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[. . . ] Master of TECHNICAL SUPPLEMENT TM Explore and Conquer Magical Worlds HARDWARE & SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS To play Master of Magic, your computer must have: · · · · · an 80386sx processor or better (for best play, we recommend at least a 33MHz 80386 or faster) at least 575K of free conventional memory at least 2. 7MB of free EMS (expanded) memory VGA graphics or better a mouse Software Compatibility Issues Please note that this list includes only the known conflicts and incompatibilities. Since no test procedure can ever be totally comprehensive, you may run into undiscovered problems. We strongly recommend that you do not run Master of Magic under either Windows 3. 1 or Windows 95. We strongly recommend that you not have any terminate-and-stayresident programs (TSRs) loaded into memory when playing Master of Magic. [. . . ] The number of map squares that display this aura represents the size and strength of the magic node. The larger the area, the stronger the node (i. e. , the more magic power it generates). Nodes that are currently controlled by an enemy wizard can be stolen by simply moving one of your magic spirits or guardian spirits to the node. While this operation is only successful 25% of the time for nodes melded to a guardian spirit (if the current controlling wizard had a guardian spirit meld with the node), it is still an effective strategy, especially if you can protect the node. Note that you can meld the stronger guardian spirits to nodes that have already been melded to a magic spirit. The magic power generated by nodes depends on which Magic setting was used when starting the game (see New Game-Magic). Powerful nodes are 50% more powerful than normal nodes, while weak nodes are only half as powerful as normal ones. Note that nodes on Myrror produce twice as much magic power as nodes on Arcanus. In addition to being a valuable source of magic power, nodes can affect creatures within their spheres of influence. Creatures from the same magic realm as a node have enhanced attack strengths and defenses when in combat on squares from which the node draws its power (the same squares that are covered by a visible aura after a spirit melds with a node). Note that no spirit may meld with a warped node (a node that has been altered by the warp node spell). This enchantment must be removed before the node can be normally used. D · Spell Research uring the bulk of the game, research efforts (learning newer and more powerful spells) are extremely important. The speed with which you can research new spells depends on several things. Spell Research Points: Buildings such as libraries, oracles, sage's guilds, universities and wizard's guilds, as well as heroes with the Sage ability (see Heroes and Special Unit Abilities) who form part of your army, can contribute to the speed with which you can learn new spells. Each spell research point contributed per turn from these sources counts toward the research cost of each new spell. 65 · · · Magic Power: Your total income of magic power per turn determines how much magic power you can direct toward spell research. Magic power is obtained from a number of sources, including buildings (shrines, temples, parthenons, cathedrals, alchemist's guilds and wizard's guilds), minerals (mithril, adamantium, quork and crysx crystals) magical races (beastmen, dark elves, draconians and high elves) and magic nodes (see Buildings, Select Race, Terrain Specials and Magic Power And Nodes). The relative amount of magic power devoted to spell studies can be adjusted in the magic summary window (see Magic). Special Abilities: Some of the special abilities that wizards can have (see Special Abilities) increase the rate at which they learn new spells. For example, Chaos Mastery increases the rate at which a wizard learns new chaos magic spells. Spell Ranks: If a wizard has restricted his or her research to the point of acquiring eight or more spell books in that area, his or her efforts in that particular magic field proceed at a more rapid rate than normal (see Spell Ranks). Beside acquiring new spell knowledge through diligent study, a wizard can learn new spells through exploration (examining ancient ruins, towers of wizardry, etc. , see Terrain Specials) or trade (see The Art of Diplomacy). Meeting Your Neighbors hen you get close to another wizard's territory for the first time (i. e. , when you get within scouting range of one of their cities), that wizard initiates contact with you. Contact may also be established when another wizard gets within scouting range of one of your cities. When you first meet another wizard (and at various later points throughout the game) you may wish to "size him up" and start talking with him or her. W ENEMY WIZARD STATISTICS There are several ways to assess the threat posed by another wizard. In the magic summary screen (see Magic), right-click on the portrait of an enemy wizard. [. . . ] Ranged defense is defense specifically to ranged missile, rock, magic ranged, thrown and breath attacks. Because the defense depends on the attack, shield icons are not added to the hero's display in the unit statistics window. SPELL-SPECIFIC ARTIFACT ENCHANTMENTS Enchantment Required Magic Realm and Rank Life 2 Life 2 Life 3 Weapon Armor Miscellaneous Effect If Not Same as Spell* Bless Endurance Holy Avenger All but staff & wand All but staff & wand All All Yes Yes - Yes Yes Protection from Evil and Dispel Evil Invulnerability Lion Heart Planar Travel Life 5 Life 6 Life 5 Yes - Yes TABLE M Yes Yes Righteousness True Sight Cloak of Fear Death Power Drain Life 4 Life 6 Death 2 Death 3 Death 4 Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes Save at -3 or die Opponent wizard loses 2 to 20 mana Life Drain spell Vampiric Death 5 All but bow, staff & wand - - Wraithform Chaos Death 4 Chaos 6 All but wand Yes - Yes Wielder is at half attack strength, but the attack allows no defense; i. e. , it does damage automatically Opponent must resist or be disintegrated +3 attack strength Armor Piercing Destruction Chaos 5 All - - Flaming Lightning Elemental Armor Giant Strength Chaos 2 Chaos 5 Nature 4 Nature 3 All All All All but staff, bow & wand All Yes - Yes - +2 attack strength Pathfinding Petrifying Nature 3 Nature 2 - Yes Opponent must resist at -1 or be stoned Regeneration Resist Elements Waterwalking Flight Nature 6 Nature 2 Nature 2 Sorcery 3 All - Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes Enchantment Required Magic Realm and Rank Weapon Armor Miscellaneous Effect If Not Same as Guardian Wind Haste Invisibility Magic Immunity Phantasmal Resist Magic Sorcery 3 Sorcery 7 Sorcery 5 Sorcery 5 Sorcery 6 Sorcery 2 All but staff, bow & wand All but staff & wand All All All Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Illusory Attack Note that "saves" decrease the target's ability to resist the spell by 10% per -1 point specified. ATTACK TYPES Attack Type Timing Relative to Melee Combat Before Melee Before Melee Before Melee Simultaneous N/A Simultaneous Instead of Melee Before Melee Simultaneous In Addition to Melee?Yes Yes No No No No Yes Yes No Defense to Attack Breath First Strike Weapons Gaze Lifestealing Attacks Melee Poison Attacks Ranged Thrown Touch Defense Defense Resistance TABLE N Resistance Defense Resistance (Ranged) Defense* Defense Resistance If a unit is listed as "Yes" in the Offensive Only category, its ability only applies in melee situations where it is the attacking unit (i. e. , it is currently the active unit expending half its movement allowance to initiate the melee attack). A "No" means that the indicated attack type is used in melee combats in both offensive and defensive situations (i. e. , this attack can also occur when a unit is defending itself against an enemy's attack). [. . . ]


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