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[. . . ] GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 1:58 PM Page 1 PC MANUAL FRONT COVER GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 1:58 PM Page 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS Setup and Installation . . 15 R*** AIME ISCL ***D me a cri e d ty is oper tegy gui e pr rivat nual, stra inment rp ial o ion ma erta courage t f ent merc com ts instruc rposes o o not en roperty. This ga ovided f The Co ublic or nt in wh ly r va d e l r ing o sdictions als are p ames an alizing p nvironm ct virtua rse c Defa st juri ateri Unltd. G , or vand ctional e nd can a any adve m o in m arketing , Ecko troying ide a fi ulture a hers in . [. . . ] Use the up and down arrow keys or the W and S keys to select a piece, and the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys to change the color. Once satisfied with the piece and color, press Enter to use the selected piece. Repeat until all four graffiti slots are filled (Note that in some levels a graffiti slot may be CREDITS View the game credits. 28 29 GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 2:00 PM Page 30 GRAFFITI LEGENDS When you spot a camera icon, move Trane to that location, then press the E key; Trane will take a picture with his Digital Camera. Capturing a Graffiti Legend piece in the game unlocks it in your Black Book. Select Graffiti Legends in the Black Book Main Page to check out info and art of all unlocked Graffiti Legends. There are 56 Graffiti Legends whose art you can find and photograph in the game: Airborn Ban2 Blue CES Charlie TDK Chino Crash Cycle Dash Daze Delta Dero Duel Duro Ease Ewok Frame Freedom Fuzz Ghost Iz the Wiz JA Jest Kaves Kaws Kel KET Mare 139 Know/Wane Min Mode2 Noxer Os Gemeos Peak Diva Phase 2 Pink Psycho Quik Reas Skuf Sonic SP One Tat's Cru Trim Veefer Ven Wen West YMI Zebster CREDITS ATARI Peter Wyse EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Leslie Alviani SENIOR BRAND MANAGER Todd Hartwig Aron Drayer SENIOR PRODUCER Keith Hargrove PRODUCER Jean-Marcel Nicolai VICE PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION Bruno Bonnell CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Peter Wyse VOICE OVER DIRECTING John Suytak VICE PRESIDENT OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Marc Metis SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING Nique Fajors VICE PRESIDENT OF MARKETING Steve Tucker DIRECTOR OF CATEGORY MARKETING Eric Horowitz ASSOCIATE BRAND MANAGER Martin Currie VICE PRESIDENT OF CREATIVE SERVICES David Leitner DIRECTOR OF MEDIA Andrea Schneider DIRECTOR OF PR Don Vu SENIOR WEB AND CRM MANAGER Andrew Green TRAFFIC MANAGER Red Sheet, LLP ­ Essex, MA DOCUMENTATION Ken Ford DIRECTOR OF IT AND WEB STRATEGY Jason Hartnell INTERNET DEVELOPMENT GROUP John Suytak V. P. OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Todd Curtis VICE PRESIDENT, OPERATIONS Eddie Pritchard DIRECTOR OF MANUFACTURING Gardnor Wong SENIOR BUYER Lisa Leon LEAD SENIOR BUYER Tara Moretti MANUFACTURING BUYER Wim Stocks EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, NORTH AMERICAN SALES Maleea Barnett VICE PRESIDENT, NORTH AMERICAN SALES Christine Fromm NATIONAL CHANNEL MARKETING MANAGER Joy Schneer DIRECTOR, STRATEGIC RELATIONS Cecelia Hernandez SR. MANAGER, STRATEGIC