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[. . . ] Longbow 2 1997, 1998 LONGBOW 2 Written by Tuesday Frase and Chris McCubbin Additional writing by Jennifer Spohrer Edited by David Ladyman Design and Layout by ORIGIN Creative Services © 1997, 1998 ORIGIN Systems, Inc. Electronic Arts and We Make Sims by the Book are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts in the U. S. Jane's is a registered trademark of Jane's Information Group Ltd. Reference work from Jane's Library © 1997 Jane's Information Group Ltd. [. . . ] When your heading is correct and steady, reduce the collective enough to descend to a few feet above the ground, then gently ease up to drop the final few feet. You want to make as soft a landing as possible to avoid damaging the landing gear. After you touch down, engage the rotor brake to stop rotor spin. - B R Advanced Combat Landing Sometimes, your airbase may be under attack or the designated LZ may lie perilously close to enemy forces. In this case, you may not have time to follow usual landing procedures and may have to switch to an advanced landing tactic. After you pass directly over the zone, zero out collective and pull back sharply on the cyclic. This yanks the helicopter's nose up and causes the craft to snap backward. The cyclic adjustment, however, reverses your direction and re-centers you over the pad. Once this happens, reduce your collective and settle onto the LZ as gently (but quickly) as possible. - 4. 13 LONGBOW 2 Autorotational Landing Note: One of the tutorial missions (FREE FLIGHT) explains how to perform an autorotational landing. See Training Building, p. 1. 5, for details. In the case of engine failure, landing safely becomes a dangerous process. Fortunately, helicopters are able to autorotate, or use the blade surfaces as "wings" to glide in for a survivable landing. As long the helicopter has forward speed (around 60 knots), you can land it with minimal damage and injury. An autorotational landing is somewhat similar to gliding in an airplane -- the speed of air moving over the blades creates lift sufficient to support the weight of the helicopter. During development, helicopter pilots rigorously test the speed limits of a prototype model. They purposely cause blade stall to determine the safest operating speeds. The data collected by these pilots is used to generate height-velocity curves. These charts dictate how much airspeed and altitude a pilot must have to make a safe autorotational landing if the engines fail. An autorotational chart with safe airspeeds and altitudes for autorotational landings is given in Autorotational Descent Charts, p. Follow these steps to make an autorotational landing: Reduce collective. When engines fail, your first reaction must be to lower the collective to its minimum setting (0%). This causes the blades' angle of attack to decrease, which reduces air resistance against the blades and retains the current RPM setting. If airspeed drops below 60, your rate of descent will surpass 40 feet per second, which is the maximum descent rate for survival of the craft and crew. Anyplace flat and away from enemy fire will work, as long as you can keep your airspeed constant. [. . . ] If all players have the same map loaded, the Master can select PLAY GAME to start the mission. Note: You cannot use time compression in multi-player games. In-Flight Tasking During flight, tasks between human pilots and co-pilot/gunners are divided up as follows. (If you're flying with a computer CP/G, you can set tasks in the OPTIONS menu under Gameplay. ) CP/G Target acquisition Hellfires, Rockets Pilot Piloting Guns · · You can't switch seats with another player once the mission begins. The Master player is the only one that can save a multi-player campaign game. The saved game game records only what was killed, and how far you've progressed in the campaign -- it doesn't remember who flew with you. [. . . ]


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