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[. . . ] FOREWORD Nearly five years to the day have passed between Industry Giant 2 and its predecessor. Nevertheless, we hope that it has been worth the long wait for all enthusiasts of this game. The number of lines of programming has tripled, not to mention the quantities of graphics. The contents of the game itself have grown to around thrice their original size as well. [. . . ] You cannot demolish roads. Tip: Many players try to use the "beaming" facility (i. e. automatic transport) to the maximum: if you make full use of the catchment area, you can create relatively long production chains with no means of transport whatsoever. Other players endeavour to exploit their storage facilities to the full by building a cluster of factories around a single, large storage facility that stores raw materials as well as end products. In such cases, you should manage your storage quantities carefully. Tip: The bigger the town, the higher the sales. Tip: Always try to position shops so that the town is properly covered. Tip: As a rule, it costs little to replace the smaller town buildings with shops. However, it is relatively expensive to demolish large residential buildings, especially skyscrapers. The building costs (including demolition costs for town buildings, if applicable) are displayed in the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. For example, winter clothing sells much better during the colder seasons than in the summer. If you now move the mouse pointer over the screen, you will see a preview image [green]. Tip: The catchment area for retail sales is displayed in yellow. The occupants of the buildings selected will buy products in the shop. Shops, storage facilities and factories are displayed in green if they are located within a catchment area (for automatic goods transportation). If a factory is built too close to the town, the growth of the town is hindered. In such cases, the town is displayed in red. Tip: Town information: If you click on a residential building in the town with Above the shop's preview image, you will see product symbols with rows of figures next to them. The product symbols indicate the products that are currently available. The four figures next to each product represent the anticipated monthly sales for the four seasons. Build the shop in a place that promises high sales, and close the Build menu. the left mouse button, details of the town's development and number of inhabitants is displayed. 26 27 MANAGEMENT PART 1: SHOPS Now click on the shop you have just built to call up the Build menu. The left-hand side of the menu displays the products that can currently be put on sale in the shop, with the anticipated sales volumes displayed below. On the right-hand side, you will find overviews of supply and demand, and sales and profit figures for the current product as well as for the shop. Tips: At the start of the game, demand is generally low and the product range restricted. Over the course of the game, demand increases dramatically as the towns grow. If there is a perfect balance between the two, you will achieve maximum revenues!If you produce or deliver fewer goods than you could sell: · First, increase the price to curb demand · Then improve your production facilities or transport network Shop menu Tip: If you increase prices, you will sell fewer units but will earn more per unit. [. . . ] You should erect your building as soon as you've obtained the required luxury points. Otherwise you might find that your luxury points are deducted from your account again. Leisure buildings In some missions you will have to erect special buildings in all towns. The only thing you'll have to remember here is that the prices are not necessarily the same as in the endless games. [. . . ]


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