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[. . . ] Majesty Gold Manual 11/29/01 3:27 PM Page 1 Majesty®: Gold Edition Front Manual Cover Majesty Gold Manual 11/29/01 3:27 PM Page 2 TABLE O F C ONTENTS REQUIREMENTS AND INSTALLATION . . 104 MAJESTY®: THE NORTHERN EXPANSION TM WELCOME BACK TO ARDANIA . . 140 2 3 Majesty Gold Manual 11/29/01 3:27 PM Page 4 REQUIREMENTS AND INSTALLATION You can't start playing until you install the game. Here's how. INSTALLING If you have all of the required equipment, then it's time to install the game. [. . . ] Clothed in the characteristic red and white garb of their guild, the two split in different directions as they reached the street, beginning their vigilant patrol of the village. Few could match Lunord's Adepts when it came to running with graceful speed. Near the temple, a group of Peasants were hard at work on the new Library. The Cloaked Man could catch snippets of their conversation, as the grumbled and groaned about "our lot in life" and how "we never get any rest. " Still, they tended their duties with unfailing dedication. They began hoisting up a pallet of shingles for the brick-red cupola roof as the stranger continued his walk through the town. The Cloaked Man paced a slow-moving Caravan, traveling into the village from one of the outlying T rading Posts. The driver looked relieved to be out of the monster-filled wilds and back in civilization. As the Caravan veered into the Marketplace, the stranger continued on toward the heart of the town. The Cloaked Man soon found himself tailing two of the local adventuring heroes: a Ranger and Warrior. Eavesdropping on their conversation, he found that they were on their way to visit Chod the Blacksmith. Both felt compelled to invest their hard-earned gold in new weaponry after a recent scuffle in the forest to the north. It seemed that more and more T rolls were showing up in that area since the building of the Boar's Head Inn. The two adventurers entered the Blacksmith's, and the Cloaked Man proceeded on towards the heart of the village. The Cloaked Man walked into the Palace courtyard and cast off his cloak. I offer six hundred gold pieces on the head of any T in the northern woods, " the roll Cloaked Man replied with uncommon authority. "Right away, Your Majesty!" Buildings You Construct Before you can begin recruiting, you need to start assembling your kingdom. When you select your Palace and click the Buildings button, you see what construction choices are currently available. Of course, not all of the possible buildings are available at any given time. Many have prerequisites -- they do not become available until something else has been built -- and others might be unavailable due to the restictions placed on you for the duration of your current quest. Ballista Tower This is a defensive emplacement that Dwarves introduce to your kingdom. It's an armored tower that fires heavy bolts at any nearby 61 monsters. It is very expensive to build, but its defensive value is very high. 60 Majesty Gold Manual 11/29/01 3:30 PM Page 62 Main Function: Prerequisites: Level One: Defense Your kingdom must contain a Dwarven Settlement. Fires bolts at nearby enemies. Main Function: Prerequisites: Home for Dwarves. In addition, you cannot build these if your kingdom contains any Elves or Gnomes. [. . . ] Our Interactive Voice Response and Faxback system is generally available 24/7, providing automated support and allowing FAQ documents to be faxed to you immediately. We've improved our Automated Systems so that you can get product-specific Troubleshooting help more quickly. All you need to do is enter the product's Part # when prompted to do so. This will take you directly to all of our known issues and solutions for this title. [. . . ]


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