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[. . . ] We at PAS Systems have spent the last two years developing what we believe to be the new standard in state-of-the-art simulation technology. We have tried to achieve maximum realism not only in terms of the mechanics of running a government and fighting a foe, but also in terms of the interaction between people and factors in the game. You will not find linear story progressions in Maelstrom, nor will you find a map that will take you through the game reliably every time you play. As in real life, Maelstrom features a galaxy that is never constant: its characters have moods, its technology is fallible, its leaders are whimsical, and its masses are unpredictable. [. . . ] New agents can be hired to the SIN area at any time by moving to the Personnel screen. To abort a mission already in progress, click on ABORT from the neutral settings of the screen, and then click on the appropriate mission from the list given in the stats/text box. 28 29 Dossier on Planetary Representatives To have a SIN agent perform a background investigation of a person, click on DOSSIER. The first available agent will take on this mission, which can be completed without his lcaving Harmony by using the inter-galactic communications network. When the mission is complete you will receive a message from the agent about the results achieved, and any changes or updates made to the person's dossier can be read at the VID area. Insurgence Missions You can send an agent to start a whispering campaign on another planet in support of Harmony's struggle. Start by clicking on INSURG, and then click on the planet's name. Again, the first available agent will take the mission, but the insurgence of a planet requires that the agent actually gets to that planet. The agent assigned to the insurgence mission will wait on Harmony until the first mission to the appropriate planet becomes available. When the agent has completed the insurgence mission, he will transmit a confirming message directly to you. If the public opinion of a planet is sufficiently high, the leader of that planet may decide to assist Harmony in some way against the Syndicate. However, the discovery of your subversive activities may lead to quite the opposite effect. When the Harmony fleet reaches the appropriate planet, the agent cannot shuttle down to the planet if the Harmony fleet is engaged in battle. If the Harmony fleet cannot orbit the planet without fighting, the agent will delay the assigned mission. When the mission is completed, if there is a Harmony fleet in orbit the agent will have a standing order to rejoin the fleet. If there is not a Harmony fleet in orbit, the agent will immediately request one, and every two months thereafter, until you send a new mission to retrieve the agent. Again, the agent cannot rejoin the fleet if its ships are engaged in battle. I I Extortion Missions To order a SIN agent to pressure someone for money, you must have previously had SIN successfully compile a dossier. The stats/text box will display a list of all those upon whom successful dossier missions have been carried out once you have selected EXTORT. Please note that only those characters who have a "skeleton in the closet" are susceptible to extortion. When you have chosen the object of the extortion mission, the Executron will send you a confirming message. When contact has been made, you can receive the reply at the MAIN panel. However, most people do not respond well to blackmail, so be cautious. Reconnoitering Planets To have an agent run a reconnaissance of a planet, first scroll the planet list which appears in the stats/text box until the name of that planet appears in the list. The first available agent will take the mission, but a reconnaissance of a planet requires that the agent actually get to that planet. The agents cannot fly ships by themselves, so you must move to the Military area and send a mission to the planet to which you have ordered the reconnaissance. [. . . ] Don't feel shy about warmin' `em up with a little social call every so often, Skave knows that might makes right with these boys. Ya might also send a couple snoop missions over ta the Syndicate sectors, just ta check out yer competition. Play the shadows though, `cause the Syndicate leaves the big guns circlin' their home turf. If ya put the pieces together right, ya might notice that what Doc Annuber's been puttin' together is a new weapon fer the bad boys. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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