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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] If you are playing form the CD, follow the instructions in Installation. Step 9 (below), instead. QUICK INSTALLATION Notes: It is possible to play both games directly form the CD, but it is necessary to copy some files to your hard disk and to create directory for your saved games first. See Troubleshooting for instructions on how to copy the entire game to you hard disk, should you choose to do so. However, you can install one game now and the second game at another time or both games now, one after the other. [. . . ] Type: EDIT A:\AUTOEXEC. BAT ENTER When the new screen appears, type: PROMPT SPSG PATH=C:\DOS C: C:\<path>\MSCDEX. EXE <all parameters from the original AUTOEXEC. BAT with the following exceptions> delete the /E parameter Change/M::## to /M:S LH C:\MOUSE\MOUSE. COM (Your mouse driver may need to be loaded differently. Refer to the printout of your original AUTOEXEC. BAT. ) Exit and save this file by typing: Alt F X Y To Use Your New Boot Disk 1. Turn your computer off, insert your new boot disk in you A drive and turn the computer back on. (Some drives may require that you put the disk into a CD caddy before inserting it in the drive itself. ) 3. Change to your CD-ROM drive by typing its drive letter followed by a colon (e. g. , D:) and pressing Enter. UW1: To begin playing Underworld, type: UW ENTER UW2: To begin playing Underworld II, type: UW2 ENTER TROUBLESHOOTING Q: Underworld or Underworld II fails to load or run and generates an error code. A: Certain error codes can easily be interpreted and remedied: A### (i. e. and "A" followed by three numbers) usually means a low file count. If you get a message that reads "Internal Error" or "Underworld can no longer run. Error code A###, " edit your CONFIG. SYS file so the line reading "FILES=##" reads "FILES=20" (or more). To correct this, run the SET-ENV program that came with your Sound Blaster Pro. Consult your Sound Blaster Pro docs or your hardware dealer for more information. If this is the case, you have difficulty moving your character and the buttons may not function as you expect. if your joystick doesn't allow you to turn auto fire off, unplug it and play with a mouse or use the keyboard controls. Q: (UW2 only) I seem to spin around even when I am not touching the mouse, joystick or keyboard movement keys. Press Control J and follow the instructions on screen to calibrate and center your joystick. If you cannot get the joystick correctly calibrated, you will have to unplug it and play with the mouse or the keyboard controls. Q: Why does my computer crash when I try to play UW/UW2 through Microsoft Windows (or OS/2, Desqview or DOS 5. 0 Task Swapper)?A: "Multi-tasking environments" -- windows, Desqview, Software Carousel, DOS 5. 0 Task Swapper and so forth -- often conflict in their use of memory and other system resources with UW/UW2 CD-ROM. Even if you do run the game under a multi-tasker, do not swap to another application while playing. Your system will crash if you try to suspend UW/UW2 to run another program. [. . . ] In addition to reading messages, you can download files from the "Origin Software Library. " For membership information and a free starter kit, you can call America Online toll-free at 1-800-827-6364. To reach our customer Support board in the Game Publishers Forum. , type GO GAMAPUB a any "!" prompt. In addition to reading the messages, you can download files from the "Library Files" menu. [. . . ]


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