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[. . . ] Introduction EPILEPSY WARNING PLEASE READ BEFORE USING THIS GAME OR ALLOWING YOUR CHILDREN TO USE IT. Some people are susceptible to epileptic seizures or loss of consciousness when exposed to certain flashing lights or light patterns in everyday life. Such people may have a seizure while watching television images or playing certain games. This may happen even if the person has no medical history of epilepsy or has never had any epileptic seizures. [. . . ] A spell can usually be found within a stone circle, but isn't revealed until you've flown past and broken the invisibility lock which keeps it hidden. Spells are held within urns and only appear in the magic eye once the invisibility lock has been broken. To collect a spell, simply fly into it; the new spell is added to your inventory. They can only be used on the current level and don't carry over into the next world. Also, you can cast these spells depending upon the amount of mana in your possession, rather than the amount in your castle. Spells are cast using the left and right mouse buttons. You can assign any spell from your inventory to either button, and you can also assign spells to the keyboard number keys as a short-cut (see Assigning Spells). Wasted Wizards If you're killed without restoring a world to equilibrium, you can replay the world (and hopefully do a little better than the first time). Press Spacebar for the Sorcerer's Chamber and left-click the Continue Game icon. However, the mana stored in your castle regenerates your personal energy when you're near death, so if you get out of harms way you're able to continue the level. If you kill a rival wizard, whether you're in a Network game or not, you can cast a possession spell at the wizard's skeletal remains and claim all his mana as your own. Completing the Level When you've completed your task and restored a world's equilibrium, the on-screen message `world restored' appears. Press Spacebar to leave the current world for the Completion screen, or continue collecting mana and spells you may have missed. When you begin the next world, all the spells you've collected so far are still at your disposal. The Completion screen tells you the world name and number, and lets you rate your performance with % scores in the following categories: creatures killed, accuracy, spells found, mana and overall performance. When you've seen enough, press Spacebar to return to the Sorcerer's Chamber. Chapter 4: The Spells Screen This is where you can take a look at the whole of a particular world, and assign spells to the mouse buttons and keyboard. To access the Spells Screen, either press both mouse buttons simultaneously or press Enter. World Map Rather than the small area revealed in the All-Seeing Eye, this map shows the entire world currently being played. You are still displayed as a cross in the center of the map and the color-coding system is the same as the All-Seeing Eye. The Network Matrix In Network games, move the pointer off the bottom of the Spells Screen to see the Network Matrix. This contains the names of all the networked players in the current world and a figure showing the number of times each of player has killed his/her opponent(s). If one player's mana rating is way above your own, it's a safe bet you'll come off worst in any close encounters ­ so steer your carpet clear! The Spells Menu A place in the Spells Menu is reserved for each of the 24 spells to be found in Magic Carpet. A spell automatically homes in on the nearest aggressive target when cast (as long as the target is near the center of the screen), so the real trick is not aiming the spell but selecting the right one for the occasion. The 24 spells are: Fireball ­ Launch a ball of destructive fire at your enemies. Create Castle ­ Use this spell to build a fortress to protect your mana. Additional castle spells can be cast on the same site, expanding the castle and launching more balloons. Accelerate (forward) ­ Propel yourself out of trouble at breakneck speed. Heal ­ If you have enough mana available, this returns your health bar to maximum whenever it's depleted by an enemy attack. Shield ­ Absorbs three-quarters of the energy of the spells launched by your nemesis. Rapid Fireball ­ Makes the fireball spell look like a cheap card trick. [. . . ] Idirya-Do not anger the griffin of the Idiryan Sea until you have the spell to defeat them. Thammon-The impassable walls of Thammon guard great power and great danger. Jahrrid-It is said that to survive the maze of Jarrhid a wizard must have eyes in the back of his head. Khatoud-Plagues of giant bees have rendered this once beautiful land barren. [. . . ]


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