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[. . . ] Lock On: Modern Air Combat Lock On: Air Combat Simulation TM TM Enhanced Manual Reference Manual Training Guide Recognition Guide Digital Aspirin Ltd & Ubisoft 2003 Copy Number All content, (including in-game graphics), except where otherwise noted are copyright by Ubisoft and Digital Aspirin Ltd and cannot be reproduced without expressed written consent. All screenshot images, except where otherwise noted, are copyright Digital Aspirin and are used under license. Certain images are Public Domain, such as the aircraft recognition section. Please email info@lomac-manual. com if you believe the manual contains copyrighted material and we will remove and/or label the images accordingly. Index Introduction by Carl C. [. . . ] After lock onto a target and release, the bomb becomes completely autonomous. To correct its trajectory, the bomb uses control surfaces, which ensure accuracy of about 3­4 m. The KAB-500 is normally delivered using a shallow dive-bombing technique. Typically, the pilot releases this bomb at airspeeds of 550-1100 km/h and at altitudes of 500-5000 m. KAB-1500L Laser-Guided Bomb Front-line and long-range aircraft often carry the powerful KAB-1500L laserguided bomb. It is effective against super-hardened targets, hardened fortification installations, nuclear storage bunkers, strategic command centers, etc. The KAB-1500L employs semi-active laser homing with impact accuracy of about 1­2 m. The bomb is fitted with either a penetrating warhead (capable of penetrating up to 2 m of concrete), or an explosive warhead (which blasts a 104 Air-to-Ground Weapons crater wider than 20 m in diameter). The pilot can employ the bomb at altitudes from 500 to 5000 m while flying at airspeeds of 550-1100 km/h. The table below contains specification of some popular bombs: Type Carrier (#) Weight, kg Warhead weight, kg Warhead Type blast blast-fragm. blast-fragm. FAB-250, OFAB-250, PB-250 Su-33 (12), Su-24 (18), Su-25 (10), MiG-27 (8), MiG-29 (8), Tu-95 (60) 250 230 FAB-500 Su-33 (6), Su-24 (8), Su-25 (8), MiG-27 (4), MiG-29 (4), Tu-95 (30) 500 450 blast FAB-1500 MiG-27 (2), Tu-95 (18) 1400 1200 blast BetAB-500 ShP ZAB-500 MiG-27 (2) 425 350 concrete-penetrating Su-33 (6), Su-24 (7), Su-25 (8), MiG-27 (4), MiG-29 (4) 500 480 incendiary RBK-500 Su-33 (6), Su-24 (8), Su-25 (8), MiG-27 (4), MiG-29 (4) 380 290 cluster/fragm. KAB-500 Su-33 (6), Su-24 (4), Su-25 (8), MiG-27 (2) 560 380 armor-piercing or blast KAB-1500L Su-24 (2), MiG-27 (1) 1500 1100 blast KAB-1500 KR Su-33 Air-to-Ground Weapons 105 Unguided Rockets Despite the existence of high-accuracy weapons, unguided rockets remain a powerful and flexible air-to-ground weapon, combining high combat efficiency and simplicity of use with low cost. An unguided rocket has a relatively simple design and consists of a fuse and a warhead in the nose part followed by the rocket body with a solid-propellant motor and stabilizer. Due to thrust provided by the motor, which usually operates from 0. 7 to 1. 1 seconds depending on the rocket type, the rocket accelerates to 2100­2800 km/h. After the motor burns out, the rocket coasts, gradually slowing down because of air resistance. Like a projectile, the unguided rocket follows a ballistic trajectory. To provide steady flight, a rocket has a stabilizer located in its tail part. It serves to align the longitudinal axis of the rocket with its velocity vector. As unguided rockets are usually carried in launching pods, the stabilizer fins are kept folded inside the launch tubes of the pod. When the pilot launches the rocket, the stabilizer fins flip out into a fixed position. Some types of unguided rockets stabilize by spinning themselves about the longitudinal axis. To spin, a rocket can utilize specially shaped stabilizer fins (for small caliber rockets), or rifled nozzles in the launch tubes. Angular velocity of rotation ranges between 450 rpm and 1500 rpm and develops within a short interval after the launch. [. . . ] GIMBALL: (Direction) ­ Radar target of interest is approaching azimuth or elevation limits of your radar and you are about to loose contact. GORILLA: A large number of unknown contacts that appear to maneuver to a common objective. GROUP: Radar Contacts that appear to operate together within approximately 3 nm of each other. Key Reference & Checklists 280 HARD LEFT/RIGHT: Directive call to initiate a High-G, energy sustaining turn. HOT: 1 - For an AI intercept `hot' describes geometry will result in roll out in front of target. [. . . ]


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