RELATIONS Arthur Long STRATEGIC RELATIONS SPECIALIST Dave Strang ENGINEERING & COMPATIBILITY LAB MANAGER Ken Edwards ENGINEERING SPECIALIST Eugene Lai TECHNICIAN Dan Burkhead TECHNICIAN Patricia-Jean Cody COMPATIBILITY LEAD Chris McQuinn COMPATIBILITY ANALYST Cuong Vu COMPATIBILITY ANALYST Ezequiel "Chuck" Nunez MANAGER OF PUBLISHING SUPPORT Jason Cordero Q. A. PROJECT LEAD Jesse Woodward Randy Nguyen John `Alex" Mack Michael Yim ASSISTANT LEADS Sam Mansour Phil Dickerson Paul Phillips Richard Garcia Chad Eatinger John Fu Victor Kim Justin Rybij Anthony Adams Phil Farkalay Mark Alibayan Kimo Pamintuan Tom Reposa Allen Valenzuela Robert Tibbets Don Tran Jung Park Lee Bendo Bryce Ericson Bobby Schneider Duong Nguyen Marc Mangum Ceaser Samonte David Gomez Aldrin Daligcon Guy Romhild Glad Pappelero Jesse Thurman Mia Pelayo Kyle Iufer Dat Tu Alvaro Melaro Brian Salwesser Daniel Burns Carrie Greenler Carl Vogel Juan Jaime Moreno TESTERS 30 31 GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 2:00 PM Page 32 LOADING SCREEN PHOTOGRAPHY Noel Spirandelli ART TEAM ANIMATION John Behrns Jason Hall Danny Ho Jamaal Bradley CHARACTERS Nghia Lam Kenzie Lamar VISUAL EFFECTS Eric Greenlief Mark Bergo ENVIRONMENT ART Everardo Acosta Jaehoon Chun J. R. Register Bobby Rice Danny Tamez Mehran Torgoley Susan Won SHELL/HUD Dan Mycka SPECIAL THANKS Heather Thompson Tara Bruno HighWater Group Code & Theory RedSheet, LLP, Essex, MA the truth ECKO UNLTD. GAMES STORY AND CREATIVE DIRECTION BY Marc Eck EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Marc Eck Shawn Rosen PRESIDENT OF ECKO UNLTD. GAMES Mike Lynch DIRECTOR OF GAME DESIGN/ VOICE-OVER CONSULTANT Marc Fernandez ART DIRECTOR Mike Evans ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Geno Betancourt SENIOR ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING ADMINISTRATOR Ruth Wood REFERENCE PHOTOGRAPHY Jen Galatioto Ken Eiken Sarah Stetmiller ECKO CREATIVE SERVICES CREATIVE SERVICES PROJECT MANAGER Mitch Del Valle LEAD ARTIST OF MARKETING AND PACKAGING DESIGNS Brian Mackin GRAPHIC DESIGNER Romeo Tehngal GETTING UP CLOTHING/ STYLE GUIDE Max Vogel Kimou Meyer John Dunzelman Eli Reinitz Pete Christopherson Christian Jaquet EXECUTIVE ASSISTANTS Jessica Munger Lindsey Calem ECKO LEGAL ADVISOR Elliott Brown GETTING UP LOGO DESIGN Malcolm Buick THE COLLECTIVE EXECUTIVE STAFF CREATIVE DIRECTOR, VP Richard Hare VP OF DEVELOPMENT Gary Priest VP OF PRODUCTION Doug Hare DIRECTOR OF TECHNOLOGY Nathan Hunt CONSOLE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR William Chen Yukako Inoue and Sona Terry "Bubblegum" Hererra Kyle Peschel Chris Hepburn, Forward Never Straight CORE TECHNOLOGY David Mark Byttow Justin Chin Neil Devine Zhenping Guo Robert Slater Eubank Wang Zhongshan Zhang Emil Dotchevski TOOLS PROGRAMMERS Mason McCuskey ADDITIONAL GAME DESIGN AND CHARACTER GAMEPLAY PROGRAMMING BY: CrunchTime Games Inc. DJAMES Goddard SUPPORT STRUCTURE VP, CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Steve Sardegna SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Daniel Salzedo NETWORK SUPPORT ENGINEER Erick Ocampo ADMINISTRATIVE Wanda Carlow Shelley Campion HUMAN RESOURCES Karen Powers MANUAL DESIGNED BY: Code & Theory ART DIRECTOR Brandon Ralph Dan Gardner Jeremy Davis Chris Delia Mark Forscher CREATIVE DIRECTOR Brandi Tufenkjian PROJECT MANAGER