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[. . . ] KEyBOARDANDMOUSE ESC Start/ Pause Reload(SecondWell-Timed Press:ActiveReload) 1 Select Primary Weapon 2 Select Secondary Weapon 3 Select Pistol Select Grenade 4 SeeObjectives/ SquadStatus andOrders TAB See Multiplayer Scoreboard Q Lookat Pointof Interest W Move E Use/ Interact R ® A Move S Move D Move Melee (Holdfor Chainsaw) F G W, A, S, DDOUBLE-TAPMOVES Getinto/outofCover, CoverSlip, Evade, Mantle(Climb), MakeSWATTurn. Holdfor RoadieRun. C Crouch (in Cover) CTRL Slow Walk SPACEBAR+W, A, S, D Getinto/outofCover, CoverSlip, Evade, Mantle (Climb), MakeSWATTurn. HoldforRoadieRun. DEFAULTCONFIGURATION Allkeyscanberemappedthroughthecontroloptionsscreens. Hold Button toTarget Weapon le ab il r va ya t a ag No m iN ClickorHold ButtontoFire Scrollto SelectWeapon/ ClicktoZoom 0907 Part No. X13-90247-01 Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games Photosensitive Seizures A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games. [. . . ] Anyone can jon a publc LIVE game, but another player must be nvted to jon a prvate LIVE game. In LIVE lst play, Gold members can host games for Gold and Slver members both, or Gold-only games. · Jon a game and play wth a frend usng your local network, LIVE, or LIVE lst play. If you're a Gold member playng sngle-player and see a frend sgn n to LIVE, you can select Gude and nvte your frend nto the game. If the frend accepts, you play prvate LIVE co-op together wthout havng to restart. In these, you can't send frend nvtes but can search the lst of hosted games. Enter a full or partal gamertag to find your host (see page 24 for more on lst play). For the jonng player, game progress can contnue from the last chapter pont. In many dfferent paths co-op mode, t's mportant to remember Dom need to cover one another n cases, Marcus and Dom can take to get alternate angles of fire. ConneCting Before you can use the LIVE servce, you need to connect your computer to a hgh-speed Internet connecton and sgn up for LIVE. If you already have a gamertag on Xbox LIVE®, you have what you need to connect to Games for Wndows ­ LIVE. To check f LIVE s avalable n your regon and for more nformaton about connectng, go to www. gamesforwndows. com/lve. family settings Famly Settngs n Games for Wndows ­ LIVE complement Wndows Vsta® parental controls. Manage your chld's access and experence wth easy and flexble tools. For more nformaton, go to www. gamesforwndows. com/lve/ famlysettngs. VoiCe Chat You can use any headset or mcrophone that s compatble wth Wndows Vsta or Wndows XP to taunt opponents or coordnate wth teammates durng games. You can also use a compatble headset connected to a controller as well. NOTE: YOU NEED TO SET UP ANY CHAT DEVICE IN WINDOWS VISTA OR WINDOWS XP BEFORE CHATTING. FOR MORE INFORMATION, REFER TO THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT CAME WITH YOUR DEVICE. NOTE: NORMALLY, IF MARCUS DIES DOM CAN REVIVE HIM. EACH MUST RESTART AT THE LAST CHECKPOINT. 22 23 multiplayer play To play the multplayer mode of GEARS OF WAR, select Versus from the Man Menu and then select Local Network or LIVE. multiplayer game types WARZONE A human fire team s ptted aganst a Locust fire team. The goal s elmnatng all members of the other team. ConneCtion types The Local Network opton lets you compete wth others (eght players maxmum) on a local area network (LAN). LIVE lets you fight alongsde and aganst other players (eght player maxmum) on LIVE. When playng on LIVE, you can choose from ranked matches, player matches, and lst play matches. To track ranked matches, select Versus from the Man Menu, and then select Leaderboards. Player matches do not count toward your tracked performance and score, so you may want to use them to practce before ranked play. [. . . ] (Blindlight), Digital Domain, Inc. For the complete list of Gears of War team members, see the in-game credits. Wise HR 104 John DiMaggio Carlos Ferro Lester `Rasta' Speight 30 3 Customer support In the U. S. , vst support. mcrosoft. com/games. · Fnd Mcrosoft Knowledge Base artcles that target specfic ssues. · Vew "Show Me How" vdeos for solvng common problems. [. . . ]


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