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[. . . ] . TM 2 3 3 4 5 5 6 8 9 9 9 10 16 18 20 20 22 1 GETTING STARTED The ReadMe File The Magic: The Gathering -- Battlegrounds CD-ROM game has a ReadMe file where you can view both the License Agreement and updated information about the game. We strongly encourage you to read this file in order to benefit from changes made after this manual went to print. To view this file, double-click on it in the Magic: The Gathering -- Battlegrounds directory found on your hard drive (usually C:\Program Files\Atari\MagicTheGathering). You can also view the ReadMe file by first clicking on the Start button on your Windows® taskbar, then on Programs, then on Atari, then on Magic: The Gathering -- Battlegrounds, and then on the ReadMe file. TM 5. [. . . ] White is also excellent at destroying enchantments. Liability Enchantment No Mercy Enchantment Sengir Vampire 4/4 Creature Soul Feast Sorcery Vicious Hunger Sorcery 10 11 Blue Spells SPELL Air Elemental Clone Counterspell TYPE ATTRIBUTES 4/4 Creature flying Sorcery Sorcery DESCRIPTION Clone summons a new instance of the closest creature. Counterspell cancels any spell the enemy duelist is currently casting. Cowardice makes any creature targeted by a spell respawn instead of that spell resolving. Deluge freezes all ground creatures for 5 seconds. Green Spells SPELL Ancient Silverback Avatar of Might TYPE ATTRIBUTES 6/5 Creature regeneration 8/8 Creature trample DESCRIPTION Avatar of Might costs if the enemy duelist controls 4 or more creatures than the caster. Cowardice Enchantment Defiant Elf Elvish Warrior Giant Growth 1/1 Creature trample 2/3 Creature Sorcery Deluge Fighting Drake Horned Turtle Mage's Guile Sorcery 2/4 Creature flying 1/4 Creature blocking Sorcery Giant Spider 2/4 Creature blocking Giant Growth gives the caster's closest creature a +3/+3 bonus until it respawns. Giant Spider blocks flying creatures as well as ground creatures. Mage's Guile makes the caster's closest creature unable to be targeted by spells until it respawns. Mage's Guile does not work against spells that affect more than one creature. Pendrell Mists makes each creature drain 1 mana from its controller every time it respawns. Unsummon forces the closest enemy creature to respawn. Gorilla Chieftain Llanowar Elves Overrun 3/3 Creature regeneration 1/1 Creature ability Mahamoti Djinn Mana Short Pendrell Mists 5/6 Creature flying Sorcery Enchantment Priest of Titania Run Wild Rushwood Elemental Spelljack Sorcery Tranquility Untamed Wilds Unsummon Wind Drake Sorcery 2/2 Creature flying Llanowar Elves generates 1 mana shard every 5 seconds. Sorcery blocking change Overrun gives each of the caster's creatures a +3/+3 bonus and trample until it respawns. 1/1 Creature ability Priest of Titania generates 1 mana shard for each Elf in play every 5 seconds. Sorcery blocking change Run Wild gives the caster's closest creature trample and regeneration until it respawns. 4/4 Creature trample Rushwood Elemental gains +1/+1 permanently whenever it respawns. It does not affect the generation of other mana crystals. 12 13 Red Spells SPELL Engulfing Flames TYPE Sorcery ATTRIBUTES DESCRIPTION Engulfing Flames deals 1 damage to the closest enemy creature or duelist. If a creature takes damage from this spell and is destroyed before it respawns, it cannot regenerate. Gratuitous Violence doubles the damage dealt by the controller's creatures. Magma Giant deals 2 damage to all creatures and duelists when it comes into play. White Spells SPELL Angel of Retribution Blessed Orator TYPE ATTRIBUTES 5/5 Creature flying; first strike 1/4 Creature blocking DESCRIPTION Fervor Goblin Hero Goblin King Enchantment 2/2 Creature 2/2 Creature Demystify Divine Presence Guided Strike Sorcery Enchantment Sorcery Goblin Sky Raider Gratuitous Violence 1/2 Creature flying Enchantment Spiritualize Sorcery Inferno Magma Giant Sorcery 5/5 Creature Blessed Orator gives its controller's other creatures a +0/+1 bonus as long as Blessed Orator lives. Guided Strike gives the caster's closest creature a +1/+0 bonus and first strike until it respawns. Spiritualize gives the caster's closest creature the ability to give its controller life equal to the damage it deals until it respawns. Test of Endurance enables either duelist to win by achieving 50 or more life. Suntail Hawk Test of Endurance 1/1 Creature flying Enchantment Raging Goblin Reckless Charge Retromancer Scorching Missile Threaten Volcanic Dragon 1/1 Creature haste Sorcery blocking change Reckless Charge gives the caster's closest creature a +3/+0 bonus plus haste until it respawns. 3/3 Creature Retromancer deals 3 damage to any duelist who targets it with a sorcery. Sorcery Scorching Missile deals 4 damage directly to the enemy duelist. Sorcery blocking change Threaten gives the caster control over the closest enemy creature, gives that creature haste, and makes it attack the enemy duelist until it respawns. [. . . ] The warranty is void if the defect has arisen through accident, abuse, neglect or misapplication. If the Software fails to conform to this warranty, you may at your sole and exclusive remedy, obtain a replacement free of charge if you return the defective Software. The Company does not warrant that the Software or its operations or functions will meet your requirements, or that the use of the Software will be without interruption or error. TO THE FULLEST EXTENT PERMISSIBLE UNDER APPLICABLE LAW, EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESS WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE, THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING AND WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. [. . . ]


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