PROJECT LEADS SENIOR PRODUCER Rick Watters PRODUCER Marwan Abderrazzaq LEAD ARTIST Brian Horton LEAD DESIGNER John Manley LEAD PROGRAMMER Kevin Christensen LEAD ANIMATOR Ed Schofield LEAD SCRIPTER Noah Tool LEAD LEVEL DESIGNER Rudy Pollorena Jr. LEAD TOOLS PROGRAMMER Jason King DESIGN TEAM COMBAT DESIGN AND SCRIPTING John "Doughboy" Bautista Dave Hall John Watson Preston Whitney LEVEL DESIGN John Epp Rick Huenink Joseph "INVIS" Mauke Ian Miller Mike Pirozzi Brian Smith ECKO MARKETING VICE PRESIDENT ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING Raphie Aronowitz VICE PRESIDENT ECKO MARKETING Rob Weinstein DIRECTOR CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS Clint Cantwell SENIOR DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING Chris Barnett GETTING UP MARKETING MANAGER Miryam Reinitz LEAD GRAFFITI/ENVIRONMENT CONSULTANT Alan Ket ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Brigitte Contre ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING MANAGER Monica Dozier WEBSITE MANAGER/EDITOR Shahendra Ohneswere ADDITIONAL SUPPORT ADDITIONAL PRODUCTION Victor Rodriguez ADDITIONAL SCRIPTING Anthony Doe ADDITIONAL LEVEL DESIGN Temara Schulze ADDITIONAL ANIMATION Paul Belmore ADDITIONAL ENVIRONMENT ART Matt Olson ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING Rachid El Guerrab Jean-Louis Clement Randy Culley Baback Elmieh Ryan Greene Stephen Martin Michel De Messieres Vincent Scheib Tammy Yap Jun Zhang VIDEO & DOCUMENTARY BY: g-NET Media, LLC GETTING UP MUSIC EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS MUSIC Marc Eck Sean "Diddy" Combs MUSIC SUPERVISOR Francesca Spero CREATIVE SUPERVISOR Corey Smyth MUSIC CONSULTANT Neil "NICE" Whiting Lindsay Rodman AUDIO J. P. Walton Josh Jones Alain Larose TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY ASSISTANT PRODUCER Amy Kong CORE GAMEPLAY PROGRAMMING Kurt Arnlund Jason Boyle Colin Byrne Kevin Jenkins Darren Walker Dustin McCartney PRODUCTION PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Ron Allen Chris Impola Brian Zenns CHARACTER THEME MUSIC created by RJD2 (for inquiries, contact rjd2management@hotmail. com) Midori Nishijima Deborah Manis Gardner Doug Davis Amaechi Uzoigwe Jeff Gandell Joe Carlone Q DEPARTMENT 32 33 GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 2:00 PM Page 34 GETTING UP GRAFFITI STILL FREE CREW TRANE'S GRAFFITI: Tony SUB Curanaj ADDITIONAL TRANE GRAFFITI: Ewok Dan Funderberg DOC STAK NOAH KEL KET TEST ONE Todd Carosielli Raul Gamboa "Frame" Banksy Geno Betancourt KRY1 GRAFFITI Dan Funderberg WHITE MIKE Ewok VANDALS OF NEW RADIUS GABE'S GRAFFITI Scien and Klor - 123KLAN Ghost KET TEST ONE SPLEEN'S GRAFFITI Min One DIP'S GRAFFITI Doc TC5 WRONG WAY ASSASSINS STAKE'S GRAFFITI Ewok CUDA'S GRAFFITI Ewok DECOY'S GRAFFITI Scien and Klor - 123KLAN AMMIRATI BANKSY GRAFFITI ARTISTS Airborn Ban2 Banksy Blue CAV CES Charlie DTK Chino Cope2 Crash CRO Cycle Dash Daze Delta Dero DIVA DOC TC5 Duel Duro Ease Ewok Ezo Frame Freedom Futura Fuzz Ghost Iz the Wiz JA Jest Kaves Kaws Kel Ket Klor 123 klan Know Min Mode2 Mare139 Montana Writer Team (Atom, Can2, Kent, Dash, Smash) Nic One Noah Noxer Obey/Shepard Fairey Os Gemeos Peak Persue Phase 2 Pink Quik Reas Scien 123 klan Seen SENTO Skuf Smith Stak Sub Sonic Superblast SP One Tat's Cru T-Kid Trim Veefer Ven Virus Wen West