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[. . . ] CODES AND PROCEDURES OF THE WARRIOR CASTE T herefore the youngest of them all stood up, And with a voice like amber wine she spoke: "Great sir, now all is clear and seeming well, Yet still there is but one remaining problem; My children, sir, they as of yet unborn, Shall never hear your words so pure and grand. " "You see"' the great one spoke aloud, "It is your humble kin for whom I write this book. It is the law, our honor bound in hide. " --The Remembrance Passage 156, Verse 4, Lines 24-32 Preface PREFACE This book outlines the codified rules of behavior all members of the Warrior Caste are expected to uphold. You must study it well, for ignorance of its contents is grounds for caste demotion. Each passage represents centuries of testing and modification, trial and error. [. . . ] Once the armor in a certain section has been depleted, the 'Mech can take damage to that piece's internal structure. For each hit to the internal structure of a part, there is the chance of a critical hit. A critical hit indicates that the equipment located within the affected section has suffered damage. Different types of equipment will react differently when delivered a critical hit: Weapons are rendered inoperable. Sensors become unreliable affecting in-cockpit systems. 34 COMBAT PROTOCOL Life support systems fail ­ which can be fatal to the pilot in hostile environments. Some critical hits cause the 'Mech to lose the damaged part; this is known as "chunking. " The components in a chunked part are (obviously) rendered inoperable. Internal Ammo Explosions generally cause pilot ejection (unless his system is set to Override Auto-Ejection). They can be triggered by both a critical hit, or excess heat levels due to a pilot overriding automatic thermal shutdown. In the case of an ammo explosion, the damage is applied to the part in which it was stored. This damage does not transfer to other adjacent locations due to the Clans' use of CASE (Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment). Advanced Piloting Jump Jetting Although jump jet technology was originally developed to give a BattleMech jump capability for access to higher ground and maneuvering, MechWarriors have refined several advanced jump jetting maneuvers that offer substantial advantages to a pilot's strategic defenses. Since a 'Mech's mass could significantly hinder its speed, jump jetting capability is reportedly used consistently by heavier 'Mechs for Linear Acceleration gaining great distance in shorter periods of time. Another common jump jetting practice is using jump jet capability to execute Rapid Turning Maneuvers that a pilot may not otherwise be able to clear; this is more widely employed by slower 'Mechs. The most notable advanced jump jet maneuver is referred to by veteran pilots as DFA (Death From Above). It consists of calculated coordination of jump jet capability and steering to enact a precise landing on an enemy 'Mech's Head. Since Leg armor is stronger than average Head armor, a successful performance of DFA can destroy an enemy 'Mech unit on impact. This is a last-resort maneuver (i. e. , to be used when ammunition is depleted or weapons have been destroyed) requiring much skill and true Clan loyalty ­ for in performing this maneuver, a pilot risks critical damage to his 'Mech. It is advised that any pilot attempting a DFA access the Down View camera on the MFD to improve accuracy. 35 COMBAT PROTOCOL MASC The Myomer Accelerator Signal Circuitry system gives a BattleMech a short-term burst of speed at some risk to its fragile leg actuators. It works by boosting the signals to the myomer musculature, causing it to contract and relax at a quicker rate than usually possible. Although this increases speed, additional stresses could cause a breakdown in the heat dissipation for the system ­ causing it to fail. MASC is an advanced system only found on the Firemoth in its primary configuration. Refer to Appendix B -- Procedures for Customizing a BattleMech for specific procedures for equipping a BattleMech the with MASC system. Manual Shutdown When a BattleMech reaches critical heat levels during battle, a MechWarrior can initiate a manual shutdown for a rapid method of dissipating heat and cooling a 'Mech down to a safe temperature. There have been reports of pilots using manual shutdown as a deceptive tactic on the battlefield ­ since BattleMechs that have initialized a shutdown sequence cannot be detected on enemy radar. [. . . ] Your 'Mech is now invalid because the host has changed the parameters of the mission. When all warriors have clicked the LAUNCH button and lit boxes appear next to all names, everyone will be transported to the selected planet to commence combat. APPENDIX F -- NETMECH COCKPIT RESOLUTION -- You can choose between 320x200, 640x480 and 1024x768 by clicking to cycle through the choices. The lower the resolution, the faster the gameplay. BACK -- If you are hosting a game, this button will return you to the Mission Setup Screen. Note: For descriptions of the remaining buttons, see the "Clans Screen" section. 77 Mission Results Screen This screen gives information about the mission just completed, including the score for each callsign and who completed the mission successfully. [. . . ]


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