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[. . . ] The game can't be played or enjoyed to its fullest extent without the information provided here. I tried to keep the documentation as close to the original as possible. However, I did take the liberty to correct a few minor grammatical and spelling errors. The original "Spell Book of the Eight Circles" varied the way the section headers looked. [. . . ] In Zu Grav is easily mixed of common ginseng, spider silk and black pearl. For best results, add the air of many yawns and sand from sleepy eyes. Vas Flam (Great Flame) Vas Flam effectively gathers a great ball of flame, which may then be hurled at a foe. A simple spell, the great advantage of Vas Flam is that, aimed accurately, it will surely hit its mark and, just as surely, inflict damage. Combine common sulphurous ash and a single black pearl over a hot flame. When the ash has adhered well to the pearl, remove it and store it until needed. Cast the talisman at a foe while uttering "Vas Flam. " Vas Lor (Great Light) Vas Lor conjures a great light. This light is equivalent to In Lor's in quality and range, but Vas Lor lasts longer. Mix the prepared root with sulphurous ash and proceed as if making In Lor. 4 The Fourth Circle An Grav (Negate Energy) Adventuring parties are sometimes prevented from pursuing their objective by obstructing or noxious fields. An Grav removes the obstructing field by negating the field's energy. Ash countermines the field's energy; a black pearl thrusts the negating energy in the direction indicated by the spell caster. The obstructing field is instantly dispersed. Des Por/Uus Por (Downward Movement/Upward Movement) Magic users often travel with courageous groups, and courageous groups often find themselves in danger. This spell can also be used to bring back party members after they have been charmed by a foe. An Xen Ex requires a careful mixture of nightshade, to poison the mind; a black pearl, for projection; and spider silk to bind loyalty. In An (Create Negation) In An creates an air of magical negation. Spells fizzle when In An is in effect and neither side in combat can use magic for several rounds. First, mandrake root must be gathered; the root must be rubbed with garlic and wrapped in a damp, black cloth for several hours. The mixture must be dried on parchment and the parchment then folded into a tricorn. In casting the spell, a hole must be cut in the tricorn and the mixture dispensed from this in a wide arc. In Vas Por Ylem (Create a Great Movement of Matter) In Vas Por Ylem is a terrifying spell that can generate a massive earthquake. While it reaches every enemy in combat, even if lurking in distant corners or behind mountains, the magical earthquake leaves allies unshaken and unharmed. Seek mandrake root that has grown unobstructed, so that its form is string yet fibrous. Grind it with sulphurous ash and blood moss until no ingredient can be distinguished from another. Quas An Wis (Illusion of Negated Knowledge) Quas An Wis turns a foe's orderly, well-planned attack into bedlam. Confusion reigns and creatures strike out at whomever is nearest, regardless of loyalty. Extremely effective against the likes of rats and Orcs, Quas An Wis loses much of its impact against more intelligent monsters, which are often capable of recognizing and resisting it. [. . . ] Careless misdirection of In Flam Hur over one's own companions may result in their deaths as well. Sulphurous ash, blood moss and mandrake root combine best for this spell in an iron cauldron over great heat. In Mani Corp (Create Life from Death) There are many rewards for hard work and concentrated practice. For practiced wizards, having attained the eighth circle, there is the reward of being able to reverse death itself. Resurrection requires such total concentration and peace of mind that it should never be attempted on the harried field of battle. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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