YMI crew Zebster SPECIAL THANKS Seth Gerszberg Marci Tapper Allison Eck John Sutyak Wim Stocks Effy Zinkin Harold Jennett Kimou Meyer Todd Carosielli Zoran Miller Ket BANKSY Ridwan T. Eric Monroe Randy Wells Lori Earley Guy Burwell Chris Pape Josh Rochlin Vincent Mayta (Story and Character Consulting) Max Vogel (Early environment concepts) Ryan O'leary John lee Cristina Calotta Luis Cruz Stan Sang Andi Calotta Ruby Millien Jeffrey Fredrick CBGB's ALIFE Montana Paint Germany Astor Place Hair Cutters SOB's SCRAPYARD THE TRUTH APPLE NOKIA PNB Nation Ammirati Writer's Bench STATE YOUR NAME BTS Vince "Vinny" Pacifico - VISTA FOOD EXCHANGE, INC. Christian Wiseman Millie Hysu Karen Lamberton Rich Kleiman Rod Kottler Barbie Baylis Dina LaPolt Rich Newman Will Fulton Diana LaPointe Nick Guarino Suzanne Moss Jane Ventom Stacey Neisig Sal Principato Bohannon Jim David Melissa Munana Wolfgang Frank Bob Harding Charlie Ahearn Deborah Hicks Iris Torres Nasheim Myrick Michael Weiss Madeline Smith Sean McGraw Jennifer Showalter Scott Gardner Tanya Bridges Justin Kay Peter Christopherson Miguel Torres James Goddard ACKER SUPER POSITION SITE LOW RIDER LAPS JEST IRAK GROTESK 2ÈME FOURNÉE Jessica Munger Jeff Staple Beno and Braden from Velvet Hammer Angie Aguirre Scott Felcher Evan Freifeld Wayne Barrow Voletta Wallace Faith Evans Adam Kaplan Bert Padell Domingo Padilla and Mecca QN5 Jeff Burroughs Marcus Thomas Knox Robinson Maria Gaztambide Marc Underwood Scott Solasz MASTER PURVEYORS, INC. Munir Hadaad Steve Marcus Jen Cho PSYOP CREW: Eben Mears, Elbra Beitsayad, Editor, Jed Boyar, Jaime Aguirre, Joerg Liebold, Hae-jin Cho, Daniel Piwowarczyk, Pal Moore, Todd Akita, Chris Bach, Alvin Bae, Laurent Barthelemy, Pakorn Bupphavesa, Adam Burke, Gerald Ding, Sean Eno, Kevin Estey, Domel Libid, Joerg Liebold, Brett Purmal, Carlos Sandoval, Sandor Toledo, Marko Vukovic, Florian Witzel, Eric Finkelman, Joe Vitale, Benjamin Chan, Metricminds "BOXCUTTER EMPORIUM PART 2" by Sixtoo: (R. Squire) Produced by Sixtoo Published by Just Isn't Music © Ninja Tune 2004 taken from the album `Chewing On Glass & Other Miracle Cures' (ZEN 86/CD86) "AURAL PROSTITUTION" by DJ Vadim (V. Peare) Produced by DJ Vadim Published by Just Isn't Music © Ninja 1995 taken from the album `USSR Repertoire' (ZEN 25/CD25) "Helicopter" By Bloc Party ISRC: GBDNH0400364 Time: 00:03:42 Written by Bloc Party. © 2004 Bloc Party, under exclusive license to Wichita Recordings. Performed by Bloc Party Courtesy of Bloc Party under exclusive license to Vice Music Inc. [. . . ] You may make and maintain one copy of the Software for backup and archival purposes, provided that the original and copy of the Software are kept in your possession. You may permanently transfer all your rights under this EULA, provided you retain no copies, you transfer all of the Software (including all component parts, the media and printed materials and any upgrades) and the recipient reads and accepts this EULA. You may not delete or obscure any copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice on the Software or accompanying printed materials. 3. RESTRICTIONS 1. 42 43 GU_PC_ManInt 10/11/05 2:01 PM Page 44 2. 3. You may not decompile, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reproduce the Software. [. . . ]


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