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[. . . ] 36 CHAPTER THREE: Main Game/Galaxy View38 Galactic Command Interface . 54 The New Masters of Orion and the Orion Civil War 54 The Pax Humanica . 67 The Great War: Act One -- "The Fall of the Pax Humanica" . 131 THE README FILE The Master of Orion 3 CD-ROM game has a ReadMe file where you can view both the License Agreement and updated information about the game. [. . . ] Several other related technologies came into play with this breakthrough. Warp amplifiers affected the shape of the pseudo-wormholes' frequently distorted interiors, making them smoother and thus accelerating travel between jump points. Jump gates were portals built at jump points that stabilized the jump points and allowed ships without jump drives to use jump lanes. Warp interdictors were based on studies of the interference that nebulae created in jump lanes, and were set up by the Antarans in case hostile forces ever used their own jump gates. EXPENSES WAR DEPARTMENT How much money was spent on military production. This is affected by your Military-Political Economy policy (see Financial Policies, pg. 78) INTELLIGENCE Money spent maintaining your spies and funding their missions is displayed here. ADDITIONAL RESEARCH Extra funding allocated to research is mentioned here. This is affected by your Additional Research Spending slider (see Imperial Economic Adjustments, pg. 78). GRANTS TO PLANETS Extra funding allocated to planetary development is mentioned here. This is affected by your Grants to Planets slider (see Imperial Economic Adjustments, pg. 78). UNREST Extra funding allocated to combating unrest is mentioned here. This is affected by your Unrest slider (see Imperial Economic Adjustments, pg. 78). TRIBUTE, GIFTS AND EXCHANGES PAID If you have offered money to other civilizations via tribute, gifts, or other exchanges, the amount paid is displayed here. ROBOTIC FLU MAINTENANCE If your civilization has robotic FLUs active, their total maintenance cost is displayed here. INTEREST PAID ON IMPERIAL TREASURY DEBT If you are playing a game with timed turns, any interest you owed as a result of deficit spending is displayed here. OTHER EXPENSES Any other expenditures for this turn is mentioned here. TOTAL EXPENSES The sum of all above-mentioned expenses. NET BALANCE Below the Expenses panel is the Net Balance of the Imperial Treasury. The Net Surplus/Deficit This Cycle is Total Income minus Total Expenses. The Treasury Balance at the End of the Cycle tells you how much money you will have left when you end your turn. GAMER TIP: In the middle of the Game Toolbar is a tab that depicts your current financial status. The number in white is equal to the Treasury Balance at the beginning of the cycle plus the Total Income. The green number next to it is the Total Expenses you will incur by the end of the turn. In18051 GC, the Antarans returned to the Orion Sector, fueled by rage and powered by their completely refitted Black Fleet. The Antaran War was a far more brutal fight than even the Antarans expected, but their fanatical zeal ultimately carried them through as they hammered the Orion races into 80 81 submission. The Orions fought valiantly, devoted wholeheartedly to their survival against an enemy thought dead, but they were still too fragmented and weakened after their own civil war and internal conflicts to put up the coordinated fight that they needed. POST -WAR ANALYSIS To the Antarans, the only remarkable aspect of the war was its protracted length -- it took all of 25 cycles to completely subjugate the sector. The barbarians fought with unexpected strength and fury, and did their share of damage to the Antaran forces, a fact that did not sit well with the Hegemony leadership. However the Antarans could not have planned their attacks any better and , , most studies agree that they achieved maximum efficiency through the proper combination of intelligence, tactics, and technology, thus minimizing the overall duration and cost of the war for the Hegemony. Using mercenary spies, the Antarans learned almost everything they needed from data stolen from the Orion Senate proceedings. That, combined with other information taken from various governmental and military installations, gave the Antarans the understanding of the Orion races' weaknesses, and they took maximum advantage of that information. Using an off-the-shelf virus they had developed during their war with the Meissans, the Antarans poisoned the Elerians with what became known as the "Mind Worm" plague. [. . . ] LIMITATION OF LIABILITY INFOGRAMES INTERACTIVE AND ITS LICENSORS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY OR OTHER INDIRECT DAMAGES, EVEN IF INFOGRAMES INTERACTIVE OR ITS LICENSORS ARE ADVISED OF OR AWARE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. IN NO EVENT SHALL INFOGRAMES INTERACTIVE'S AND ITS LICENSORS' AGGREGATE LIABILITY EXCEED THE PURCHASE PRICE OF THIS PACKAGE. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of special, incidental, consequential, indirect or exemplary damages, or the limitation of liability to specified amounts, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to You. GENERAL: This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between Infogrames Interactive and You with respect to subject matter hereof. [. . . ]


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