps for the entire game, including locations of all major events in the adventure . [. . . ] Some items will take both hands when readied (bows, uarter staffs, etc . ), some take only one (long swords, wands, etc . ) and others take no hands (rings, armor, etc) . On some systems there are items that can only be readied or unreadied while in either camp or combat . If you are using an item in combat, the Aim Menu will appear if the item can be targeted . Choose the item to trade and then select which character is to receive it . For e ample, HALVE would turn one bundle of 42 arrows into two bundles of 21 arrows each . TRADE is used to transfer money, gems and jewelry from the active character to another. Select which character is to receive, and then choose what, and how much, is traded . CURE (Paladin only) is another ability of paladins identical to the clerical spell Cure Disease . A paladin may cure once per week at levels 1-5, twice at levels 6-10 and three times at levels 11-14 . This command is only displayed when a paladin has healing available. ADVENTURING After setting up your party and reading the background information in the Adventurer's Journal, it is time to head for adventure, fame, and glory. Your adventuring party will engage in fierce battles and find treasures . Sometimes they have to stop, heal wounds and memorize spells for future encounters . Display Screens and Points of View DEATH KNIGHTS OF KRYNN uses four different points of view : -D, Area, Overland and Combat. To the right of the point of view window, in either -D or Area, are the map coordinates, facing direction (N, S, W, E), current time and what the party is doing (searching, camping, etc) . -D is a first-person perspective view that appears in the point of view window and shows the surrounding area from the party's perspective. Rotate the party's facing and move using the directional controls . The direction controls for your computer are described on the Data Card . Area provides an overhead view of the party's surroundings, replacing the -D view. This view is not available in all regions. 8 In the area display a cursor shows the party's position . On some computer systems the cursor is an arrow that indicates current party facing and allows movement as in the -D view. Overland displays a map of the area where the game takes place while the party is traveling cross-country. The map in the Journal shows the game region with several major locations identified . Combat view occurs automatically whenever the party engages in battle . [. . . ] This option is not displayed if the target is out of range, not in line of sight, invisible or under the effect of a Blink spell. This option is not available on all computer systems . USE allows a character to activate an item without having to go through the View Menu . Items such as scrolls and wands may then be targeted with the Aim Menu . The spell-caster selects from the list of available spells and then targets with the Aim Menu . [. . . ]


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