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[. . . ] Credits Credits Creative Director Chris Beatrice Ron Alpert 3 Eduardo Flores Gabriel Nanda Simonds Pete (WindWalker) Simonds Art Director for Special Edition Darrin Horbal Designers Jeff Fiske Steve Serafino Gregor Koomey Voice Talent Fran Brill Ralph Byers Keith Charles Thom Christopher Frank Dolan Raymond Dutch Bob Feldman Sam Freed Edmund F. Gilbert Jo Haden Larry Keith Willliam Lobley Robert Tarlow Karen Woodward Web Designer Jeremy (Reed) Freyholtz Production and Development Assistance Brett Levin Alain de Leonardis Hans Wang Doug Gonya Gerald (PapaJ) Jones Thanks to Sonics Studios Special Thanks Impressions Software and the entire Lords of Magic team would like to make a special mention of the incredible community that has developed in support of Lords of Magic on the impresionsgames. com message board. This is an unusual group, both in their dedication to the game but also in their loyalty to each other as members of the gaming community. The support of this group has been a major driving force, helping us to bring you this Special Edition. [. . . ] Getting caught rifling through the pockets of a two-headed ogre can lead to several unpleasant situations. Thieves have better chances of success in all Thievish endeavors the higher their experience is compared to that of their target. These advan- Demand If you decide that you must have something that another Lord (or player) has, you can Demand that he give it to you. If you are bargaining from a point of strength and he is not too attached to the goods, he just might give you what you ask for. Offering him something in return might help to convince him to give you what you want, but will not decrease the negative feelings that a Demand will generate. Threat When you no longer need a player as an ally and you want something from him you can try a Threat. There is no better way of destroying a relationship with a neighbor than by threatening him, except killing him. Whether or not a Barter is accepted or declined is Chapter 6: Advanced Features 130 tages accelerate when two levels separate the thief from the target. Thieves in general offer the best protection against having your party robbed or being spied on. Thieves are also good at detecting other thieves. Chapter 6: Advanced Features other Thieves but must not be moving to do so. To order your Thief to attempt to detect other Thieves, click on the Detect Thief button. Every Faith in the game has a spell that detects all units of a given opposite Faith in a radius around the caster. If you try sneaking past a Mage, he or she may know you are there - even if you can't be seen. Highly skilled Thieves can attempt to sneak other party members around with them. When trying this risky technique, don't get cocky, stick to the smaller parties - stay away from anything magical, big or on a horse. More is definitely not merrier when it comes to sneaking others about. The risk of getting caught jumps with each member of a party that is added to the sneaking party. In addition the nonThieves slow the Thief down; he or she can move at only 75% of the speed of the slowest party member. 131 Stealth Crafty Thieves tend to stay alive longer, and one of a Thief's most useful skills is stealth. Using the Stealth button hides a Thief's movements from all other players in the game. Thieves using Stealth in combat situations can surprise an enemy and severely reduce the chance of the enemy drawing any further breath. Whether a Thief runs a higher risk of detection is based on many things, including the Thief's personal stealthing abilities, experience, how close he or she is to the enemy, how much experience the enemy has and his or her race. If you have been detected, or have detected another Thief, the shadow will have a red target attached to it. [. . . ] Sierra may offer a separate Site License Agreement to permit you to make the Program available for commercial use; contact Sierra for details; (iii) use or allow third parties to use the Editor and the New Materials created thereby for commercial purposes including, but not limited to, distribution of New Materials on a stand alone basis or packaged with other software or hardware through any and all distribution channels, including, but not limited to, retail sales and on-line electronic distribution without the express written consent of Sierra; and (iv) host or provide matchmaking services for the Program or emulate or redirect the communication protocols used by Sierra in the network feature of the Program, through protocol emulation, tunneling, modifying or adding components to the Program, use of a utility program or any other techniques now known or hereafter developed, for any purpose including, but not limited to network play over the Internet, network play utilizing commercial or non-commercial gaming networks or as part of content aggregation networks without the prior written consent of Sierra. You may permanently transfer all of your rights under this License Agreement, provided the recipient agrees to the terms of this License Agreement and you agree to remove the Program and any New Materials from your home or portable computer. You may terminate the License Agreement at any time by destroying the Program and any New Materials. Sierra may, at its discretion, terminate this License Agreement in the event that you fail to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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