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[. . . ] NOTE: When using the mouse & keyboard controls at the Playcalling screen, "L" refers to the left mouse button. For more info about Madden NFL 2003 and other titles, check out EA SPORTSTM on the web at www. easports. com. NOTE: See enclosed Install Guide for technical support information. 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS COMMAND REFERENCE . 47 This product has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. For information about the ESRB rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772. 2 NOTE: EA reserves the right to retire the EA SPORTS Online Service for this product after 90 days notice, or 30 days after the last day of the 2002­2003 NFL football season. CUSTOM TEAM LOGOS Create logo images with a standard paint program and import them into Madden NFL 2003. The Custom Team Logos feature allows you to create a customized team, helmet, midfield, and endzone logo for your created team. [. . . ] For more information, Free-Agent Signing above. REORDER DEPTH CHARTS You can put your new rookies into the mix by adjusting their placement on the depth chart. You can assign all positions manually, or you can have the CPU automatically sort the depth charts. A With new talent on the squad, you may want to look at each position in each formation. 23. START NEW NFL SEASON After you have signed and drafted new players and assigned them on your depth charts, you're ready to begin a new NFL season. A Changes in personnel can have a big effect on your season. Before you begin a new one, you should familiarize yourself with how the new players blend with the old ones. 27) to get the kinks out. 26 PRACTICE Brush up on your playing skills or master a team's playbook. PRACTICE SETUP SCREEN From the Practice Setup screen, select the offensive and defensive teams that you want to practice with. You must also select a practice type in the Mode bar. Mode bar These options give you the ability to select what aspect of your team you want to practice (NORMAL, OFFENSE ONLY, or KICKOFF). If you want to practice offensive plays without a defense on the field, choose OFFENSE ONLY. If you want to practice kickoffs or returning kickoffs, choose KICKOFF. Click on CONTROLLER SELECT to reach the Controller select screen. After you select a team to control click PRACTICE to reach the practice field. PRACTICE FIELD Once you're on the practice field, you can run every play in your playbook. If you are on offense, to re-spot the ball, press L1. Then press the D-Pad to select the new spot on the field, and press Button 2 when finished. To choose a different play, press the START button and select CHOOSE NEW PLAY from the Pause menu. SITUATION To master tough game situations, you must put your team into those situations in practice. In Situation mode, you can put your team in any situation that it may encounter during the game. The configuration is changed. To change the controls for a different controller to your computer, use the arrow buttons next to Controller. To modify the configured controllers for a different User Profile, use the arrow buttons next to User Profiles. To configure the controls for a different aspect of the game, use the arrow buttons next to Category. To complete the configuration, click DONE. 30 SETTINGS Customize the settings that relate to Madden NFL 2003 and your computer system. Various gameplay settings and system settings can be modified here. NOTE: Changes made to user settings, controller configurations, and in-game settings apply to the active User Profile and are not global. System settings and game setting are global and affect all User Profiles. NOTE: Most of the settings featured in Madden NFL 2003 are selfexplanatory. The others are listed below. GAME SETTINGS Gameplay Settings Game Mode Choose among CLASSIC, PLAYER or COACH. The player mode has the CPU select plays while you run them, and the coach mode has you select plays while the CPU plays the game. Injuries Pre-Existing Injuries Game Fatigue Accelerated Clock When ON, players can get injured during gameplay. When ON, players begin the first season with the same injuries as their real-world counterparts. When ON, the clock runs faster between plays, but stops for all normal rules such as incomplete passes and out of bounds. When ON, the formation from the previous play is the default formation for the next play. When ON, the CPU randomly selects weather conditions for open-air stadiums. Remember Formation Random Weather Visual Settings Camera Choose the default camera for use during gameplay. 16. 31 Field Lines Sets the line displayed on the field: NONE, DOWN, LOS, or BOTH. [. . . ] Your Online Hero Card displays your Hero's picture and all of his current accessories. At the online store, you can buy accessories with tokens earned by playing games and entering tournaments. To use your tokens to buy new equipment, click EDIT beneath your Hero, and then click SHOP. After you purchase an item, you will need to put it on in the equipment screen. 44 QUICK GAMES Compare your high scores to other players' scores in Mini-Camp and 2-Minute drills. If your score is high enough it will be posted to the high score list. To compete, click QUICK GAMES. [. . . ]


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